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(Cases abstracted are indicated by Ab.; Cases in full, by Full;

of Cases, by N.]

Current Topics, by C. T.; Notes

Page. APPEAL-Continued.

ABATEMENT. Death of alien plaintiff. Kropff

interest ; trade fixtures ; levy not defeated because
v. Poth. (U. S.C. C., N. J.), Ab.


possession not retained. Freeman v. Dawson (U. S.
Seo Criminal Law; Taxation.
S. C.), Ab..

ABORTION. See Crimiual Law.
ACKNOWLEDGMENT. Presumption in favor

APPRENTICE may be imprisoned for misconduct.
Com. v. Guildhart (Phil. L. S.), N..

of certificate of. Young v. Duvall. (U. S. S. C.), Full 212
See Deed.

ARBITRATION discontinues action ; assent of ar-
ACTION. Equitable to recover possession of real

bitrators ; relief by motion. NcNulty v. Sally (N.
estate not maintainable where no trust; Federal

Y. App.), Ab.

Courts no jurisdiction as to probate of wills. Ellis Withdrawal of arbitrator. Dodge v. Brennan (N. H.
v. Davis (U. S. S. C.), Ab...

S. C.), Ab

Maintainable by tax-payer to prevent misappropria-

See Contract.
tion of public money. Willard v. Comistock (Wis. S.
C.), Ab..

ARSON. See Criminal Law.

Malicious act giving no right of. Heywood v. Tillson

ASSAULT, Action lies where two voluntarily fight
(Me. S. C.), Full...


together. Shay v. Thompson (Wis. 8. C.), N.
To quiet title. Holtand v. Challen (U. 8. S. C.), Ab 174

Spectator not liable for. Hilmes y. Stroebel (Wis. S.
ADMINISTRATOR. Cannot compromise claim

C.), Ab...
without authority of probate court. Aetna L. Ins.

See Criminal Law.
Co. v. Swayze (Kane. S. C.), N.

195 ASSET. Distinction between legal ana equitable;
Failure to invest; when chargeable with interest. Bart-

creditor entitled to benefit of diligence. ('omrs. of
lett v. Fitz (N. H. S. C), Ab
377 Freedman's etc. v. Eare (U. S.S. C.), Full

Property received by as individual; estate not liable;
covenant; fraudulent representation. Fritz v. McGill

ASSIGNMENT: Equitable, unaccepted superseded
(Minn. S. C.), Ab...

by general. Geist's Appeal (Peun. S. C.), Full..

Void ; inventory not fled in time. Haben v. Har-
ADMIRALTY. Action by administrator for degli-

gence not cognizable in.

schaad (Wis. S. C.), Ab..
The Manhassett (U. S.S.

See Estoppel.
C.), Ab...

Has jurisdiction of collision on canal. Matter of ATTACHMENT. Delivery bond; property in custo-
Boyer (U.S. S. C.), Ab..


dia legis; judgment directing sale ; bill in equity as
Offer of pilot service, signals; State includes ter-

to who entitled to fund. Krippendorf v. Hyde (U.
ritory." The Ullock (U.S. D. C., Or.), Ab....
456 S. S. C.), Ab.....

See Trespass.

Liability of officer receiving property of third person ;
ADULTERY. See Marriage.

fraudulent conveyance; surety ; bond not signed by
ADVERSE POSSESSION. Erecting building by

principal. Howard v. Manderfield (Minn. S. C.) Ab. 296
mistake on neighbor's land is; seisin and possession.

Return must be annexed. Rock v. Singmaster (Iowa
Seymour v. Carli (Minn S. C.), AL...

8. C.), Ab

AGENCY. Agent liable to principal for proceeds of

See Emblements; Marriage ; Officer.
illegal contract Norton v. Blind (Ohio 8. C.), Full. 132 | ATTORNEY. Agreement for compensation; capture
Intriguing, with landlord for lease of principal's

by cruiser Alabama. Bachman v. Lawson (U. S. S.
place of business. Davis v. Hamlin (Ill. S. C.), N... 104 C.), Ab......

When agent to sell may warrant. Brooks v. Hassell Action by, for services; employing partner after dis-
(Neb. 8. C.), Ab..

177 solution; parties' plaintiff. Jackson v. Bohoman
Construction of contract by agent. Kaulbach v.

(Wis. 8. c. ), Ab....

Churchill (N. H. S. C.), Ab.

257 Admission to bar from another State. Matter of ad-
Exceeding authority; title of rendee. Newburn v.

mission to bar (Penn. S. C.), Ab..

Woods (Mich. S. C.), Ab

339 When appearance not binding client; estoppel. Rey-
Factor lien ; restricted authority. Stevens v. Miller

nolds v. Fleming (Kans. S. C.), Ab.

