The Misscellaneous [sic] Works of the Right Honourable Henry St. John, Lord Viscount Bolingbroke: Dissertations on parties, in several letters to Caleb D'Anvers, Esq

A. Donaldson and sold at his shops in London and Edinburgh, 1768

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149 페이지 - I say, such princes have the power, if not the right, given them, of commencing tyrants; and princes who have the power, are prone to think that they have the right. Such was the...
110 페이지 - If King Charles had found the nation plunged in corruption; the people choosing their representatives for money, without any other regard ; and these representatives of the people, as well as the nobility, reduced by luxury to beg the unhallowed alms of a court, or to receive, like miserable hirelings, the wages of iniquity from a minister; if he had found the nation, I say, in this condition (which extravagant supposition one cannot make without horror), he might have...
279 페이지 - Such a remedy might have wrought a radical cure of the evil that threatens our constitution; whereas, it is much to be apprehended, even from experience, that all others are merely palliative; and yet the palliative must be employed, no doubt, till the specific can be procured.
40 페이지 - ... our glory abroad. It is time therefore that all, who desire to be esteemed good men, and to procure the peace, the strength and the glory of their country by the only means, by which they can be procured effectually, should join their efforts to heal our national divisions, and to change the narrow spirit of party into a diffusive spirit of public benevolence.
165 페이지 - Many securities to liberty are provided, but the integrity which depends on the freedom and the independency of Parliament, is the key-stone that keeps the whole together. If this be shaken, our constitution totters.
199 페이지 - As our conftitution therefore ought to be, what it feldom is, the rule of government; . fo let us make the conformity, or repugnancy of things to this conftitution, the rule, by which we accept them as favourable, or reject them as dangerous to liberty. They who talk of liberty in Britain on any other principles than thofe of the Britifh conftitution, talk impertinently at beft, and much charity is requifite to believe no worfe of them.
27 페이지 - But when they menace, they rise a note higher. They cannot do this in their own names. Men may be apt to conclude, therefore, that they do it in the name, as they affect to do it on the behalf, of the person in whose cause they desire to be thought retained.
157 페이지 - ... objects, either wickedly or weakly, either by obtaining new laws, which want this conformity, or by perverting old ones which had it ; and when this is done without law, or in open violation of the laws, we term it a tyrannical government. In a word, and to bring this home to our own...
199 페이지 - ... the British constitution is the tree that bears this fruit, and will continue to bear it, as long as we are careful to fence it in, and trench it round, against the beasts of the field, and the insects of the earth.
268 페이지 - If you therefore put fo extravagant a cafe, as to fuppofe the two houfes of parliament concurring to make at once a formal ceffion of their own rights and privileges, and of thofe of the whole nation to the crown, and afk who hath the -right, and the means, to refift . the fupreme legiflative power ; I anfwer, the whole nation hath the right ; and a peo' . 'f' " ' f * LOCKE'S Eftliy on civil government, cn of the extent of the legiflative power.

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