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Virtue a reward to itself.

Walton, Angler, Pt. 1, Ch. 1. Virtue is her own reward.

Dryden, Tyrannic Love, iii. 1. Virtue is to herself the best reward.

Henry More, Cupid's Conflict. Virtue is its own reward.

Prior, Im. of Horace, Book iji. Ode 2. Gay, Epis

tle to Methuen. Home, Douglas, iii. 1. Ipsa quidem Virtus sibimet pulcherrima merces.

Silius Italicus, Punica, Lib. xiii. 1. 663. Wherever God erects a house of prayer, The devil always builds a chapel there.

De Foe, The True-born Englishman, Pt. i. 1. 1. God never had a church but there, men say, The devil a chapel hath raised by some wyles. I doubted of this saw, till on a day I westward spied great Edinburgh's Saint Gyles.

Drummond, Posthumous Poems. No sooner is a temple built to God, but the Devil builds a chapel hard by.

George Herbert, Jacula Prudentum. Where God hath a temple, the Devil will have a chapel.

Burton, Anatomy of Melancholy, Pt. iü. Sc. iv. Whistle and she 'll come to you.

Beaumont and Fletcher, Wit without Money, i. 1. What the dickens.

Heywood, King Edward IV., iii. I. Shakespeare,

Merry Wives of Windsor, iii. 2.


Will for the deed.

Cibber, Rival Fools, Act iii. Within one of her.

Cibber, Rival Fools, Act v. Wrong sow by the ear.

Heywood's Proverbs, 1546. Ben Jonson, Every

Man in his Humour, ij. 7. Butler, Hudibras,

Pl. ii. C. 3, 7. 580. Colman, Heir-at-Law, i. 1. Word and a blow.

Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, iii. 1. Dryden,
Amphitryon, i. 1. Bunyan, Pilgrim's Progress,

Pt. i.
Parish me no parishes.

Peele, The Old Wive's Tale.
Grace me no grace, nor uncle me no uncle.

Shakespeare, Richard II., ii. 3.
Thank me no thanks, nor proud me no prouds.

Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, iii. 5. Vow me no vows.

Beaumont and Fletcher, Wit without Money, iv.4. Plot me no plots.

Beaumont and Fletcher, The Knight of the Burn.

ing Pestle, ii. 5. O me no O's.

Ben Jonson, The Case is Altered, v. I. Cause me no causes.

Massinger, d New Way to Pay Old Debts, i. 3. Virgin me no virgins.

Massinger, A New Way to Pay Old Debts, iii. 2. End me no ends..

Massinger, A New Way to Pay Old Debts, v. I.

Front me no fronts.

Ford, The Lady's Trial, ii. 1. Midas me no Midas.

Dryden, The Wild Gallant, ii. 1. Madam me no Madam.

Dryden, The Wild Gallant, ii. 2. Petition me no petitions.

Fielding, Tom Thumb, i. 2. Map me no maps.

Fielding, Rape upon Rape, i. 5. But me no buts.

Fielding, Rape upon Rape, ii. 2. Aaron Hill,

Snake in the Grass, Sc. I. Play me no plays.

Foote, The Knight, Act ii. Clerk me no clerks.

Scott, Ivanhoe, Ch. 20. Fool me no fools.

Bulwer, Last Days of Pompeii. Book iii. Ch. vi. Diamond me no diamonds ! prize me no prizes.

Tennyson, Idyls of the King, Elaine.

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

Author unknown.
Lost to sight to memory dear.

Author unknown.


Aaron's serpent, 288.

| Accepted time, now is the, 641. Abandon, all hope, 599.

Accident, happy, 656. Abashed the devil stood, 196.

of an accident, 389. Abbots, where slumber, 308. Accidents by flood and field, 129. Abdiel, the seraph, 198.

chapter of, 325. Abide with me, 550.

Accommodated, excellent to be, 68. Abode, dread, 360.

Accomplishment of verse, 458. Abodes, blessed, 286.

According to the appearance, 638. Abomination of desolation, 636. not, to knowledge, 639. Abora, Mount, singing of, 474. Account, beggarly, 87. Abou Ben Adhem, 537.

sent to my, 112. Above all Greek fame, 305.

Accoutred as I was, 89. all Roman fame, 305.

Accuse not nature, 200. any Greek or Roman, 240. Accusing spirit, 350. that which is written, 640. Achaians, again to the battle, 485. the reach of men, 441.

Achilles's tomb, stood upon, 534. the smoke and stir, 206.

wrath to Greece, 314. the vulgar flight, 379.

Aching void, left an, 399. Abra was ready, 256.

Acorns, oaks from little, 428. Abraham's bosom, sleep in, 76. Acquaintance, should auld, 422. Abridgment of all that is pleasant decrease upon better, 25. in man, 374.

Acre of his neighbour's corn, 437. Abroad, schoolmaster is, 543. Acres, few paternal, 311. Absence, conspicuous by his, 650. over whose, walked, 60,

heart grow fonder, in, 553. Act and know, does both, 231. I dote on his, 40.

to the swelling, 96. of mind, 469.

well your part, 290. of occupation, 396.

