Export-import Bank and Trade with China: Hearing Before the Subcommittee on International Trade, Investment, and Monetary Policy of the Committee on Banking, Finance, and Urban Affairs, House of Representatives, Ninety-fifth Congress, Second Session on H.R. 8196 ... January 26, 1978


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18 페이지 - Mr. Chairman. I am the treasurer of the International Planned Parenthood, which is one of the largest non-governmental organizations in the world for planned parenthood. It is made up of autonomous planned parenthood associations...
90 페이지 - Thank you very much. We appreciate your taking the time to be with us this morning. Mr.
70 페이지 - Provisional Rules of Procedure of the Foreign Trade Arbitration Commission of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade.
24 페이지 - Chinese relationship as a central element of our global policy, and China as a key force for global peace. We wish to cooperate closely with the creative Chinese people on the problems that confront all mankind, and we hope to find a formula which can bridge some of the difficulties that still separate us.
8 페이지 - Thank you, Mr. Chairman. It is an honor to appear before your committee again today.
80 페이지 - It is an honor to have the opportunity to testify before your Committee on this very important subject.
26 페이지 - The two sides agreed that they will stay in contact through various channels, including the sending of a senior US representative to Peking from time to time for concrete consultations to further the...
9 페이지 - I would be happy to try to respond to any questions you may have.
83 페이지 - Union,yet today many hundreds of millions of dollars flow from the East to the West, and much of this is in payment for the export of technology and other goods.

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