Friendly Letters to Girl Friends

Houghton, Mifflin, 1896 - 243페이지
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96 페이지 - Thanks to the human heart by which we live, Thanks to its tenderness, its joys, and fears ; To me the meanest flower that blows can give Thoughts that do often lie too deep for tears.
235 페이지 - ALMIGHTY Lord and everlasting God, vouchsafe, we beseech thee, to direct, sanctify, and govern both our hearts and bodies in the ways of thy laws and in the works of thy commandments...
93 페이지 - Of thy paternal splendours, and the pomp Of those who fill thy courts in highest heaven, The radiant Cherubim ; — accept the thanks Which we, thy humble Creatures, here convened, Presume to offer ; we, who — from the breast — Of the frail earth, permitted to behold The faint reflections only of thy face — Are yet exalted, and in soul adore ! Such as they are who in thy presence stand Unsullied, incorruptible, and drink Imperishable majesty streamed forth From thy empyreal throne, the elect...
96 페이지 - But for those obstinate questionings Of sense and outward things, Fallings from us, vanishings ; Blank misgivings of a creature Moving about in worlds not realized...
89 페이지 - My heart leaps up when I behold A rainbow in the sky: So was it when my life began ; So is it now I am a man ; So be it when I shall grow old, Or let me die! The child is father of the man; And I could wish my days to be Bound each to each by natural piety.
97 페이지 - A Voice to Light gave Being ; To Time, and Man his earth-born chronicler ; A Voice shall finish doubt and dim foreseeing, And sweep away life's visionary stir ; The trumpet (we, intoxicate with pride, Arm at its blast for deadly wars) To archangelic lips applied, The grave shall open, quench the stars.
110 페이지 - And I smiled to think God's greatness flowed around our incompleteness, — Round our restlessness, His rest.
92 페이지 - In such access of mind, in such high hour Of visitation from the living God, Thought was not; in enjoyment it expired. No thanks he breathed, he proffered no request ; Rapt into still communion that transcends The imperfect offices of prayer and praise, His mind was a thanksgiving to the power That made liim ; it was blessedness and love...
107 페이지 - And yet I know past all doubting, truly — A knowledge greater than grief can dim— I know, as he loved, he will love me duly — Yea better — e'en better than I love him. And as I walk by the vast calm river, The awful river so dread to see, I say, ' Thy breadth and thy depth for ever Are bridged by his thoughts that cross to me.
104 페이지 - Who, hopeless, lays his dead away, Nor looks to see the breaking day Across the mournful marbles play! Who hath not learned, in hours of faith, The truth to flesh and sense unknown, That Life is ever lord of Death And Love can never lose its own...

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