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Scriptures. Blessed be God! you have enabled us to supply their wants. May you all be abundantly compensated with spiritual and heavenly blessings!


MORAVIAN MISSION IN LABRADOR. With grateful hearts we are able to testify, that our labour in the rugged field of Missionary toil assigned to us, has not been alto. gether in vain. Our gracious Lord has owned the preaching of His saving Gospel, and blessed our endeavours to lead souls to Him, and to build them up on their most holy faith. Not only were the services at church diligently attended, but there was excited in many members of onr congregation, especially young married brethern, an earnest desire to devote themselves more entirely to that Lord, who hath redeemed them with His own blood from sin and from the power of the devil, and to live more constantly to His praise. And that they really encouraged each other,

press forward as travellers towards the heavenly Zion—the House of God, which is eternal and above. Hereof, the following declarations of an Esquimaux, named Nathaniel, afforded a pleasing proof. On occasions of a visit which he lately paid to us, he thus expressed himself: “I rejoice, that there is at present more spiritual life among our people; we have of late been in the habit of assembling in two companies, and have encouraged and exhorted each other to live as becomes believers. I do not seek to lead my countrymen to the knowledge and practice of what is good, in order to be praised and honoured by them, for I am conscious that without my Saviour I am nothing; but I wish both them and myself continually to remember, that we have all a great and important aim in view, and that it is needful for its attainment, that we should increase in love to each other. There are some, I know, who treat these subjects with mockery, but this shall not deter me from exhorting my fellow-men.”. Similar expressions fell from others. Many assured us, that they felt their former sins and transgressions as a heavy burden upon their consciences, and that they could not be at peace, till they had made confession of them. Such evidences of the work of the Holy Spirit upon the hearts of our people, encourage us to believe, that our labour is accepted of the Lord.

The congregation at Nain consists of 92 communicants, 64 baptized adults and young people, 140 baptized children—to whom, if five unbaptized children, and 17 excluded persons, are addedthe whole number under our care amounts to 318 souls.


What melody is that, whose voice
Makes heaven as well as earth rejoice,
And, though no strain is heard below,
Yet causes seraphs' hearts to glow,

And thrills all heaven with joy?
That melody within his soul,
Who owns the Spirit's sweet controul;
When all is peace, and hushed all sin,
When not a passion reigns within,
But Jesus on his throne is seen,

And prayer his sweet employ. Father, forgive them,” still he cries, “My spirit's power shall make them wise; Then spare their souls another year, Till buds and fruits of grace appear,

And to thy glory grow.
My days on earth I still retrace,
Each hiding of my Father's face;
And now I plead for that blest race

Who me their Saviour know.”
Such views as these to faith revealed,
Such words as these when once unsealed-
Brought to the sinners aching heart,
Will cause all sadness to depart,

And shed the bow of peace.
Tis then the culprit feels within
A consciousness of pardoned sin,
And hence the strains of praise begin

To Him who brought release.
When pensive Hannah's silent prayer,
Swifter than lightning pierced the air,
Her sorrowing heart was now made glad,
Her countenance was no more sad,

For peace within did reign.
No lute, no harp, no organ's swell
Were heard this blessed truth to tell,
Yet music in her heart did dwell,

And Heaven knew the strain.
Then while like David I may sing
The praises of my God and King;
And while like him, I strike the chord
In honour of my absent Lord,

And all so fair appear;
Spirit of truth, do thou thy part,
And influence this treacherous heart-
Humility and grace impart

To make my praise sincere.



No. 315.


VOL. 26.


