The Rivals: And The School for Scandal

Macmillan, 1907 - 319페이지

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193 페이지 - A curious dilemma, truly, my politics have run me into! I wanted, at first, only to ingratiate myself with Lady Teazle, that she might not be my enemy with Maria; and I have, I don't know how, become her serious lover. Sincerely I begin to wish I had never made such a point of gaining so very good a character, for it has led me into so many cursed rogueries that I doubt I shall be exposed at last.
i 페이지 - Spenser's Faerie Queene, Book I. Stevenson's Kidnapped. Stevenson's The Master of Ballantrae. Stevenson's Travels with a Donkey, and An Inland Voyage. Stevenson's Treasure Island. Swift's Gulliver's Travels. Tennyson's Idylls of the King. Tennyson's In Memoriam.
153 페이지 - Square; For, should he Lady W. find willing, Wormwood is bitter" <-Oh, that's me! the villain ! Throw it behind the fire, and never more Let that vile paper come within my door." Thus at our friends we laugh, who feel the dart; To reach our feelings, we ourselves must smart. Is our young bard so young, to think that he Can stop the full spring-tide of calumny? Knows he the world so little, and its trade? Alas !. the devil 's sooner raised than laid.
84 페이지 - I would do myself the honour to carry your message; but, to tell you a secret, I believe I shall have just such another affair on my own hands. There is a gay captain here, who put a jest on me lately, at the expense of my country, and I only want to fall in with the gentleman, to call him out.
172 페이지 - I doubt her affections are farther engaged than we imagine. But the family are to be here this evening, so you may as well dine where you are, and we shall have an opportunity of observing farther; in the meantime, I'll go and plot mischief, and you shall study sentiment.
217 페이지 - Here's to the maid with a bosom of snow: Now to her that's as brown as a berry : Here's to the wife with a face full of woe, And now to the damsel that's merry.
291 페이지 - Why, as to reforming, Sir Peter, I'll make no promises, and that I take to be a proof that I intend to set about it But here shall be my monitor — my gentle guide. — Ah ! can I leave the virtuous path those eyes illumine? Though thou, dear maid, shouldst waive thy beauty's sway, Thou still must rule, because I will obey : An humble fugitive from Folly view, No sanctuary near but Love and you: [To the Audience. You can, indeed, each anxious fear remove, For even Scandal dies, if you approve.
216 페이지 - I'll warrant she'll prove an excuse for the glass, Here's to the charmer whose dimples we prize ; Now to the maid who has none, sir : Here's to the girl with a pair of blue eyes; And here's to the nymph with but one, sir.
269 페이지 - No such thing ! Charles is the man. 'Twas Mr Surface brought Sir Peter on purpose to discover them. SIR BEN.
177 페이지 - No, no, madam, you shall throw away no more sums on such unmeaning luxury. 'Slife! to spend as much to furnish your dressing-room with flowers in winter as would suffice to turn the Pantheon into a greenhouse, and give a fete champetre at Christmas.

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