(Eng. App.), Ab.

418 Compromise of action by; chainperty ; death does not
Liability of principal for wrongful act of agent.

revoke power coupled with interest. Jeffiries v.
Tucker v. Jervis (Me. S. C.), Ab.
115 Mut. L. Ins. Co. (U. S. S, C.), Full..

Sale of land; statute of frauds. McWilliams v. Law- Contempt, bas no privilege from arrest for. Matter of
less (Neb. 8. C.), Ab
176 Preston (Eng. App.), Ab....

When death of principal does not revoke. Hess v.

Contingent fees ; right to testify. Perry v. Dicken
Rau (N. Y. App.), Ab...
353 (Penn. S. C.), Ab...

Notice of limit of authority: town liquor agent. Contract for service of. Dodge v. Janvrin (N. 1. s. C.),
Sprague v. Cornish (N. H. S. C.), Ab..
217 Ab...

See Insurance ; Judicial Sale; Marriage.

Incompetency as ground for new trial. State v. Benge
ANNUITY. Property given subject to; right to have

(Iowa S. C.),

secured. Potter y. Potter (Eng. Ch. D.), Ab .... 378 Lien on judgment; right of set-off. Naylor v. Lane
APPEAL. Amount in controversy. Wabash, St. L.

(N. Y. S. c.), Full..

and P. Ry. Co. v. King (U.S.S. C.), Ab., 354; Dous v. Terney v. Wilson (N. J S. C.), Full.

Johnson (U. S. S. C.), Ab

for costs when action compromised. The Hope
Denial of new trial not reviewable. Terre Haute and

(Eng. App.), Full...

Ind Ry. Co. v. Struble (U.S.S C.). Ab

16 Misconduct in office ;" insulting judge in street.
Jurisdiction dependent on amount. Jenness v. Citi- People v. Green (Col. S. C.), N

zen's Nat. Bank (U.S.S.C.), Ab

194 Right of appellate court to commend on his moral
Rule where record does not contain whole testimony.

couduct in suit. Varlin v. Sook (Kans. S. C.), N.. 163
Gilmer v. Higley (U. S. S. C.), Ab...

174 Stipulation by guardian as to fee for services when
Several debts combined exceeding $5,000; judgment

valid as to ward. Taylor v. Bemis (U. S. S. (.). Ab... 235
when not affected ; execution relates back; leasehold

See Evidence, Negotiable Instrument.


VOL. 29.



Page. CONFLICT OF LAW-Continued.

AUCTION. First sale abortive ; on record may add Legacy to alien female infants married. Brown
costs of first


Collins (Eng. Ch. D.), Ab.....
Sale of standing crop; warranty of title. Wood v. Transfer by insolvent law of another state ; voluc-
Baxter (Eng. B. D.), Ab


tary conveyance. Matter of Page-Sexsmith L. Co.
AWARD. See Eminent Domain.

(Minn. 8. C.), Ab.....

Usury; loan in one State governed by laws of another.
BAIL bond; surety paying recognizance; subrogation;

Scott v. Perlee (Ohio S. C.), Ab
parties plaintiff. "U. 8. v. Ryder (U. S. 8. C.), Ab.... 355 See Bankruptcy; Corporation; Maritime Law; Munic
BAILMENT. Estoppel as to title. Thompson v.

Williams (Kans. S. C.), Ab....

195 CONSIDERATION. Partial failure of title to land
BANK. National; may lend on pledge of warehouse no defense to note given therefor. Hodgdon

receipt. Cleveland v. Shoeman (Ohio S. C.), N.. 163 Golder (Me.'S. C.), Ab
Authority of cashier; presumption from course of For promise, release of dower. Rundlett v. Ladd (N
business. U. S. v. Carey (U. S. S. C.), Ab

194 H. S. C.), Full..
Representative authority of cashier; presumption Release of attachment ; suretyship; notice. Dearbon
from course of dealing. Martin v. Webb (U. S. S.

V. Sawyer (N. H. S. C.), Ab.
C.), Ab.

95 CONSTITUTIONAL LAW. Impairing contract
Savings ; care in payment. Kimball v. Norton (N. H. charter of railroad company ; eminent domain
S.C.), Ab

316 Penn. R. Co. v. Balt. and O. R.'Co. (Md. App.), Ab
See Surety.

Justice of peace ineligible after seventy. People
BANKRUPTCY. Validity of discharge may not be

Mann (N. Y. S. C.), N.
contested in State court. Marshall v. Sumner (N. Meaning of requ ement of a two-thirds vote. Stat
H. S. C.), Ab..

v. Gould (Mion. S. C.), Full
Order rejecting claim ; jurisdiction. Legget v. Allen Police power ; evidence as to wholesomeness of arti
(U.S. Ś C.), Ab..

