A complete system of arithmetic


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288 페이지 - each. Sacred History, From the Creation of the World to the Destruction of Jerusalem. For the Use of Schools and Families. With Questions for Examination at the end of each Chapter. Edited by Dr WHITE, Author of " The Elements of Universal History,
7 페이지 - cipher or zero, 1 one, 2 two, 3 three, 4 four, 5 five, 6 six, 7 seven, 8 eight, 9 nine. The
143 페이지 - is equal to the square of the tens, plus twice the product of the tens into the units, plus the square of the units. The greatest
66 페이지 - If the terms of a fraction are both multiplied or both divided by the same number, the value of the fraction is not
154 페이지 - to find the sum of the series. RULE. Multiply the sum of the extremes by the number of terms, and half the product is the
288 페이지 - XIV. History of France, From the Earliest Period to the Year 1851. Edited by Dr WHITE. With Questions for Examination at the end of each Chapter, and a Map of the Country showing in colour the English Possessions in 1165—1453. 12mo, 3s. 6d. bound, containing 389 pages.
187 페이지 - multiply each debt by the time which must elapse before it is due, and divide the sum of the products by the sum of the debts, and
83 페이지 - A ratio of greater inequality is diminished, and a ratio of less inequality is increased, by adding the same quantity to each of its terms. Let
118 페이지 - RULE. Multiply the decimal by as many of the lower denomination as make one of that given, and point off as many decimal figures as are in the given decimal; multiply this decimal by as many of the next lower denomination as make one of it, and so on,
39 페이지 - the remainder, if any, under the column added, and carry the quotient to the next column. 3. Proceed in the same manner with all the

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