British Theatre, 25권

J. Bell, 1792

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12 페이지 - Kite. Oh ! a mighty large bed ! bigger by half than the great bed at Ware — ten thousand people may lie in it together and never feel one another.
11 페이지 - Majesty, and pull down the French king : if any prentices have severe masters, any children have undutiful parents : if any servants have too little wages, or any husband too much wife : let them repair to the noble sergeant Kite, at the sign of the Raven, in this good town of Shrewsbury, and they shall receive present relief and entertainment.
15 페이지 - English ground all my difficulties have arisen; 'tis the passage from the riverside I complain of. Stock. Ay, indeed! What obstructions can you have met between this and the riverside? Bel. Innumerable! Your town's as full of defiles as the Island of Corsica; and, I believe, they are as obstinately defended: so much hurry, bustle, and confusion on your quays; so many...
15 페이지 - I proceeded a little too roughly to brush them away with my rattan : the sturdy rogues took this in dudgeon, and beginning to rebel, the mob chose different sides, and a furious scuffle ensued ; in the course of which, my person and...
32 페이지 - Kilman" acquaints me here, that before this comes to my hands he fears I shall have no son — Poor Owen ! — but the decree is just ; I was pleased with the death of my father because he left me an estate, and now I am punish'd with the loss of an heir to inherit mine.
16 페이지 - True, sir; most truly said; mine's a commission, not a right: I am the offspring of distress, and every child of sorrow is my brother...
28 페이지 - Sir, was a very pretty battle as anyone should desire to see, but we were all so intent upon victory that we never minded the battle : all that I know of the matter is, our general commanded us to beat the French, and we did so ; and, if he pleases but to say the word, we'll do it again.
89 페이지 - R. Alack-a-day, poor man ! Well, Mr Varland, you find me here overwhelmed with trouble and fatigue ; torn to pieces with a multiplicity of affairs ; a great fortune poured upon me unsought for and unexpected : 'twas my good father's will and pleasure it should be so, and I must submit. Var. Your ladyship inherits under a will made in the year forty-five, immediately after Captain Dudley's marriage with your sister.
75 페이지 - And something tells me, that if you do discharge me 'twill be the greatest punishment you will inflict; for were we this moment to go upon the greatest dangers in your profession, they would be less terrible to me, than to stay behind you.
13 페이지 - I shall, sir. I'll have a peep at him first, however ; I've a great mind to see this outlandish spark* The sailor fellow says, he'll make rare doings amongst us. [Aside. ' Stock. You need not wait ;. leave me. [Exit SERVANT.] Let me see.

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