396 cle. State v. Addington (Mo. S. C), Ab
Seizure of goods by marshal ; trespass in State court; Prohibiting non-residents to take fish for manure a
jurisdiction of Federal court; action in State court

oil. Chamberlain v. Church (R. I. S. C.), N..
not enjoined. Leroux v. Hudson (U. S. S. C.), Ab 34 State interference with sea-going vessels. Pacis
BASTARDY. See Criminal Law; Marriage.

Coast S. Co. v. Railroad Comrs. (U.S. C. C., Call
BETTERMENTS. What are not. Tyler v. Fick.

ett (Me. S. C.), Ab...

115 State may forbid sale of patented article; oleomar
BILL OF EXCHANGE. See Negotiable Instrument. garine. Matter of Brosnahan (U.S C.C., Mo.), Ab
BONDS. Bona fide purchaser of stolen. Connor v. State may prohibit sale of patented article. Palmer
Fifth Nat. Bk. (Penn. S. C.), Ab...

457 State (Ohio S. C.), Full...
Principal not due ; action will lie for interest. Mont- State law impairing contract; requiring creditors t
gomery v. Francis (Penn. S, C.), Ab

372 act or be bound by action of other creditors. Gil
See Municipal Bond,

fillan v. Union Canal Co. (U. S. S. C.), Ab
BOUNDARY upon channel of river. Warren v.

See Eminent Domain; Insurance ;, Municipal Bond
Thomastown (Me. S. C.), Ab..

197 CONTEMPT. Legislative. People ex rel. McDon
By navigable stream: takes to centre including islands;

ald v. Sherin (N. Y. S. C.), Full.
city, plat. Fletcher v.Thunder Bay R. B. Co. (Mich.

See Attorney; Habeas Corpus; Patent.
S. C.), Ab..

75 CONTRACT for arbitration ousting courts of juris
Question of fact. Tasker v. cilley (N. H. s. C.), Ab.: 377 diction void. White v. Middle R. Co. (Mass. $. C.)
BRIBERY. Seo Criminal Law.
BRIDGE connecting counties ; liability of one for Building; architect's certificate. Byrne v. Sisters o

whole cost; amending petition to give jurisdiction. Charity. (N. J. 8. C.), Ab..
Washer v. Bullit Co. (U. S. S. C.), Ab

396 Unlicensed broker cannot recover commission. John
BROKERAGE. Commission. Hamlin v. Schulte.

son v. Heitings (Penn S. C.), Ab
(Minn. s. C.), Ab.

357 Election to public office does not create, as to salary
See Marriage.

Marder v. Portsmouth (N. H. S. C.), Full...
BURGLARY. See Criminal Law.

Evidence, statement made after, inadmissible. Ful

ler v. Atwood (R. I. S. C.), Ab
CARRIER of goods ; connecting lines ; discrimina- Forbearance to oppose probate of will may suppor
tion; court cannot create obligation. Atchison v.

contract to pay. Bellows V. Sowles (Vt. S. C.), Ab
Denver (U. S. S. C.). Ab.

371 Future delivery; when valid by good faith of on
contract limiting liability does not excuse negli-

party; breach ; damages. Wall v. Schneider (Wis
gence. Moulton v. St. P. M. W. R. Co. (Minn. S. C.),

$. C.) Ab....

140 Illegal ; future delivery ; custom. Irwin v. Willia
delivery to swindling consignee, vot liable. Ëd-

(U. S. s. C.), Ab.
munds v. Merchants Dis. Trans. Co. (Mass. S. C.), Ab. 196 Implied agreement as to horse let for hire. Windi
loss of money by ; right of consignor to sue. Sni-

v. Jordan (Me. 8. C.), Ab.
der v. American Express Co.(Mo. S. C.), Ab.... 294 of infant. Bartlett v. Bailey (N. H. S. C.), Full

liability for loss by issue of two advice notes for Labor and services in family ; when may recovei
same contingent; holders for value. Coventry v. Gt.

Eusey v. Hine (Kans. S. C.), Ab
East. R. Co. (Eng App.), Ab...

297 Construed mortgage; statute of frauds ; parol agree
stoppage in transitur, enforcement of right of by

ment; purchase of lands; debt of another. Hoil
equity, Strahlheim v. Wallack (N. Y. C. P.), Full...

v. Bailey (Wis. S. C.), Ab.....
goods destroyeed by ire on wharf; proximate To oust court of jurisdiction of a controversy, invalid
cause. Scott v. Baltimore (U. S. C. C., Md.), Ab... 356 Appeal of Rea (Penn. S. C.), Ab..
of passenger; construction of contract; "loss or Performance prevented by the government; damages
damage. Haight v. Royal M. 3. P. Co. (Eng. App.),

losses and expenditures. U. 3. v. Behan (U.S. S. C.

