The Life of a Lover: In a Series of Letters, 5권

G. & J. Robinson, 1804

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295 페이지 - Which, by reflection of her light appear'd As nature meant her sorrow for an ornament. After, her looks grew cheerful, and I saw A smile shoot graceful upward from her eyes, As if they had gain'da victory o'er grief; And with it many beams twisted themselves, Upon whose golden threads the angels walk To and again from heaven.
161 페이지 - ... flying With all their wanton boughs dispute, And the more tuneful birds to both replying, Nor be myself too mute.
255 페이지 - If cold white mortals censure this great deed, Warn them, they judge not of superior beings, Souls made of fire, and children of the sun, With whom revenge is virtue.
43 페이지 - Oh ! how sweet is it to the soul to become an humble instrument in the hands of Providence to preserve one human being from sin or sorrow ! — But to find that very being suddenly sensible of your exertions ! to enjoy the luxury of being praised ! — this is the only adulation which the heart can receive without a reproof from the understanding.

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