Textile Procurement in the Military Services: Hearings, Eighty-fourth Congress, First Session[-Eighty-fifth Congress, First Session] ...

Investigates alleged graft and corruption in textile procurement practices of DOD.

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539 페이지 - ... any fee, commission, percentage or brokerage fee, contingent upon or resulting from the award of this contract, and agrees to furnish Information relating to (a) and (b) above as requested by the Contracting Officer. (For Interpretation of the representation, Including the term "bona flde employee...
912 페이지 - D has not, employed or retained any company or person (other than a full-time bona fide employee working solely for the bidder) to solicit or secure this contract, and (b) that he D has, Q has not, paid or agreed to pay to any company or person...
425 페이지 - February 16, 1956, in room 357 of the Senate Office Building, Senator John L. McClellan (chairman of the subcommittee) presiding. Present : Senator John L. McClellan, Democrat, Arkansas ; Senator Henry M. Jackson, Democrat, Washington ; Senator Stuart Symington, Democrat, Missouri ; Senator Sam J.
13 페이지 - Establishment to refrain from releasing to any individual or any individual business concern or its representatives any preknowledge such personnel may possess or have acquired in any way concerning proposed procurements or purchases of supplies by any procuring activity of the Army Establishment.
573 페이지 - BARD, being duly sworn, deposes and says : 1. I am a resident of Manhattan, New York City, and my business address is 25 Broad Street, New York City.
289 페이지 - I would have to await the receipt of the statement. (At this point Senator Mundt withdrew from the hearing room.) The CHAIRMAN.
766 페이지 - ... •was before the accident. Mr. YATES. Do you have in the District of Columbia an ordinance such as we have in the city of Chicago which requires claims against the municipality to be filed within 6 months, or some comparable period ? Mr.
627 페이지 - Are there any other questions? If not, the committee will stand in recess until 10 o'clock in the morning. (Whereupon at...
20 페이지 - ... matter, and as I understand it, this matter is the basis — this proceeding is based largely upon the charge that Judge Geiger dismissed the grand jury under circumstances that he ought not to dismiss the grand jury; and then there is the statement that, in addition to this, there are other matters. I think it would be well to put this letter in the record, and if you do not mind, gentlemen, we will get it in the record now. Mr. JACKSON. The other matters will be. more or less involved and I...