202 Ab...
expulsion ; damages. Hufford v. Grand R., etc,, To purchase land from one not owner; condition prece
R. Co. (Mich. S. C.), Full.

471 dent ; reasonable time. Saunders v. Curtis (Me. S
negligence; injuring passenger; subsequent

C.), Ab..
facts not to be considered by jury. Ely v. St. L., Rescission; purchase of note after attachment. Harri
R. C. etc., R. Co. (Mo. S. C), Ab...

154 v. Hanover Nat. Bank (U. S. C. C., N. Y.), Ab...
evidence of negligence ; impeaching witness. Restraint of trade; agreement not to use family name
Morrison V. Towle (N. H. S. C.), Ab...

137 trade mark. Brewer v. Lamar (Ga. S. C.), N..
liability for negligence to one riding on engine.

exclusive privilege of admission to private park
Waterbury v. N. Y. C. and H. R. R. Co. (U. S. C.

injunction, taxation does not make use public
C., NÀY.), Ab...

18 Sharp v. Whiteside (U. S. C. C., Tenn.), Ab...
duty of sleeping car company to protect property Sunday, to run boat on, invalid. Gauthier v. Cole (U
of. Pullman Pal. C. Co. v. Gardner (Penn. S. C.),

S. C. c., Mich.), Full....

8 Time, essence of; when court will not interfere, Steel
injury to postal clerk; free pass. Seybolt v.

v. Bond (Minn. S. C.), Ab.
Long I. R. Co. (N. Y. S. C.), N


Void by statute; money paid under cannot be re
See Insurance, Fire; Negligence.

covered : parties in part delicto; Clarke v. Lincoln
CERTIORARI. See Mandamus.

Lumber Co. (Wis. S. C.), Ab.
CHAMPERTY. See Attorney.

Not will. Bork v. Bork (Penn. 8. c.), ab..

See Attorney ; , Carrier, Damages; Insurance, Fire,
CHINESE. See statutory Construction.

Intent; Payment; Receipt.
CHURCH. See Ecclesiastical Law.

CREMATION. See Misdemeanor.
CITIZENSHIP See Corporation.

CONVERSION of certificate of stock; damages.
CIVIL DAMAGE LAW. Action against liquor Dagget v. Davis (Mich. S. C.), Full..

sellers jointly. Rantz v. Barnes (Ohio s. C.), Ab 137 Plaintiff's money deposited in defendant's name ; no
CONFLICT OF LAW. Guardian's bond and valid-

demand necessary to maintain action; statute of
ity of collateral security; satisfaction

of bond. State

limitations. Giles v. Merriti (N. H. 8. C.), Ab
v. Williams (Mo. S. C.), Ab ....

198 Vendee of land harvesting wheat with knowledge of
Jurisdiction as to foreign realty ; deed and mortgage;

title in third person. Wheldon v. Lytle (Mich. S. C.),
redemption. Reed v. Reed (Me. S. C.), Ab...... 156 Ab... ...

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COPYRIGHT Action for penalties for infringe-

ment abates by defendant's death, Matter of Schrei-

ber (U. S. S. C.), Ab...
Author of photograph. Noltage v. Jackson (Eng.
App.), Ab..

IC Photographs entitled to. Burrow Giles Lith. Co. v.
Saropy (U. S. S. C.), Full..

In public lecture. Nicols v. Pitman (Eng. Ch.D.), N.. 383
CORPORATIONAgreement by stockholders to

Tiquidate debt. Haskell v. Oake Me. S. C.), Ab. 295
PC Citizenship of railroad company operating in several

states; jurisdiction. Home v. Boston N. R Co (U.
S. C. C., N. H.), Ab.

Conflict of law; jurisdiction. Wilkins v. Thorne (Mä.
(App.), Ab...

Estoppel ; officers making contract within scope of

authority. Peterborough R. Co. v. Nashua N. R.
Co. (N. H, S. C), Ab...

Legislative control as to corporate contracts binding on

non-residents. Canada Southern Ry.Co. v. Gebhard
(U.S. S. C.), Full.

mig til i Legal capacity of stockholder to sue : action against

directors for fraud. Bulkley v. Big Muddy I. Co. (Mo.
S. C.), Ab...

Liability of subscriber to railroad stock. Braddock v.
Phila. M. and M. R. Co. (N. J. Er.), Ab.

