An Account of the Wild Tribes Inhabiting the Malayan Peninsula, Sumatra, and a Few Neighbouring Islands: With A Journey in Johore and A Journey in the Menangkabaw States of the Malayan Peninsula

Printed at the Imperial Printing-office, 1865 - 189페이지

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10 페이지 - I was informed that formerly it was usual for the people to eat their parents when too old for work. The old people selected the horizontal branch of a tree, and quietly suspended themselves by their hands, while their children and neighbours, forming a circle, danced round them, crying out, " When the fruit is ripe, then it will fall.
66 페이지 - ... into the forest, followed by the bridegroom. A chase ensues, during which, should the youth fall down, or return unsuccessful , he is met with the jeers and merriments of the whole party, and the match is declared off.
8 페이지 - Binuas that declined to abjure the customs of their forefathers, in consequence of the persecutions to which they were exposed, fled to the fastnesses of the interior, where they have since continued in a savage state.
100 페이지 - These two peoples , so different in many points, are notwithstanding similar in some respects : both are ignorant, and consequently superstitious. In these two points they resemble each other, with this difference that the Malays are ignorant and pretend to be the most enlightened people and refuse to hear any body.
48 페이지 - rude edifices on the top of four high wooden poles; thus elevated for fear of tigers, and entered by means of a long ladder, and presenting, viewed through certain holes which serve as doors, no very satisfactory appearance to the uninitiated. The roofs are often thatched with Chucho leaves. There is but one room, in which the whole family is huddled together with dogs and the bodies of the animals they catch. The huts are so made as to be moveable at a moment's warning; they are ordinarily situated...
49 페이지 - ... hill, or in some sequestered dale, remote from any frequented road or foot-path, and with little plantations of yams, plantains, and maize ; some have also fields of rice about them. The bones and hair of the animals whose flesh the inmates of these scattered dwellings feed upon strew the ground near them, while numbers of dogs generally of a lightbrown colour give timely notice of the approach of strangers."!
82 페이지 - Bhair's being on the spot, elected him, and buried the body of the deceased chief. Against this proceeding, the Rajah de Rajah, and the remainder of the elective body, the eleven Batins, protested; a war ensued, which terminated in 1828 pretty much as it began. Kawal, however, by virtue of the suffrages of the eleven out of the twelve Batins, and by the support of the Rajah de Rajah, is generally considered the legitimate chief. In Johole, the Batins have a similar influence in the election of the...
87 페이지 - Klambu, a man of power in former days, employed a number of Jakuns in the building of a palace. He had an only daughter, who , once upon a time observing the primitive costume of some of her father's workmen, was seized with an uncontrollable, fit of merriment. Whereupon, the irritated Jakuns commenced the incantation cr chinderwye , i1 and pursued their way to the forest, followed by the spell bound princess.
164 페이지 - I he king spent about one hour in repeating three times over the whole of this ceremony, and finally he took the candle, and put its lighted end into the water, •which ended the ceremony. Then his Majesty began again smoking opium until he smoked himself asleep. The next day I asked my Malay coolies the meaning of such superstitious practices ; they answered, that this is a Malay physic, and that the king intended to cure his grand child who was dangerously sick, a few minutes further in the valley.
33 페이지 - Malays for their skill in medicines, and, it is said, know the use of venesection in inflammatory disorders. The following is a specimen of their rude recipes. A person with sore eyes must use a collyrium of the infusion of Niet-niet leaves for four days. For diarrhoea, the decoction of the root of Kayu-yet, and Kayu-panamas: for sciatica, powdered Sabtal-wood in water, rubbed on the loins : for sores, the wood Kumbing. If the head be affected, it must be washed with a decoction of Lawongwood; if...

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