Acting of a dreadful thing, 90. Absent from him I roam, 479.

when off the stage, 375. from the body, 468.

Action and counteraction, 382. in body, 640.

faithful in, 295. thee from felicity, 125,

fine, that and the, 163. Absents, presents endear, 468.

how like an angel in, 115. Absolute, how, the knave is, 122. in the tented field, 129. rule, eye declared, 193.

is transitory, 436. sway, with, 248.

lose the name of, 117. Abstracts and brief chronicles, 115. no noble, done, 606. Abundance of the heart, 634.

of the tiger, imitate, 70. Abuse, stumbling on, 85.

pious, we sugar o'er, 116. Abuses me to damn me, 115.

suit the, to the word, 118. Abusing the king's English, 25. vice dignified by, 85. Abysm of time, 22.

Actions, of my living, so Abyss, into this wild, 190.

of the just, 169. Abyssinian maid, 474.

of the last age, 175. Academe, grove of, 204..

virtuous, are born and die, 232. Academes, that nourish all the Actor, condemn not the, 27. world, 35.

well graced, after a, 60. Accept a miracle, 284.

| Actors, these our, 23.

Acts being seven ages, 47. Adversity, day of, 622, 625.
illustrious, 179.

fortune's sharpe, 4.
little nameless, 441.

of our best friends, 223.
nobly does well, 278.

sweet are the uses of, 45.
our angels are, 154.

Adversity's sweet milk, 87.
the best who thinks most, 569. Advice, 'twas good, 417.
those graceful, 200.

Advices, lengthened sage, 419.
unremembered, 441.

Aerial, upon rock, 459.
Ada! sole daughter, 515.

Aery-light his sleep, 196.
Adage, cat in the, 98.

Afar off shine bright, 172.
Adam and Eve, son of, 257. Afeard, soldier and, 104.

dolve and Eve span, 605. Affairs of men, tide in the, 94.
the goodliest man, 194.

Affect, study what you most, 50.
the offending, 69.

Affection hateth nicer hands, 13.
wak'd so customed, 196. Affections mild, of, 313.
Adamant, cased in, 452.

run to waste, 520.
Adam's fall, sinned all in, 604. Affects to nod, 233.
Adder, like the deaf, 616.

Affliction tries our virtue, 349.
stingeth like an, 622.

Affliction's heaviest shower, 446.
Adding fuel to the flame, 206.

sons are brothers, 420.
insult to injury, 650.

Affrighted nature recoils, 384.
Addison, days and nights to, 341. Affront me, a well-bred man will
Adds a precious seeing, 35.

not, 397.
Adieu, my native shore, 513.

Afraid, be noi, it is 1, 635.
she cried, 319.

Afric maps, geographers in, 260.
so sweetly she bade me, 351. Africa and golden joys, 69.
Adjunct, learning is but an, 35

Afric's burning shore, 332.
Admiral, last of all an, 463.

sunny fountains, 505.
Admiration of virtue, 219.

After death the doctor, 165.
of weak minds, 203.

the high Roman fashion, 137.
season your, 109.

After-loss, drop in for an, 140.
Admire those we like, 223.

Afternoon, custom in the, 112.
where none, 348.

multitude call the, 36.
Admired, all who saw, 417.

of her best days, 76.
disorder, with most, 102. | Alter times, written to, 218.
Admit impediments, 140.

Afterwards he taught, 2.
Admitted to that equal sky, 286. Against me, not with me is, 637.
Adoption tried, their, 110.

Agate-stone, no bigger than an, 83.
Adoration, breathless with, 445. Age, ache, penury, 29.
Adore the hand, 254.

accompany old, 104.
Adored through fear, 394.

actions of the last, 175.
Adores and burns, 287.

beautiful is theii old, 454
Adorn a tale, point a moral, 337. be comfort to my, 45.
nothing he did not, 339.

cannot wither her, 136.
the cottage might, 373.

cradle of reposing, 303.
Adorned in her husband's eye, 429. dallies like the old, 53.

whatever he spoke upon, 339. expect one of my, 428.
when unadorned, 328.

follies of the, 264.
Adorning with so much art, 178. grow dim with, 266.
Adorns and cheers the way, 377, in a full, 611.
Adullam, cave of, 610.

in a good old, 608.
Adulteries of art, 151.

in a green old, 243.
Advantage, feet nailed for our, 60. in every, in every clime, 311.
Advantageous to life, 23.

is as a lusty winter, 46.
Adventure of the diver, 578.

is grown so picked, 123.
Adversaries, as, do in law, 50.

is in, the wit is out, 32.
Adversary had written a book,613. labour of an, 216.

the devil, because your, 644. master spirits of this, 91.
Adversity, bruised with, 30.

monumental pomp of, 450.
crossed with, 24.

not of an, 152.

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