Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of Judicature of the State of Indiana: With Tables of the Cases and Principal Matters, 5권

Douglass and Maguire, 1844

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582 페이지 - What circumstances will amount to proof can never be matter of general definition. The legal test is, the sufficiency of the evidence to satisfy the understanding and conscience of the jury. On the one hand, absolute, metaphysical and demonstrative certainty, is not essential to proof by circumstances. It is sufficient if they produce moral certainty, to the exclusion of every reasonable doubt.
21 페이지 - By the general rules of the common law, if there be a contract which has been reduced into writing, verbal evidence is not allowed to be given of what passed between the parties, either before the written instrument was made, or during the time that it was in a state of preparation, so as to add to or subtract from, or in any manner to vary or qualify the written contract...
524 페이지 - ... he who bargains in a matter of advantage with a person placing a confidence in him, is bound to show that a reasonable use has been made of that confidence, a rule applying equally to all persons standing in confidential relations with each other.
116 페이지 - The court has had this case under its consideration, and is of opinion that the circuit court had no authority to order a peremptory nonsuit, against the will of the plaintiff. He had a right by law to a trial by a jury, and to have had the case submitted to them. He might agree to a nonsuit; but if he did not so choose, the court could not compel him to submit to it.
456 페이지 - That section numbered sixteen, in every township, and when such section has been sold or otherwise disposed of, other lands equivalent thereto, and as contiguous as may be, shall be granted to the State, for the use of the inhabitants of such township, for the use of schools.
413 페이지 - On failure of lineal descendants, or issue, of the person last seised, the inheritance shall descend to his collateral relations, being of the blood of the first purchaser; subject to the three preceding rules.
417 페이지 - ... belonging thereto, is part of the realty, and not the subject of larceny, unless the same is first severed from the realty by one act, and then stolen by another and distinct act." The court refused the charge. This refusal gives rise to a question not free from technical difficulties. It was anciently decided in England that charters and other assurances of real estate, and the chest in which they were kept, savored so much of the realty, that they could not be the subjects of theft. But it...
93 페이지 - Parliament made in aid of the common law prior to the fourth year of the reign of King James the first, and which are of a general nature, not local to that kingdom...
iv 페이지 - A petition in bankruptcy having been filed on the day of , 19 , before the District Court of the United States within and for the District of...
3 페이지 - Wood,(5) it was held, the court will not relieve against a judgment at law, on the ground of its being contrary to equity, unless the defendant...

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