History of the island of Celebes, tr. by J. von Stubenvoll

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13 페이지 - ... after this have no difficulty to get out of the way, beyond the reach of justice. Those, who are trained to this business, whether Bonds-men, or slaves, (for even among this latter class of people thieves of men are often found) must be armed with all sorts of cunning and artifice to attain their aim : for, except a few instances in which they are unexpectedly...
11 페이지 - ... indifference for every thing but his own interest, with which a covetous purchaser knows how to take advantage of the poor man's distress, and to the obstinacy, with which he persists in his inhuman demand of each Rix Dollar, of...
12 페이지 - The stolen man, woman or child is already chained, and shut up within the priv>i. of some slave-trader, which is never visited. The slaves, when shipped for transportation, are always carried on board at night. If the stolen person be either a free-born man, or a slave of any of the inhabitants of this place, he dares not make himself known, as long as he is in the...
13 페이지 - ... attacked by two or three miscreants in league with his pretended friends, and before he has time to put himself into a posture of defence, or to take hold of his criss.it is already taken from him.
12 페이지 - That horrid specie; of robbery is very often committed near the house* of our own subjects, in our camps, or villages, within our own town. A numerous gang of villains, known by the name of Bonds-men, with some of whom every slave-trader is careful to provide himself according to his means, are the most useful instruments to procure slaves in the easiest and cheapest way.
9 페이지 - If we would lift up another corner of the curtain, a scene no less afflicting pre" sents itself. Here we discover wives lamenting the loss of their husbands, children " missing their parents, parents missing their children, who, with hearts filled with " rage and revenge, run frantic through the streets...
14 페이지 - Bugis or elsewhere, to take a view of the stolen " victim and to carry him home; whilst the former quietly smokes his pipe, being " sure that his thieves will, in every corner, find out for him sufficient game, without " his exerting himself otherwise than indirectly. The thief, the seller, the inter" preter, are all active in his service, because they are all paid by him.
14 페이지 - ... discovered ; the difficulty of making a satisfactory inquiry about a crime, of which but a few of the perpetrators and their accomplices...
15 페이지 - ... licentiousness with which the transfers are fabricated. A distinction ought, however, to be made between such illegal and criminal practices, and a more moderate trade in slaves ; many of whom, it is true, are stolen, but not in our vicinity, nor in the districts of the Company; the...
14 페이지 - ... act, so as to fall into the hands of the law ; and finally, the secret protection which some native petty princes, living on plunder, aflbrd to their subjects.

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