Vocational Education, 8-11호

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1938 - 325페이지

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299 페이지 - An Act to provide for the promotion of vocational education; to provide for co-operation with the states in the promotion of such education in agriculture and the trades and industries; to provide for co-operation with the states in the preparation of teachers of vocational subjects; and to appropriate money and regulate its expenditure," approved February 23, 1917, and will observe and comply with all requirements of said act.
299 페이지 - Congress assembled to provide for the promotion of Vocational Rehabilitation of persons disabled in industry or otherwise and their return to Civil Employment, Approved June 2, 1920.
292 페이지 - Education is hereby created, to consist of the Secretary of Agriculture, the Secretary of Commerce, the Secretary of Labor, the United States Commissioner of Education, and three citizens of the United States to be appointed by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate.
38 페이지 - Sec. 16. That the Federal board for vocational education may withhold the allotment of moneys to any State whenever it shall be determined that such moneys are not being expended for the purposes and under the conditions of this act.
124 페이지 - State shall provide in its plan for agricultural education that such education shall be that which is under public supervision or control; that the controlling purpose of such education shall be to fit for useful employment...
90 페이지 - That whenever any portion of the fund annually allotted to any State has not been expended for the purpose provided for in this Act, a sum equal to such portion shall be deducted by the Federal board from the next succeeding annual allotment from such fund to such State.
300 페이지 - ... or so much thereof as may be needed, which shall be used for the purpose of providing the minimum allotment to the States provided for in this section...
301 페이지 - Said sums shall be allotted to the States in the proportion which their population bears to the total population of the United States...
300 페이지 - AN ACT To provide for the further development of vocational education In the several States and Territories...
33 페이지 - That the appropriation for the salaries of teachers, supervisors, or directors of agricultural subjects and of teachers of trade, home economics, and industrial subjects shall be devoted exclusively to the payment of salaries of such teachers, supervisors, or directors having the minimum qualifications set up for the State by the State board, with the approval of the Federal Board for Vocational Education.

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