Notes of Cases Argued, and Adjudged, in the Court of King's Bench: And of Some Determined in the Other High Courts [1753-1759], 2권

W. Clarke and Sons, 1819

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309 페이지 - York, for the time being, and their successors, forever hereafter be, and shall be, by force of these presents, one body corporate and politic, in deed, fact and name, by the name of the mayor, aldermen and commonalty of the city of New York...
300 페이지 - ... their sense of the crime ; and that at what rate soever the price was fixed, high or low, made no difference, for all such agreements were of bad consequence, and ought to be discountenanced.
445 페이지 - Surrey, and the heirs male of his body ; and for default of such issue, to the heirs of his body : and for default of such issue, to...
28 페이지 - I know not ; but 1 know there has been a great mistake both by the parties and the commissioners, who however did right, after their mistake, to lay it before the Court. Should the Court connive at such proceedings as these, depositions would really be no better than affidavits ; for should a witness be permitted to use a paper, especially one drawn up by the attorney of one of the parties, though from memoranda furnished by the witness, 1 might as well let the attorney draw an affidavit for her,...
219 페이지 - Jac. 1. c. 15. § 2. the words of which are, " or make, or cause to be made, any " fraudulent grant, or conveyance, of " his, her, or their, lands, tenements,
250 페이지 - I exceedingly commend the Judges that are curious and almost subtil, astuti, to invent reason and means to make acts according to the just intent of the parties, and to avoid wrong and injury, which by rigid rules might be wrought out of the act;" and my Lord Hale in the case of Crossing and Scudamore, 1 Vent.
553 페이지 - African descent, whose ancestors were of pure African blood, and who were brought into this country and sold as slaves. To this plea the plaintiff demurred, and the defendant joined in demurrer. The Court overruled the plea, and gave judgment that the defendant should answer over.
374 페이지 - I'hiti having obtained a rule to shew cause why the defendant should not be discharged out of custody, on entering a common appearance, on the ground that the affidavit did not shew that the 50/.
300 페이지 - If an agreement was made to fix the price of salt, or any other necessary of life, by people dealing in that commodity, the court would be glad to lay hold of an opportunity, from what quarter soever the complaint came, to show their sense of the crime, and that at what rate soever the price was fixed, high or low, made no difference, for all such agreements...
361 페이지 - Rayney, to take as tenants in common, and to their respective heirs and assigns, equally to be divided...