The Annals of Philosophy, 8권;24권

Thomas Thomson, Richard Phillips, Edward William Brayley
Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy, 1824

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397 페이지 - ... noisome effluvia ; during its continuance the fish float quite helpless on the turbid surface, and are easily taken. These rapid changes (as capricious in their nature as those of the Euripus), generally continue from thirty minutes to upwards of two hours ; and are succeeded by a breeze from the southward, which quickly increases to heavy gusts.
279 페이지 - ... appeared in chemistry. When we see energies so intense exerted by the ordinary forms of matter, we may...
97 페이지 - A piece of zinc as large as a pea, or the point of a small iron nail, were found fully adequate to preserve forty or fifty square inches of copper ; and this, wherever it was placed, whether at the top, bottom, or in the middle of the sheet of copper, and whether the copper was straight or bent, or made into coils. And where the connection between...
295 페이지 - In this instance the loss of sight was toward my left, and was the same whether I looked with the right eye or the left. This blindness was not so complete as to amount to absolute blackness, but was a shaded darkness without definite outline. The complaint was of short duration, and in about a quarter of an hour might be said to be wholly gone, having receded with a gradual motion from the centre of vision obliquely upwards towards the left.
430 페이지 - ... a moist soil. The wire indeed would pretty certainly be dispersed by the lightning, but it would direct it to the ground, and protect the surrounding objects from the stroke. However, it is always better to make the conductor so large as not to be destroyed by the stroke ; and the only motive for substituting a wire for a stout bar is the saving in point of expense. The noise of the thunder generally occasions much alarm, although the danger is then...
184 페이지 - A thick glass, though as much or more permeable to light than a thin glass of worse quality, allows a much smaller quantity of radiant heat to pass.
470 페이지 - ... axis of the prism. It must then be placed upon a piece of well polished glass, and the glass heated to a considerable degree. At the proper temperature, which is about that of boiling water, the slice will adhere to the glass so...
97 페이지 - ... form seven divisions, connected only by the smallest filaments that could be left, and a mass of zinc, of the fifth of an inch in diameter, was soldered to the upper division. The whole was plunged under sea water; the copper remained perfectly polished. The same experiment was made with iron ; and now, after a lapse of a month, in both instances, the copper is as bright as when it was first introduced, whilst similar pieces of copper, undefended, in the same...
434 페이지 - In a dry soil, or on a rock, the trench to receive the conductor should be at least twice as long as that for a common soil, and even longer, if thereby it be possible to reach moist ground. Should the situation not admit of the trench being much increased in length, others, in a transverse direction, should be made, in which small bars of iron, surrounded by ashes are placed, and connected with the conductor. In...
94 페이지 - On the Corrosion of Copper Sheathing by sea- water ; and on methods of preventing this effect, and on their application to ships of war and other ships.

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