Party Organization and Machinery

Century Company, 1912 - 316페이지

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293 페이지 - A divorce must not be granted unless the plaintiff has been a resident of the state one year, and of the county in which the action is brought three months, next preceding the commencement of the action...
294 페이지 - Nothing contained in this section shall be so construed as to prevent the use of cleats or other retaining means for the purpose of preventing shifting of containers or batteries.
293 페이지 - Vote for Two" or more, as the case may be, shall extend to the extreme right of the column and over the voting square. The designation of the office and the directions for voting shall be separated from the names of the candidates by a light line.
67 페이지 - February, 1856, for the purpose of perfecting the National Organization, and providing for a National Delegate Convention of the Republican Party...
294 페이지 - The person receiving the highest number of votes at a primary as a candidate of a party for the nomination for an office shall be the candidate of that party for such office and his name as such candidate shall be placed on the official ballot at the...
294 페이지 - ... office, or less if so there be, who receive the highest number of votes for the respective offices at .such first election, shall be the only candidates...
71 페이지 - May, 1860, do hereby call upon all qualified voters who desire the unconditional maintenance of the Union, the supremacy of the Constitution, and the complete suppression of the existing rebellion, with the cause thereof, by vigorous war, and all apt and efficient means...
293 페이지 - He shall be instructed by a member of the board as to the proper method of marking and folding his ballot, and he shall then retire to an imoccupied booth and without undue delay stamp the same with the rubber stamp there found. If he shall spoil or deface the ballot he shall at once return the same to the ballot clerk and receive another. nrb'aiinf* ^EC...
298 페이지 - Each committee provided for in this section, and its officers, shall have the powers usually exercised by such committees and by the officers thereof, in so far as is consistent with this act. The various officers and committees now in existence shall exercise the powers and perform the duties herein prescribed until their successors are chosen in accordance with this act.
290 페이지 - This statute shall be liberally construed, so that the real -will of the electors may not be defeated by any informality or failure to comply with all provisions of law in respect to either the giving of any notice or the conducting of the primary or certifying the results thereof.

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