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Thinking next Moment to be crush'd
I wak'd, and thus, my Fears were hush'd.
Instead of fractur'd Skull I sind
I'm where my Head last Night reclin'd.
How came this Dream into my Head I
Perhaps I've lain too long in Bed.
And mould have slept away the Light,
Had it not been for this fore Fright.
'Tis plainly so—I see the Sun
Already has his Race begun:
Diffusing, with his golden Rays,
His great Creator's lofty Praise.
Shake off your Sleep, my drowsy Eyes,
Begin thy Race, bright Phœbus cries;
Me, in my Course, unwearied see;
Rise, sluggish Man, and follow me;
For Sleep my Light was never given,
But to mark out your Road to Heaven.

Advice to obscene Writers on Glass.

WITH Rhymes obscene no more the Glafi
Nor make the guiltless Gem turn Prostitute.
On the pure Glass fair Virtue's Precepts write;
So shall the Di'mond shine with heav'nly Light: .

M 3 APara

A Paraphrase on the seven first Verses of the Prophecy e/.Nahum.

Published in the New Universal Magazine, for Oct. 1752.

LONG had proud * Nimrod's stately City stood,
Increas'd by Spoil, and stain'd with human
Long had just Heaven observ'd her crying Guilt,
And measur'd o'er the Blood which she had spilt.
When, sent from God, Nahum the Prophet goes,
And tells the City her impending Woes.

Arm'dwith just Vengeance, see the jealous God,
-With^angry Looks assume his iron Rod,
Resolv'd to punish his rebellious Foes,
And strike their stubborn Hearts with piercing Woes.
Vengeance, tho' slow, awakes to give the Blow;.
Which falls the heavier, as it comes more flow.
Th' eternal King 'tis Madness to defy,
Of humble Souls he'll only hear the Cry.
Almighty Power detains the Rebel Worm,
And siery Vengeance chides the lagging Storm.

When lo! th' Almighty mounts the angry Skies, Wrapt in a Whirlwind he impetuous flies, • Tempests and Storms obey his powerful Nod, And Clouds are Dust beneath the Feet of Go». At his Rebuke the Ocean sinks his Head, Rivers and Seas leave but an empty Bed: Depriy'd at once of their late copious Store, The .j^rched Basons gape from Shore to Shore.

* Nineveh


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Bajhan, for Oaks renown'd, and lowing Herds,
Smitten by Heaven, a dolesul Scene asfords:
The forked Light'nings rend the knotted Oak,
And groaning Beasts expire beneath the Stroke;
Fair Lebanon, whose Cedars long had stood
Th' unrivall'd Glory of the nodding Wood,

Mourns a like Fate: —;

From their deep Roots the lofty Trunks are torn,
And thro' the Air to distant Hills are borne.
The flow'ry Carmel, drest in vernal Bloom, .
O'er Hills, thro' Vales, diffusing sweet Persume;
Opening new Beauties to the solar Ray,
Receives the Shock, and languishes away.
Look how th' affrighted Mountains reel and quake!
The Hills dissolve, and form a siery Lake:
His Presence sets the distant Poles on-Fire,
And Earth and Heavens in Smoke and Flames

expire. • •

Say then, what Mortal can abide his Rage,
Or who can with incensed Wrath engage?
In siery Streams his Fury makes it's Way,
, Bursts the sirm Rocks and rolls them in the Sea.
These are the Terrors os my God—but hold—
A brighter Scene I hasten to unfold.
"Vengeance awaits the guilty Wretch alone;
The Pious need not dread the awsul Throne: .
Goodness in all its gentle Forms appears,
To prompt their Hopes, and banish all their Fears.
God knows the Just, and will be the Desence
Of those that trust in his Omnipotence;
In Times of greatest Danger they shall sind
A Father, Friend, and Judge supremely kind.

The . The SONG «/MOSES.

i.ttTHAT Joy possestthe chosen Seed!
W From Egypt's cruel Bondage freed,
And Terrors of the Main;
Secure they stand upon the Shore,
Since Pharaoh's Hosts are now no more,
"And all their Threat'nings vain.

2. Wonder and Love their Breasts inspire,
Whilst Moses leads the holy Choir,

A lofty Song to raise:
The Matrons and the Virgins too,
Like pious Zeal and Duty shew,

And tune their Harps to Praise.

3. I'll sing, the glorious Leader cries,
The Wonders done before our Eyes,

Nor longer Silence keep:
God is my Strength, and he my Song;
Repeat his mighty Acts, my Tongue,

His Wonders in the Deep.

4.He is our Gon, our Father's God,
For him we'll sind a sit abode.

All Idols we disclaim.
Exalt the Lord, the God of War, '•

Who can with him in Arms compare?
Jehovah is his Name!

5. Proud Pharaoh's Chariots, and his Host,
The haughty Monarch's Joy and Boast,
He cast beneath the Wave:


His chosen Captains too are drown'd,
For great Exploits df War renown'd;
Nor could their Courage save.

6, The Depths incens'd soon stopt the Chace,
And cover'd o'er the cruel Race,

In their full Thirst of Blood:
They fell, they sank, as doth the Stone,
"Which to the Bottom hastens down,
Amid the yielding Flood.

7. Thy Right-Hand, Lord, for Vengeance rais'd, The Sons of Egypt, fore amaz'd.

And spread thy Glories far:
Thy strong Right-Hand with dreadful Blow,
In Pieces dash'd th' insulting Foe,

That dar'd the wat'ry War.

t. In vain the Rebels seek to fly,
In vain they to their Idols cry,

No Arm had they to fave:
Not sooner, by some rapid Fire,
The Chaff is burnt, than they expire.

Amid their wat'ry Grave.


9. Thou, Lord, didst blow, and at thy Blast
The mighty Deep was cleft in Haste;

The Waves like Mountains rife;
The rolling Floods now cease to flow,
Congeal'd like Rocks of Ice and Snow,
Beneath the northern Skies.

10.1 will

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