As years pass away with quick flight, each one seeming to pass more quickly than those that have gone before, we are brought more and more into an acquaintance with the reality of the vain and uncertain nature of every thing in this world, and to a solemnizing conviction of the awful importance of all that lies before us in another. We are made more and more conscious that every thing is dying around us, and that we are fast dying ourselves out of time into eternity. The children that made up the happy circle round the evening fire strangely disperse and fail us; friends and neighbours pass one after another to their long home, and we begin to know what it is to stand alone in the world. Then advancing age tells its tale on our own selves; we know and feel what is meant by the sentence of death within; spirits fail, bodily strength is impaired, memory gives way, and in a thousand ways we come more and more to the borders of the grave and of eternity, in solemn, realizing perception. Amidst all this, what can support the soul, and impart true peace, but a well grounded hope in Christ; in the fulness and the freeness of his salvation? If faith, in its daily exercises, brings us with all our need to be supplied out of his fulness, and we are thus practically saying of Christ, “ Thou art my portion,” then all is well. We have only lost our earthly props, to be made more sensible of the heavenly arm of our Beloved on which we are leaning,

We can glory in our infirmity, because the power of Christ rests upon us. When we are weak, then we are strong: weak in our own resources, weak in the world's succours, but strong in the Lord and the power of his might. Oh! my readers, how is it with you at this moment? You heave the sigh of sad assent to all I say of departing


years: but pause, and consider how the world leaves you. Does its darkness make brighter the stars of promise? and as your flesh and your heart more and more fail, can you say that God is the strength of your heart and your everlasting portion? But how many live upon false and artificial props. The business of the world keeps them up; the remnants of pleasure cheer and exhilarate; a name perhaps in the world, and an honourable reputation, yields them satisfaction; or religious knowledge, and profession, and privilege, puts them into a false position. But all must come to stand alone. All must die alone. All must go into an unknown eternity alone. And oh! the misery of discovering, as the world fails, and time fails, that every thing fails, that we have no God to flee unto as our Refuge and Strength, a very present help in trouble; no Saviour in whom we have really trusted, and on whom we have daily been living the life of faith.

But the faithful Christian has been gathering strength for future need. You cannot look back upon past years

You scarcely dare think of privileges abused, of duties neglected, of sins committed. You cannot look on them without instantly turning to the Lamb of God, that taketh away the sins of the world. You have nothing to keep you from despair, but that blood which cleanseth from all sin. Yet amidst all that is so sad and humbling, you have been sowing to the Spirit, it may be with tears and fearfulness; yet still in prayer and supplication you have had fellowship with Jesus, and he whom you have been seeking, and he whom you would fain love, will manifest himself most fully when you most want him, and keep you from sinking

Prayer and faith must prevail; and at the eventide of the world's sun set there shall be light to those who are walking with and looking to Him who is the light of the world. As earthly joys fade, the Sun of righteousness will rise more fully to his meridian; and possessing Christ we shall find that we are possessing all things.

I know of nothing else to set substantially against the

without a pang:

fort me.

misery of departing years. But I know that this is enough. Let God write me childless, and friendless, and homeless; let the world do its best to bring down my grey hairs with sorrow to the grave; let the last quivering of earthly bliss die away: still my heart shall not fear, if Christ is with me, if his rod and staff com

I am confident that he can supply all my need, and make all things mine; life and death, things present and things to come. May I only be enabled to say in sincerity, “whom have I in heaven but thee, and there is pone upon earth that I desire beside thee?” may I only be kept diligently using the means of grace, and then I am sure that my Saviour's grace will rise to the level of my wants, his strength be made perfect in my weakness, his present arm carry me even to hoary hairs, and his hand uphold me when I go through the waters of Jordan.

O my Saviour, my blessed Saviour, keep me near to thee amidst all that would tear me from thee. Oh! keep me, for I have no power to keep myself. Oh! forsake not thy poor unworthy worm; forsake me not when my strength faileth, and bring me safely to thy promised mansion.


VISITS OF MERCY IN A FOREIGN LAND. I was led, a few years ago, to take up my abode in a foreign land. The scenery of the country was rich and varied; the climate fine, and the city, where I fixed my habitation, noted for the beauties both of art and nature. But, alas ! one blessing was wanting, namely, the pure light of the Gospel, and those precious truths so dear to the real followers of Christ. If grace

had been as bountiful in its gifts as nature, so beautiful a country would have been like a garden of Eden. Religion, however, was buried under a multitude of outward forms and ceremonies, and though much was said of the cross of Christ, little was heard of that Saviour who died upon the cross to save lost sinners. Still there was a little band of faithful followers; and, if it be asked, “Whence came they,

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