The Edinburgh Review: Or Critical Journal, 175권

A. Constable, 1892

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553 페이지 - Party is a body of men united, for promoting by their joint endeavours the national interest, upon some particular principle in which they are all agreed.
242 페이지 - You must remember that when evacuation is carried out, Mahdi will come down here, and, by agents, will not let Egypt be quiet. Of course, my duty is evacuation, and the best I can for establishing a quiet government. The first I hope to accomplish. The second is a more difficult task, and concerns Egypt more than me. If Egypt is to be quiet, Mahdi must be smashed up. Mahdi is most unpopular, and with care and time could be smashed.
291 페이지 - The Climatic Changes of later Geological Times : a Discussion based on Observations made in the Cordilleras of North America.
502 페이지 - ... council except in pursuance of a resolution of the council passed on the recommendation of the finance committee ; and any costs, debt, or liability exceeding fifty pounds shall not be incurred except upon a resolution of the council passed on an estimate submitted by the finance committee.
76 페이지 - Few people here would insist upon rigid agreement with formulas in a matter of such inscrutable mystery as the Trinity. In some particulars it is impossible to know the meaning of the terms used. The most subtle philosopher and the most profound theologian cannot explain the difference between ' generation ' and ' procession ' in the ' generation of the Son ' and the
383 페이지 - I am aware that the age is not what we all wish. But I am sure, that the only means of checking its precipitate degeneracy, is heartily to concur with whatever is the best in our time...
243 페이지 - If the immediate evacuation of Khartoum is determined upon, irrespective of outlying towns, I would propose to send down all the Cairo employes and white troops with Colonel Stewart to Berber, where he would await your orders.
93 페이지 - One man's poverty is assuaged with the superfluous wealth of another. But suppose that thefts were general (or that the useful right of property were open to frequent invasions), and mark the result. Without security for property, there were no inducement to save. Without habitual saving on the part of proprietors, there were no accumulation of capital. Without accumulation of capital, there were no fund for the payment of wages, no division of labour, no elaborate and costly machines : there were...
243 페이지 - I consider myself free to act according to circumstances. I shall hold out here as long as I can, and if I can suppress the rebellion I shall do so. If I cannot, I shall retire to the Equator...
243 페이지 - I wish I could convey to you my impressions of the truly trumpery nature of this revolt, which 500 determined men could put down. Be assured for the present, and for two months hence, we are as safe here as at Cairo. If you would get by good pay 3000 Turkish infantry, and 1000 Turkish cavalry, the affair, including crushing of the Mahdi, would be accomplished in four months.

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