Notices of the Proceedings at the Meetings of the Members of the Royal Institution of Great Britain with Abstracts of the Discourses, 3권

W. Nicol, Printer to the Royal Institution, 1862

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277 페이지 - ... in time there may be found out a way to collect a greater quantity of the electric fire...
153 페이지 - It is difficult to comprehend the meaning of such facts as these, if we suppose that each species of animal and plant, or each great type of organisation, was formed and placed upon the surface of the globe at long intervals by a distinct act of creative power; and it is well to recollect that such an assumption is as unsupported by tradition or revelation as it is opposed to the general analogy of nature. If, on the other hand, we view...
535 페이지 - When we .consider the circumstances of Mayer's life, and the period at which he wrote, we cannot fail to be struck with astonishment at what he has accomplished. Here was a man of genius working in silence, animated solely by a love of his subject, and arriving at the most important results, some time in advance of those whose lives were entirely devoted to Natural Philosophy.
214 페이지 - ... varies inversely as the square of the distance of the planet from the sun. The numbers in Table III.
534 페이지 - All that I have brought before you has been taken from the labors of a German physician, named Mayer. Without external stimulus, and pursuing his profession as town physician in Heilbronn, this man was the first to raise the conception of the interaction of natural forces to clearness in his own mind. And yet he is scarcely ever...
110 페이지 - ... species has to maintain against the surrounding agencies that are ever tending to dissolve the vital bond and subjugate the living matter to the ordinary chemical and physical forces.
537 페이지 - ... down it is a solid plate, and for the rest of the distance consists of strong horizontal plate bars where air enters, the whole being at an inclination such as that which the side of a heap of coals would naturally take. Coals are poured, through openings above, upon this combination of wall and grate, and being fired at the under surface, they burn at the place where the air enters ; but as the layer of coal is from...
200 페이지 - Ah my God, What might I not have made of thy fair world, Had I but loved thy highest creature here ? It was my duty to have loved the highest: It surely was my profit had I known : It would have been my pleasure had I seen. We needs must love the highest when we see it, Not Lancelot, nor another.
115 페이지 - By applying the laws of comparative anatomy to the relics of extinct races of animals contained in and characterizing the different strata of the earth's crust, and corresponding with as many epochs in the earth's history, we make an important step in advance of all preceding philosophies, and are able to demonstrate that the same pervading, active, and beneficent Intelligence which manifests His power in our times, has also manifested His power in times long anterior to the records of our existence....
152 페이지 - Again, certain well marked forms of living beings have existed through enormous epochs, surviving not only the changes of physical conditions, but persisting comparatively unaltered, while other forms of life have appeared and disappeared. Such forms may be termed " persistent types " of life ; and examples of them are abundant enough in both the animal and the vegetable worlds.

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