May recover from one procuring transfer of shares

on forged certificate. Boston and A. R. Co. v. Rich-
ardson (Mass. S. C.), Ab..

Railroad and canal companies.private. Pierce v. Com.
(Penn. 8. C.), Ab...

Rule of majorities; rights of minority. Leo v. Union
P. R. Co. (U. B. d. C., N. Y.), Ab

Service of notice upon.' Heltzel v. Chicago and A. i.
Co. (Mo S. C.), Ab

Liability of stockholders a contract one; limitations

exhausting legal remedy against corporations; penal
laws have no extra territorial force. Flash v. Conn.
(U S. S.C.), Ab

Right of stockholders to restrain action of directors;

estoppel. Dimpfel v. 0. and M. R. Co (U.S.S. C.),

Transferee of stock not stockholder until transfer
made. People v. Robinson (Cal. S. C.), Ab..

Vote by directors to pay themselves not binding on

issue of new stock ; right of shareholders. Jones
v. Morrison (Minn. 8. C.), Ab...

COUNTERFEITING." See Criminal Law.
COVENANT "against any trade or business; ” home

for girls. Rolls v. Miller (Eng. Ch. D.), Ab... 459
Agreement to maintain fence runs with land; to build

does not; conditions subsequent construed against
grantor. Hartung v. Witte (Wis. S.C.), Ab. 314
Words construed as; conditions not favored. First

Methodist Church v. Old Columbia (Penn. S. C.),

See Deed ; Landlord and Tenant.
CRIMINAL LAW. Abatement, plea in, of pending

indictment, bad; conviction or acquittal. Smith v.
Comm. (Penn. S. C.), Ab..

Abortion ; dying declarations competent in. Comm
v. Bruce (Phila. Q. S.), N...

Acquittal, direction of; discretion ; accomplices, un-

corroborated. Black v. State (Wis. S. C.), Ab. 418
Arson; variance; "adjoining." State v. Downs (Ohio
S. C.), Ab....

Assault to rape; sufficiency of complaint. Tillson v.
State (Kans. s. C.), Ab...

Bastardy; evidence must be beyond reasonable doubt.
Vantassell v. State (Wis. S. C.), Ab...

Bribery of legislator; offer of corporate stock; indict-

ment. Watson v. State (Ohio S. C.), Ab.
Burglary ; onus; possession not essential ; verdict not

interfered with; remarks of counsel. Garity v.Peo-
ple (Ill. S. C.), Ab.

; prisoner participating in as detective. Price v.
People (III. S. C.), Ab...

Challenge ; accused must be present; confessions

wheu in custody; statutes regulating procedure not

ex post facto. "Hopt v. Utah (U S. S.C.), Ab..... 336
Confession, when admissible in evidence. Comm. v.
Nott (Mass. S. C.), Ab.....

Confession obtained by threat or promise inadmissi-
ble. State v. Day (Vt. S. C.), Ab...

Defendant in felony cannot waive jury trial. State v.
Carman ([owa S. C.), N

Evidence of other assaults; defendant as witnes; cross-

examination ; dangerous weapon; pistol. People v.
Irving (N. Y. App.), Ab

; burden of proof; wbether tenant or not. State
v. Hayes (N. H. S. C.), Ab...

; court should exclude improper evidence of its
own motion. McClure v. Comm. (Ky. App.), N 64
--; defendant as witness explaining conduct. Peo-
plé v. Quick (Mich. S. C.), Ab

False pretenses ; letter mailed in England for France.
Regina v.:Holmes (Eng. Cr. C. R.), Ab.

Homicide; killing officer acting under warrant, though

informal, is murder. State v. Jones (N. C. S. C.), Ab. 79
Incest; brother-in-law and sister-in-law. Stewart v.
State (Ohio S. C.), Ab



Indictment ; averment as to time. State v. Ingalls (N.
H. S. C.), Ab

-- ; counterfeiting; alleged attempt to defraud. State
v. Kimeston (N. H. S. C.), Ab..

- ; duplicity: "hunting, killing and destroying."
Apon. (Me. S. C.), N

- misnomer in. State v. Murphy (Vt. S. C.), Ab. 317

; when not sufficient to follow statute; objection;
when taken first time on appeal; waiver. Stener v.
State (Wis. S. C.), Ab

Information for crime; due process of law. Hurtado
v. People (U.S.S C.), Full.

Insanity; burden of proof. Graves v. State (N.J.S.C.),
Larceny, what is. Reg. v. Hollis (Eng. C. C. R.), Ab. 77

; lucri causa. People v. Woodward (N. Y.S. Ć.), N. 183

; possession of recently stolen goods as evidence.
State v. Jennett (N. C. S. C.), Ab

; want of consent; circumstanctial evidence;
pleading purchase; error in charge. Clayton v. State
(Tex. App.), Ab.

