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168 페이지 - ... having become instructed in European knowledge, they may, in some future age, demand European institutions. Whether such a day will ever come I know not. But never will I attempt to avert or to retard it. Whenever it comes it will be the proudest day in English history.
65 페이지 - This tone it is our interest and our duty to take. The circumstances admit of no delay. Is there one among us who is not looking with breathless anxiety for the next tidings which may arrive from the remote parts of the kingdom ? Even while I speak, the moments are passing away, the irrevocable moments pregnant with the destiny of a great people. The country is in danger : it may be saved : we can save it : this is the way: this is the time. In our hands are the issues of great good and great evil,...
128 페이지 - An act for effecting an arrangement with the East India Company, and for the better government of his Majesty's Indian territories, till the thirtieth day of April one thousand eight hundred and fifty-four.
351 페이지 - I am confident that the three right honourable gentlemen opposite, the First Lord of the Treasury, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, and the late President of the Board of Trade, will all with one voice answer
167 페이지 - The destinies of our Indian empire are covered with thick darkness. It is difficult to form any conjecture as to the fate reserved for a state which resembles no other in history, and which forms by itself a separate class of political phenomena.
37 페이지 - Althorpe moved the second reading of the Bill to amend the representation of the people in England and Wales.
116 페이지 - Can we be said to do unto others as we would that they should do unto us, if we wantonly inflict on them even the smallest pain?
59 페이지 - Sir, we have heard all this blustering before ; and we know in what it ended. It is the blustering of little men whose lot has fallen on a great crisis. Xerxes scourging the winds, Canute commanding the waves to recede from his footstool, were but types of the folly of those who apply the maxims of the Quarter Sessions to the great convulsions of society.
16 페이지 - I think, who has spoken from the other side of the House, has alluded to the opinions which some of His Majesty's Ministers formerly entertained on the subject of Reform. It would be officious in me, Sir, to undertake the defence of gentlemen who are so well able to defend themselves. I will only say that, in my opinion, the country will not think worse either of their capacity or of their patriotism, because they have shown that they can profit by experience, because they have learned to see the...
125 페이지 - ... palaces, their splendid Temple, their fleets of merchant ships, their schools of sacred learning, their great statesmen and soldiers, their natural philosophers, their historians and their poets. What nation ever contended more manfully against overwhelming odds for its independence and religion9 What nation ever, in its last agonies, gave such signal proofs of what may be accomplished by a brave despair?

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