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Central Law Journal

NEEDHAM C. COLLIER, Editor - in - Chief






Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1916, by CENTRAL LAW JOURNAL COMPANY,

In the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington.


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This list includes only those cases commented upon editorially or in our Notes of Im-
portant Decisions, or in full annotated. The abbreviation Ed., indicates editorially-R. D. cases
commented upon in our Notes of Important Decisions, and ann. case, annotated case.

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Anders v. Anders (Massachusetts), Marriage-

Annulment for Intent by Defendant Never
to Consider Marriage Binding, R. D. 147.

Bankers' Trust Co. v. Texas & Pacific Ry. Co.

(U. S. S. C.), Jurisdiction-Actions by or
Against Federal Corporations, R. D. 21.

Beecher v. Vermont Mut. Fire Ins. Co. (Ver-

mont), Insurance-Forfeiture, ann. case 410.

Berg v. Erickson (U. S. C. C. A.), Contract-Act

of God Excusing Non-Performance, R. D.

Bofferding v. Alden (Minnesota), Bills and Notes

-Estoppel to Urge Forgery of Name of

Payee, R. D. 440.
Bogni v. Perotti (Massachusetts), Labor as

Personal or a Property Right, Ed. 163.
Brown v. United States (U. S. C. C. A.), Courts

-Conviction for Infamous Crime in State
Court no Disqualification of Witness in Fed-

eral Courts, R. D. 311.

Burgess v. Manchester Investment Co. (Mis-

souri), Contract-Locus Potenitentiae, ann.

case 81.

Burkee v. Great Northern Ry, Co. (Minnesota),

Replevin-Constructive Possession, ann.

case 10.

Carroll v. Knickerbocker Ice Co. (New York),

Workmen's Compensation-Hearsay Evi-

dence, ann. case 118.
Chatham R. E. & I. Co. (Georgia), Indemnity-

Continuation Certificate in Surety Bond, R.

D. 347.

Chesapeake & Ohio Ry. Co. v. Kelly (U. S. S. C.),

Formulae for Finding Present Worth in

Recoveries for Death, Ed. 91.

Cheshire Natl. Bk, v. Jaques (Massachusetts),

Judgment-Entry of Appearance by Non-

resident Specially to Protect Interest in

Property Seized by Attachment, R. D. 92.

City of Belfast v. Belfast Water Co. (Maine),

Discrimination by Public Utility in Favor of

Municipal Corporation, Ed. 345.

City of Hampton y. Watson (Virginia), Navig-

able Waters-Oyster Bed Subject to Danger

of Pollution, R. D. 201.

City of Milbank v. Dakota Central Tel. Co.

(South Dakota), Public Service Commission
-Connection Between Exclusively Local
and a Local and Long Distance Telephone
Company, R. D. 293.

Continental Casualty Co. v. Bows (Florida), Ac-

cident Insurance-Complete Severance of

Hand, R. D. 128.

Continental Casualty Co. v. Pittman (Georgia),

Accident Insurance-Sunstroke Arising

from Exposure to Heat in Course of Duty.

R. D. 239.

Copeland v. Burke, et al. (Oklahoma), Bills and

Notes-Indorsement, ann. case 188.
· Coeur D'Alene v. Public Utilities Co. (Idaho),

Public Utility-Right of Commissioner to

Fix Salaries of Officers, R. D. 438.
Council R. A. v. Green (U. S. S. C.), Benefit So-

cities-Change in Rate of Assessment, R.

D. 93.
Crescent Mfg. Co. v. Wilson (U. S. D. C.), Po-

lice Power as Regards Adulterated or Mis-
branded Food Shipped in Interstate Com-

merce, Ed. 181.
Croom v. Allen (Georgia), Covenants-Fraudu-

lent Conveyances, ann. case 63.
Danes v. State (New York), Navigable Waters-

Common Law for Colonies Same

States, R. D. 402.
Davidson v. Ream (New York), Judgment-

Annulment in Suit by Plaintiff of Judgment

Annulling a Marriage, R. D. 403.
Eberlein v. Fidelity & Deposit Co. of Maryland

(Wisconsin), Insurance—Indemnity,

case 356.

Excelsior Sav. Fund & Loan Ass'n v. Fox, et al.

(Pennsylvania), Evidence-Parol Evidence

Rule, ann. case 281.

Ex parte Foley (California), Commerce-State

Law Requiring Labeling of Goods as "Im-

ported," R. D. 239.

Fellows y. First Natl. Bank of Bay City (Mich-

igan), The Right of Congress to Authorize

a National Bank to Act as Trustee, Execu-

tor, Administrator or Registrar of Stocks

and Bonds, Ed. 327.

Frank v. Carter (New York), Husband


Wife-Necessaries Furnished to Bigamous

Wife, R. D. 274.
Galloway, et al. v. Shaddux (Alabama), Fraud-

ulent Conveyances-Creditors, ann. case, 246.
Garrett v. Garrett (New Jersey), Divorce-Con-

fession by Defendant, ann. case 390.



Jensen (Utah), Statute of Limita-

tion-Undisclosed Principal, R. D. 109.
Gordon v. Drake (Michigan), Admiralty-Mari-

time Tort Only When Consummation With-

in Jurisdiction, R. D. 346.

Grand Trunk Ry. Co. v. Knapp (U. S. C. C. A.),

Workmen's Compensation Act-Non-Negli-

gent Injuries in Service of Interstate Car-

rier, R. D. 274.

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Hughes v. Samuels Bros. (Iowa), Libel by In-

direction, Ed. 365.
Illinois Central R, Co. v. Centerville Tel. Co.

(Tennessee), Easement-Use of Surface Not
Interfered with by Wires of Telephone Com-

pany, R. D. 2.
Illinois Central Ry. Co. v. Messina (Mississippi),

Negligence-Willful and Wanton Injury to

La w breaker, R. D. 402.

Indianapolis Bleaching Co. v. McMillan (Indi-

ana), Damages-Punitive Damages, ann.

case 427.

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Matthews V. Clark (South Carolina), Courts-

Opinion by a Divided Court, R. D. 147.

Minneapolis & St. L. Ry. Co. v. Bowlders (U. S.

S. C.), Constitutional Law-Jury Prescribed

by State Statute in Federal Employers' Lia-

bility, R. D. 21.
Minneapolis Threshing M. Co. v. Calhoun (South

Dakota), Garnishment--Money Vested in
Trustee by Agreement Between Mortgagor

and Mortgagees, R. D. 256.
Morgan v. Aroostook Valley R.

Co. (Maine),
Parent and Child-Imputable Negligence,

ann. case, 300.
Mount Gilead Cotton Oil Co. v. Western Union

Tel, Co. (North Carolina), Telegraphs and.

Telephones-Agency, ann. case 28.
Murray v. Thompson (Tennessee), Negotiable

Instruments Law-Validity of Indorsement

by Minor, R. D. 366.

New York Life Ins, Co. v. Dunlevy (U. S. S. C.),

Garnishment-Non-Resident Debtor not

Bound by Judgment in Interpleader Pro-

ceeding, R. D. 20.

Northcut v. Church (Tennessee), Mines and Min-

ing-Adverse Possession of Surface no Evi-

dence of Adverse Possession of Mineral

Rights in Subsurface, R. D. 274.

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