The Principal Acts of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland ....

George Mosman, 1731
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3 페이지 - Chancery, or his depute or substitute ; and it shall not be necessary to have the seal appointed by the Treaty of Union to be kept and used in Scotland in place of the Great Seal thereof formerly...
3 페이지 - And fo We bid you heartily Farewel. Given at Our Court at St. James's the loth Day of jipril, 1^733, in the Sixth Yea* of Our Reign.
7 페이지 - Carnock, from the office of the holy ministry, prohibiting and discharging him to exercise the same, or any part thereof, within this church, in all time coming. And the assembly did, and hereby do declare, the church and parish of Carnock vacant, from and after the day and date of this sentence.
3 페이지 - And so we bid you heartily farewell. Given at our Court at St. James's the 15th day of May 1843, in the sixth year of our reign.
7 페이지 - Assembly did, and hereby do, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, the sole King and Head of the church, and by virtue of the power and authority committed by him to them, depose you, Mr Thomas Gillespie, minister at Carnock, from the office of the holy ministry...
7 페이지 - Christ, and declining all authority, power, or jurisdiction, that the said judicatories may claim to themselves, over the said presbytery, or any of the members thereof, or over any that are under their inspection...
7 페이지 - That no novations, which may disturb the peace of the church, and make division, be suddenly proponed and enacted ; but so as the motion be first communicated to the several synods, presbyteries, and kirks, that the matter may be approved by all at home, and commissioners may come well prepared unanimously to conclude a solid deliberation upon these points in the General Assembly — Act Sess.
20 페이지 - Presbytery, without exception, shall appoint the day of election by an order of the Presbytery, at an ordinary meeting, to be entered in their minutes at least ten free days before such election ; and that on the day of election, the Presbytery shall make their elections betwixt the hours of one and eight in the afternoon ; and that the...
15 페이지 - And the said commissioners are hereby strictly prohibited and discharged to meddle in any other matters than what are committed and referred to them as above mentioned : And, in all their actings, they are to proceed according to the acts and constitution of this church, and to do nothing contrary thereto, or to the prejudice of the same ; declaring, that in and for all their actings they shall be accountable to, and censurable by, next General Assembly, as they shall see cause. And th...

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