An essay on the national character of the Athenians

W. Blackwood and sons, 1860 - 168페이지

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181 페이지 - The Geology of Pennsylvania. A Government Survey, with a General View of the Geology of the United States, essays on the Coal Formation and its Fossils, and a description of the Coal Fields of North America and Great Britain. Illustrated with plates and engravings in the text. 3 vols. 4to, cloth, with portfolio of maps i5 oo ROSE (JOSHUA, ME ) The Pattern-makers
178 페이지 - Crown 8vo, 6s. HISTORY OF GREECE UNDER FOREIGN DOMINATION. By GEORGE FINLAY, LL.D., Athens— viz. : GREECE UNDER THE ROMANS. BC 146 to AD 717. A Historical View of the Condition of the Greek Nation from its Conquest by the Romans until the Extinction of the Roman Power in the East. Second Edition, 16s. HISTORY...
177 페이지 - Thousand. Fcap. 8vo, 5s. Religion in Common Life. A Sermon preached in Crathie Church, October 14, 1855, before Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Albert. Published by Her Majesty's Command. Cheap Edition, 3d.
176 페이지 - A Discourse on Ethics,' &c. A New Edition. Crown 8vo, IDS. 6d. Gravenhurst ; or, Thoughts on Good and Evil. Second Edition, with Memoir of the Author. Crown 8vo, 8s. A Discourse on Ethics of the School of Paley.
179 페이지 - An excellent and comprehensive compendium of French History, quite above the standard of a school-book, and particularly well adapted for the libraries of literary institutions."— National Review.
181 페이지 - We have carefully read this truly satisfactory book, and do not hesitate to say that it is an excellent compendium of the great facts of Geology, and written in a truthful and philosophic spirit.
177 페이지 - St Andrews; and one of her Majesty's Chaplains in Ordinary in Scotland. Second Edition.
173 페이지 - Certainly one of the most extraordinary pieces of biography ever produced. No library should be without it.
175 페이지 - The Student of Salamanca." Foolscap 8vo, 3s. cloth. NIGHTS AT MESS, SIR FRIZZLE PUMPKIN, AND OTHER TALES. Fcap 8vo, 3s. cloth. THE YOUTH AND MANHOOD OF CYRIL THORNTON. By the Author of " Men and Manners in America." Foolscap 8vo, 4s. cloth. VALERIUS : A ROMAN STORY. Foolscap 8vo, 3s. cloth. REGINALD DALTON. By the Author of "Valerius.
169 페이지 - NARRATIVE OF THE EARL OF ELGIN'S MISSION TO CHINA AND JAPAN. By LAURENCE OLIPHANT, Private Secretary to Lord Elgin. Illustrated with numerous Engravings in Chromo-Lithography, Maps, and Engravings on Wood, from Original Drawings and Photographs. Second Edition. In 2 vols.

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