True Tales of the Paranormal: Hauntings, Poltergeists, Near Death Experiences, and Other Mysterious Events

Dundurn, 2002 - 254페이지

There are things in this world that we cannot explain, and occurrences that make us ponder the very nature of our existence. True Tales of the Paranormal is an intriguing examination of reincarnation, premonitions, and other spooky inexplicables from a scientific perspective, exploring modern scientific theories and current research. The author also provides suggestions on how to deal with paranormal experiences and where to go for help and information. Even readers who have never had psychic experiences will be drawn into the lives of those who have and will be left questioning the world as we know it.

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Chapter One Rubicon 13
Chapter Two Rubicon Revisited
Chapter Four Stratosfear
Chapter Five The Far Side of the Sky
Chapter Six If I Should Die Before I Wake
Chapter Seven The Night Owl
Chapter Nine Breathless
Chapter Ten Mysterioso Visita
Chapter Eleven Dispatches From the Medical Front
Chapter Twelve Interview with a Psychiatrist
Notes and Sources
Suggested Reading

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72 페이지 - Act in such a way that you always treat humanity, whether in your own person or in the person of any other, never simply as a means, but always at the same time as an end.
4 페이지 - Of echoing hill or thicket have we heard Celestial voices, to the midnight air, Sole, or responsive...
95 페이지 - You are mistaken, Herr Professor. And to prove my point I now predict that in a moment there will be another loud report!' Sure enough, no sooner had I said the words than the same detonation went off in the bookcase. To this day I do not know what gave me this certainty. But I knew beyond all doubt that the report would come again. Freud only stared aghast at me.
79 페이지 - From ghoulies and ghosties and long-leggety beasties And things that go bump in the night, Good Lord, deliver us!
95 페이지 - While Freud was going on this way, I had a curious sensation. It was as if my diaphragm were made of iron and were becoming red-hot — a glowing vault. And at that moment there was such a loud report in the bookcase, which stood right next to us, that we both started up in alarm, fearing that the thing was going to topple over on us. I said to Freud: "There, that is an example of a so-called exteriorization phenomenon." "Oh come," he exclaimed. "That is sheer bosh.
118 페이지 - I shall despair. — There is no creature loves me ; And, if I die, no soul will pity me : — Nay, wherefore should they ? since that I myself Find in myself no pity to myself. Methought the souls of all that I had murdered Came to my tent ; and every one did threat To-morrow's vengeance on the head of Richard.
181 페이지 - The few elevated minds who interrogate nature instead of prescribing laws for her guidance; who do not limit her possibilities by the imperfections of their own powers; and who only disbelieve because they do not know, we would remind of that apothegm of Narada, the ancient Hindu philosopher: "Never utter these words: 'I do not know this — therefore it is false.
37 페이지 - I found myself in a dark wood . . . for I had lost the straight path.
60 페이지 - Havamal, in which the god describes how he acquired his divine power by learning the magic runes : " / know that I hung on the windy tree For nine whole nights, Wounded with the spear, dedicated to Odin, Myself to myself...
83 페이지 - From now on our troubles will be miles away. Here we are as in olden days, Happy golden days of yore. Faithful friends who are dear to us, Gather near to us, once more. Through the years we all will be together, If the fates allow. Hang a shining star upon the highest bough. And have yourself a merry little Christmas now.

저자 정보 (2002)

Kimberly I.A. Molto is a research scientist specializing in cognitive neurobiology. She has both taken courses and given lectures on the subject of parapsychology. She has had personal encounters with PSI activity and describes herself as an amateur sleuth, investigating cases brought to her attention. She is working on a sequel to this book.

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