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37 페이지 - ... feet apart. The highest and lowest of these lights shall be red, and the middle light shall be white, and they shall...
37 페이지 - The lights and shapes required to be shown by this article are to be taken by other vessels as signals that the vessel showing them is not under command and cannot therefore get out of the way.
38 페이지 - The distant signal, consisting of a square flag, having either above or below it a ball or anything resembling a ball. (4) A continuous sounding with any fogsignal apparatus.
38 페이지 - A gun or other explosive signal fired at intervals of about a minute ; 2. The International Code signal of distress indicated by N. 0. ; 3. The distant signal, consisting of a square flag, having either above or below it a ball or anything resembling a ball ; 4.
31 페이지 - Every fishing vessel and every open boat when at anchor between sunset and sunrise shall exhibit a white light, visible all round the horizon at a distance of at least one mile.
36 페이지 - Act provides that no owner or master of any ship shall be answerable to any person whatever for any loss or damage occasioned by the fault or incapacity of any qualified pilot acting in charge of such ship within any district where the employment of a pilot is compulsory by law.
37 페이지 - By day she shall carry in a vertical line, one over the other, not less than six feet apart...
37 페이지 - ... and shall by day carry in a vertical line one over the other, not less than three feet apart, in front of, but not lower than her foremast head, three black balls or shapes, each two feet in diameter.
30 페이지 - If a vessel or boat when fishing becomes stationary in consequence of her gear getting fast to a rock or other obstruction, she shall in daytime haul down the day signal required by subdivision (k) ; at night show the light or lights prescribed for a vessel at anchor; and during fog, mist, falling snow, or heavy rain storms make the signal prescribed for a vessel at anchor.
30 페이지 - A pilot vessel of such a class as to be obliged to go alongside of a vessel to put a pilot on board may show the white light instead of carrying it at the masthead, and may, instead of the colored lights above mentioned, have at hand, ready for use, a lantern with a green glass on the one side and a red glass on the other, to be used as prescribed above.

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