Extraordinary Success of the New Mode of 'treatment': Or, the Value of Justice as Disclosed by Messrs. Cocks' Shorthand Notes Containing a Full Report of the Prosecution of Dr. De Roos Alias John Robinson

Spottiswoode & Company, 1864 - 52페이지

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v 페이지 - Put out the light, and then put out the light. If I quench thee, thou flaming minister, I can again thy former light restore, Should I repent me: but once put out thy light, Thou cunning'st pattern of excelling nature, I know not where is that Promethean heat That can thy light relume.
vi 페이지 - Now, therefore, while everything at home and abroad forebodes ruin to those who persist in a hopeless struggle against the spirit of the age; now, while the crash of the proudest throne of the Continent is still resounding in our ears; now, while the roof of a British palace affords an ignominious shelter to the exiled heir of forty kings; now, while we see on every side ancient institutions subverted and great societies dissolved; now, while...
15 페이지 - WHEREAS it is expedient that Persons requiring Medical Aid should be enabled to distinguish qualified from unqualified Practitioners...
49 페이지 - Poinding and Imprisonment, such Imprisonment to be for such Period as the Discretion of the Sheriff or Justices may direct, not exceeding Three Calendar Months, and to cease on Payment of the Penalty and Expenses. XLII. Any Sum or Sums of Money arising from Conviction and Recovery of Penalties as aforesaid shall be paid to the Treasurer of the General Council.
vi 페이지 - The danger is terrible. The time is short. If this bill should be rejected, I pray to God that none of those who concur in rejecting it may ever remember their votes with unavailing remorse, amidst the wreck of laws, the confusion of ranks, the spoliation of property, and the dissolution of social order.
15 페이지 - We know that it makes even wise men irritable, unreasonable, credulous, eager for immediate relief, heedless of remote consequences. There is no quackery in medicine, religion, or politics, which may not impose even on a powerful mind, when that mind has been disordered by pain or fear. It is therefore no reflection on the...
15 페이지 - 9-494 63-3 ii ! 19-39» 60-8 ii 29-502 64-8 kindly ask me to give you some information about it, I will endeavour to do so to the best of my ability. In fact, since I have somewhat recovered, I have written out some remembrances of that fearful day, and will now give you some extracts from that paper, viz. — On the llth of July, 1863 (os), at about 12 o'clock AM, I arrived at home after having made my journey to France, England, &c. Later in the...
18 페이지 - A. — I do not know. Q. — You do not know whether you have seen him or not ? A.
11 페이지 - Listlessness, weakness, peevishness, and complaints long supposed to be nervous, often arise solely from contamination of the blood with certain impurities which should have been carried off by the kidneys ; several unsightly eruptions of the skin and face also arise from the same cause, and may be as readily removed by these Pills, which in nineteen cases out of twenty cure with a rapidity almost marvellous.
v 페이지 - King is to govern his people according to law ; for by 12 & 13 Will. 3, c. 2, the laws of England are the birth-right of the people ; and all the Kings and Queens that...

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