Investigation of Improper Activities in the Labor Or Management Field: Hearings Before the Select Committee on Improper Activities in the Labor Or Management Field. 1959-1960


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19884 페이지 - For the purposes of this section 'labor organization' means any organization of any kind, or any agency or employee representation committee or plan, in which employees participate and which exists for the purpose, in whole or in part, of dealing with employers concerning grievances, labor disputes, wages, rates of pay, hours of employment, or conditions of work.
19822 페이지 - Senate subcommittee, shall be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God ? Mr.
19661 페이지 - Any person whose name is mentioned or who is specifically identified, and who believes that testimony or other evidence presented at a public hearing, or comment made by a subcommittee member or counsel, tends to defame him or otherwise adversely affect his reputation...
19263 페이지 - I would instruct you to answer that, please. It is very vital. Mrs. Montefusco has testified that you had produced the books each month, and you would tell her what to do, and she would make the entries and transmit the checks, writing down the amounts. Mr. SAPERSTEIN. I must decline to answer on the ground the answer may tend to incriminate me.
19884 페이지 - SEC. 313. It is unlawful for any national bank, or any corporation organized by authority of any law of Congress to make a contribution or expenditure in connection with any election to any political office, or in connection with any primary election or political convention or caucus held to select candidates...
19615 페이지 - Senate Office Building, Senator John L. McClellan (chairman of the select committee) presiding. Present : Senator John L. McClellan, Democrat, Arkansas ; Senator Karl E. Mundt, Republican, South Dakota; Senator John F.
19421 페이지 - It is understood by this section that the parties hereto shall not use any leasing device to a third party to evade this Agreement.
19884 페이지 - ... to make a contribution or expenditure in connection with any election at which Presidential and Vice Presidential electors or a Senator or Representative in, or a Delegate or Resident Commissioner to Congress are to be voted for, or...
19214 페이지 - Exhibit No. 44" for reference, and may be found in the files of the subcommittee.) Mr.
19262 페이지 - I refuse to answer on the ground that the answer may tend to incriminate me. Senator NUNN. Where you live might tend to incriminate you ? Mr.

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