Merger of distinct felonies; former conviction. State
v. Bozzle (N. J.S.C.), Ab.

Murder ; sufficiency of description of wounds. State
v. Yordi (Kans. S. C.), Ab.

Perjury; materiality. Dilcher v. State (Ohio S. C.), Ab. 78
Playing cards in liquor saloon. Hasley v. State (Tex.
App.), N.

Post-office; fraudulent use of mails. U.S. v. Owens
(U.S. D. C., Mo.), Ab.

-; mailing obscene literature. U. S. v. Gaylord (U.
S.C. C., III.), Ab

Rape; indictment; insufficient. Wilder v. Comm. (Ky.
App.), Ab.

Trial; challenges by joint defendants. State v. Durien
(Kans. S. C.), Ab...

See Constitutional Law.
CROPS. See Landlord and Tenant.
CUSTOM. Reservation of mineral in lease, flint pot

mineral. Tucker v. Singer (Eng. H. L.), Ab... 218
DAMAGES in an action for deceit. Skearass v. Fin-
negan (Minn. S. C.), Ab

Breach of contract of sale. Tracy v. Gunn (Kans. S.
C.), Ab.

When right of action assignable ; breach of warranty ;
measure. Felt v. Reynolds (Mich. S. C.), Ab

Death induced by excessive drinking; consent. Mc-
Kue v. Kleid (Tex. S. C.), N..

Delaying telegraph message. Daughtry v. Am. Un.
Tel. Co. (Ala. S. C.), Full

Liquidated or penalty. March v. Allabough (Penn. S.
0.), Ab....

Mitigation; tender of property. Towle v. Lawrence
(N. H. S. C.), Ab..

Negligence; pleading; primitive; setting fire; evidence.

Wilkinson v. Drew Me. S. C.), Ab.
Rule where no malice, same on contract of tort; profits;

chattel mortgage ; void for want of Aling. Talcott v.
Crippen (Mich. s. C.), Ab.

Railroad in public street; special injury. G. C. & S.
F. R. Co. v. Eddius (Tex. 8. C.), Ab..

Telegraph company; injury to feelings. Russell v. W.
U. Tel, Co. (Dak. S. Ở.), N.

On breach of warranty. Hutchins v. Runtrull (Mo.
8. C.), Ab

Malicious prosecution. Gregory v. Chambers (Mo. S.
C.), Ab...

See Carrier; Conversion ; Deed ; Evidence; Patent;

DEATH. Presumption of, from absence; identity of

one claimed to be alive. Hoyt v. Newbold (N. J. S.
C.), Ab..

DECEDENT'S ESTATE. Settlement without ad-

ministration, when binding. Woodman v. Rowe (N.
H. 8. C.), Ab

DEDICATION. Of street to public use by acts in

pais ; acceptance; estoppel. Landis v. Hamilton (Mo.
$. C.), Ab

DEED. Acknowledgment : after authority revoked;

boundaries; loss of plat. State v. Tilton (N.H.S.C.), Ab. 356
Acknowledging officer cannot amend detective certifi-

cate of acknowledgment of married woman. Gil-
braith v. Gallivan (Mo. S. C.), Full..,

Enterprise Transit Co. v. Sheedy (Penn. S. C.), Full... 16
Construction; joint tenants. Bullock v. Caldwell (Ky.
App.), Ab

as to contradictory descriptions. Driscoll v. Green
(N. H. S. C.), Ab....

Covenant against incumbrance and for quiet enjoy-
ment; breach: eviction ; damages. Fritz v. Pusey
(Minn. S.C.), Ab

-; breach of; personal claim of grantee; subsequent

grantee can only sue as assignee. Davenport v. Dav.
port (Mich. S. C), Ab

Cannot be rescinded for partial failure of considera-
tion. Leal v. Terbush (Mich. S. C.), Ab..

Defective acknowldgment: how cured. Hileg v. La
Flesch (Wis. S. C.), Ab

Repugnancy. Littlefield v. Mott (R. I. S. C.), Ab. 497
See Covenant; Forfeiture; Fraud; Infancy; Marriage ;

Mortgage ; Public Lands.

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& C.,


Upsafe driving; rebuttal. Plummer v. Ossi pee (N.
H. S. C.), N...

Copy of probate not proof of validity of will in another

State; when grantee for life can assert title against
grantor to reversion ; estoppel. Robertson v. Pick-
rell. (U. S.S. C.), Ab.

