A vindication of providence: or, A true estimate of human life, discourse i


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50 페이지 - All this came upon the king Nebuchadnezzar. At the end of twelve months he walked in the palace of the kingdom of Babylon. The king spake, and said, Is not this great Babylon, that I have built for the house of the kingdom by the might of my power, and for the honour of my majesty...
49 페이지 - Tophet deep and large ; the pile thereof is fire and much wood, and the breath of the Lord, like a stream of brimstone, doth kindle it\\.
50 페이지 - And they shall not lie with the mighty that are fallen of the uncircumcised, which are gone down to hell with their weapons of war: and they have laid their swords under their heads, but their iniquities shall be upon their bones, though they were the terror of the mighty in the land of the living.
10 페이지 - The peasant complains aloud ; the courtier in secret repines. In want, what distress ? in affluence, what satiety ? The great are under as much difficulty to expend with pleasure, as the mean to labour with success.
60 페이지 - When therefore his monarch dies, he is left in darknefs : his fun is fet : it is the night of ambition with him ; which naturally damps him into reflection ; and fills that reflection with awful thoughts. With reverence then be it fpoken, what can God in his ordinary means do more to turn his affections into their right channel, and fend them forward to their proper end ? Providence, by his king's...
10 페이지 - The great are under as much difficulty to expend with pleasure, as the mean to labor with success. The ignorant, through ill-grounded hope, are disappointed ; the knowing, through knowledge, despond. Ignorance occasions mistake ; mistake, disappointment ; and disappointment is misery. Knowledge, on the other hand, gives true judgment ; and true judgment of human things, gives a demonstration of their insufficiency to our peace.
48 페이지 - Thy sons have fainted, they lie at the head of all the streets, as a wild bull in a net: they are full of the fury of the Lord, the rebuke of thy God.
60 페이지 - Or, he must close his eyes in wilful darkness, and still repose his trust in things. which he has experienced to be vain. Such accidents, therefore, however fatal to his secular, are the mercy of God as to his eternal' interest ; and say with my text, " Set your affections on things above, and not on things on the earth.
71 페이지 - ... are but poor expedients to heave off the insupportable load of an hour from the heart of man ; the load of an hour from the heir of an eternity ! If the...
8 페이지 - Holy-Ghoft is fe*' rious, who ftriveth againft the Obftinacy of our " Hearts ; the Holy Scriptures bring to our Ears " the moft ferious Things in the World; the Holy " Sacraments reprefent the moft ferious, and awful " Matters; the whole Creation is ferious in ferving *' God, and us; all that are in Heaven, or Hell, " are ferious; how, then, can we be gay?

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