A Guide to the Manuscripts, Autographs, Charters, Seals, Illuminations and Bindings Exhibited in the Department of Manuscripts and in the Grenville Library

order of the Trustees, 1895 - 140페이지

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9 페이지 - Born and educated in this country, I glory in the name of Briton ; and the peculiar happiness of my life will ever consist in promoting the welfare of a people, whose loyalty and warm affection to me I consider as the greatest and most permanent security of my throne...
67 페이지 - THE author of this volume is a young man of unblemished character, and of distinguished parliamentary talents, the rising hope of those stern and unbending Tories, who follow, reluctantly and mutinously, a leader, whose experience and eloquence are indispensable to them, but whose cautious temper and moderate opinions they abhor.
52 페이지 - Tis not yet Consumption I believe, but it would be were I to remain in this climate all the Winter: so I am thinking of either voyageing or travelling to Italy. Yesterday I received an invitation from Mr Shelley, a Gentleman residing at Pisa, to spend the Winter with him: if I go I must be away in a Month or even less.
54 페이지 - As to Brougham's feelings towards myself, I know, and have known for a long time, that he hates me. If during the last ten years I have gained any reputation either in politics or in letters, — if I have had any success in life, — it has been without his help or countenance, and often in spite of his utmost exertions to keep me down. It is strange that he should be surprised at my not calling on him since my return.
68 페이지 - To my dear husband, George Henry Lewes, I give the manuscript of a work which would never have been written but for the happiness which his love has conferred on my life.
26 페이지 - I would not desire your majestie to doe it, if I wear not, from the botom of my hart, convinced how I have...
49 페이지 - I trust, be thrown away on a barren soil ; and whatever you may have been told of my opinions, I can assure you with truth, that I consider Religion as the best guide of youth and the best support of old age ; that I firmly believe there is less real happiness in the business and pleasures of the World, than in the life which you have chosen of devotion and retirement.
96 페이지 - TheEx chequer. the whole financial business of the country was transacted, and as the whole administration of justice, and even the military organisation, was dependent upon the fiscal officers, the whole framework of society may be said to have passed annually under its review. It derived its name from the chequered cloth which covered the table at which the accounts were taken2, a name which suggested to the spectator the idea of a game at chess between the receiver and the payer, the treasurer...
53 페이지 - KENT : — To-morrow is a very bad day for me to make a call, as, in addition to my usual office business, I have a mass of accounts to settle. Hut I hope I may be ready for you at three o'clock. If I can't be — why, then I shan't be.
53 페이지 - I have given up the notion of hawking my little manuscript book about any further. For a long time it has lain quiet in its drawer, waiting for a better day.

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