See Attorney; Carrier; Contract; Criminal

Damages; Insurance; Negligence; Railroad; Slander

and Libel; Suretyship: Will; Witness.
EXCISE. Abrogating license to sell by ordinance for-

bidding act. Columbus City v. Cutcomp (Iowa S. C.),

EXECUTION. Levy on goods of one as anotber's.
Miller v. Lacy (Del. S. C.), N..

Levy on stocks ; sale ; transfer on books. Lippitt v.
Am. Wood Paper Co. (R. I. S. C.), Ab...

See Landlord and Tenant.
EXECUTOR. Appointment does not discharge debt

due from him to testator. In re Consalus Exr. (N.
Y. App.), Ab......

See Probate Law.
EXEMPTION Horse to carry children to church

and school. George v. Fellows (N. H S. C.), N.
Physician's wagon and harness. Richards v. Hubbard

(N. H. S. C.), N.....
Not affected by temporary absence. Rice v. Wads-
worth (N. H. S.C.), Ab..

Vendee in fraud of creditors cannot claim. Tilton v.
Sanborn (N. H. S. C.), Ab.

See Taration.
EXTRADITION. Person extradited from another

State cannot be served with civil process. Compton
v. Wilder (Ohio S. C.), Full.....

DEFINITION. “Accident." See Negligence. Page.
“ Against any trade or business." See Covenant.
" Extreme cruelty." See Marriage,
" Fellow-servant. See Master and Servant.
“ Heirs." See Win.
" Hunting, killing and destroying." See Criminal Law.

Idle and disorderly person." Pointon v. Hill (Eng.), N. 423
" Loss or damage." See Carrier.
" Minerals ; ' petroleum is not a mineral ; deed. Dun-
ham v. Kirkpatrick (Penn. S. C.), Ab.

“ Misconduct in office." See Attorney.
"State ; " "territory.' See Admiralty.
"Surviving." See Will.
“ Two-thirds vote." See Constitutional Law.
"* Vacation.' Conkling v. Ridgely (Ill. S. C.), N 343
DISCONTINUANCE. When not allowed after

cross-bill fled. Chicago & A. R. Co. v. Union Roll-
ing Mill Co. (U. S. S. C.), Ab

DIVORCE. See Marriage.
EASEMENT. Aqueduct right by prescription : dis-

turbance of. Ollcott v. Thompson (N. H. S. C.), Ab. 295
Right of support to aqueduct; negligence; land-own-
Tillson (Me.s.es,, quarry. Rockland Water Co..

Right of way; how may be used. Abbott v. Butler (N.
A.S. C.), Ab

Water-pipes; entering to repair; injunction; costs.
Goodhaat v. Hyett (Eng. Ch. D.), Ab..


vestry of church cannot reduce rector's salary. Bird
v. St. Mark's Church (Iowa S. C.), Ab...

EJECTMENT. See Recording Act.
ELECTION. Bribed vote void; location of county
seat. State v. Elting (Kans. S. C.), Ab

See Habeas Corpus.
EMBLEMENTS. What are not; grass; attachment.
Rogers y Elliott (N. H. S C.), Ab....

EMINENT DOMAIN. Award; appeal need not be

joint; it railroad appeals, all parties in court. Wash-
burn v. Milwaukee (Wis. S. C.), Ab

Expert testimony, as to use. Burlington & Mo. R. R.
Co. v. Beebe (Neb. 8. C.), Ab...

By government, may be exercised through States;
United States party to suit. U.S. v. Jones (U. S. S.
C.), Ab

Public use determined by legislature; may be dele-
gated ; if use public determination as to necessity
conclusive; non-navigable stream; statutory remedy
must be pursued. Smith v. Gould (Wis. S. C.), Ab... 478
Railway company does not acquire right to subjacent

support against mine owner. Pountney v. Clayton
(Eng. App.), Ab........

Right of lessee to share in compensation received by
landlord. Harris v. Howes (Mo. S. C.)....

See Constitutional Law; Removal of Cause.
EQUITY. Adequate remedy at law, irregular judg-

ment. Wilkinson v. Rewey (Wis. S. C.), Ab
ESCAPE Bond void ; sheriff not liable. Mvers,
Sheriff v. Becker (N. Y. App.), Ab..

ESTOPPEL. Assignment of mortgage ; payment;

merger; creditor of purchaser. Graves v. Rogers
(N. H. S. C.), Ab

See Corporation.
EVIDENCE Of value of attorney's services. (Haish
v. Payson (III. S. C), Ab

Communication to public prosecutor privileged.

