Reports of Cases Relating to the Duty and Office of Magistrates, Determined in the Court of King's Bench: From Hilary Term 1822, to [Trinity Term, 1827], 2권


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31 페이지 - Hainault; and the said defendant, under colour and pretence of said warrant, then and there caused and procured the said wood to be seized and taken, and kept for the space of twenty-four hours without any reasonable or probable cause; and the said defendant on the same day wrongfully and unjustly, and without any reasonable or probable cause whatsoever, caused and procured the said plaintiff to be arrested by his body, and imprisoned and kept for the space of twenty-four hours, and caused and procured...
146 페이지 - ... trespasses in the introductory part of this plea mentioned, and whereof the said plaintiff hath above complained.
167 페이지 - Ward, shall take the Examination of such Prisoner, and Information of those that bring him, of the Fact and Circumstances thereof, and the same, or as much thereof as shall be material to prove the Felony...
383 페이지 - Case may be,) either by Confession of the Party offending or complained against, or upon the Oath of One or more credible Witness or Witnesses (and the...
320 페이지 - Living by ; and also to raise weekly or otherwise (by Taxation of every Inhabitant, Parson, Vicar, and other, and of every Occupier of Lands, Houses, Tithes Impropriate, Propriations of Tithes, Coal Mines or saleable Underwoods...
9 페이지 - ... to try the matter of the petition referred to them, and a true judgment to give according to the evidence ; and shall be a select committee to try and determine the merits of the return or election...
199 페이지 - Phillips, on a former day in this Term, obtained a rule nisi for a habeas corpus, to bring up the body of Addis to be discharged out of custody, and he made three points.
460 페이지 - Warwick, the sessions confirmed the order, subject to the opinion of this Court upon the following case. The order of removal was as follows : — County of Warwick, to wit.
361 페이지 - In contempt of our said Lord the King and his laws, to the evil and pernicious example of all others in the like case offending, and against the peace of our said Lord the King, his crown and dignity.
296 페이지 - Oxford, and on appeal, the Sessions confirmed the order, subject to the opinion of this Court, on the following case : — The pauper was born on the 22d November, 1794, in the appellant parish, where his father was settled.

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