Vogel v. Gruas (U. 8. S. C.), Full
Death of one party to contract; competency of survi-

vor as witness. Nugent v. Curran (Mo. 8°c.), Ab... 56
To explain early spring" competent. Phænix Iron
V. Samuel (Penn. S. C.), N

Examination of injury of plaintiff.* Atchison, T., etc.,
R. Co. v. Thul (Kans. S. C.), Ab

In action for fraud; other similar transactions. Adams
v. Kepney (N. H. S. C.), Ab....

of other fraud, admissible in action involving fraud.
Nichols v. Baker (Me. S. C.), Ab

Insanity; opinion; non-professional witness. Conn.
Mut. Life Ins. Co. v. Lathrop's Adm'r (U.S.S. C.)

Opinions as to mental condition of grantor. Holcomb
v. Holcomb (N. Y. App.), Ab...

To contradict instrument. Thompson v. Williams
(Kans. 8. C.), Ab...

Local custom ; purchase by commission merchant for

future delivery, damages; commissions. Cotheran v.
Ellis (III.S. C.), Ab

Officer's return of service of process conclusive. Stork
v. Michaels (Mich. 8. C.), Full....

Parol explaining intention of sealed instrument.
Skaaras v. Finnegan (Minn. S. C.), Ab.

Presumption of performance of official duty. Sinclair
v. Learned (Mich. S. C.), Ab..

Res gestae; admission ; damages; profits; burden of

proof ; part payment in property; value of, cannot
be shown. Nash v. Hoxie (Wis. $.' C.), Ab...

Seduction ; subsequent acts of familiarity ; breach

of promise ; previous chaste character. Watson v.
Watson (Mich. S. C.), Full...


FALSE PRETENSES. See Criminal Laro.
FEDERAL QUESTION. See Removal of Cause.
FERRY. Franchise ; grant of exclusive privilege.
Montgomery v. Multnomah (Or. S. C.), Full .......

See Negligence.
FISHERY Private pond ; public have no right to
forbid. State v. Roberts (N.H.S. C.), N

FIXTURES. Refusal to permit former tenant to re-

move; replevin. Darrah v. Baird (Penn. S. C.), Ab.
FORFEITURE Deed providing for, construed
against grantor; conditional occupancy of school.

Crane v. Hyde Park (Mass, S. C.), Ab.

conclusive as to all matters parties bound to litigate;
neglect to present claim; supplemental bill. Ashue-

lot R. Co. v. Cheshire R. Co. (N. H. S. C.). Ab. 3.6
FRAUD. Actionable false representation ; sale of
land. Messer v. Smyth (N. H. S. C.), Ab...

Bona fide purchaser ; notice of fraudulent intent.
McDonald v. Gaunt (Kans. S. C.), Ab.....

Conveyance; deed, voluntary, from husband to wife.
Hilton v. Morse (Me. 8. C.), Ab....

Statute of; agreement not to be perforined in a year.
Sutphen v. Sutphen (Kans. 8. C.), Ab

agreement not to be performed within year.
Cole v. Singerly (Md. App.), Ab..

See Administrator ; Attachment: Evidence; Insurance;

Judicial Sale.


GAMING. See Criminal Law.
GARNISHMENT. See Removal of Cause.
GIFT Causa mortis ; in nature of will. McCord's

Adm. y. McCord (Mo. S. C.), Ab...
Delivery of bonds without right to reclaim same is

not ; limitation. Selleck v. Selleck (II). S. C.), Ab. 3
Deposit in bank in another's name subject to own or-

der; death of donee. Davis v. Lenawee (Mich. S. C.),
of insurance money from exempt property to wife;
attachment; husband and wife. Preno v. Hewitt

(Vt. S. C.), Ab..
From father to son; delivery. Fletcher v. Fletcher
(Vt. S. C.), Ab....

See Will.
GRANT, public: presumption; Swamp Land Act,

1850, applicable to then existing States; title. Rice
v. Railroad Co. (U. S. S. C.), Ab

GUARDIANSHIP See Attorney; Conflict of Laus.
GUARANTY. See Negotiable Instrument.

HABEAS CORPUS. Discharge of one writ bar to

another. Matter of Sewell (Minn. S. C.), Ab..... 116
Duty of Congress to protect elective franchise. Ex

parte Yarbrough (U. S. S. C.), Full
Officer refusing to produce relator, guilty of contempt.
Robh v. Connolly (U. S. S. C.), Full.
HEIRS. When does not include husband. Welkins

v. Ordway (N. H. 8. C.), Ab..
HIGHWAY Conditional dedication. City of St.

Louis v. Meier (Mo. S. C.), Ab
Liability of town for defect causing injury ; defect

need not be in way. Drew v. Sutton (Vt. s. C.), Ab.. 15
Opening street; when enjoined; dedication; what es-
sential; abandoninent. Winnetka v. Prouty (III. S.
C.), Ab...

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