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Gloucestershire Militia Hussars, 6. 17 April 1812, succeeded 21 July 1845.

His Lordship's father, Charles, First Viscount, G.C.B., was the eldest son of the Most Rev. Chnrles Maimers-Sutton, lute Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, for an account of whose pedigree and other issue,—see Rutland; and served with the highest honour to himself, and advamage to the nation, in the eminent office of Speaker of the House of Commons, from the year 1817, till his elevation to the Peerage on the election of the Hon. James Ahercromby, in 1835. He was 4. 29 Jan. 1780, m. 1st, 8 July 1811, Charlotte, eldest daughter of John Denison, Esq., of Ossington Hall, Notts, who rf. 7 Dec. 1815; and 2ndly, 6 Dec. 1828, Ellen, daughter of Edmund Power, Esq., of Curragheen, Co. Waierford, and widow of John-Hume Purvis, Ksq., of Purvis, N.B., who d. 16 Nov. 1845. The Viscount d. 21 July 1845, leaving issue,

by 1st marriage:
1 Charles-john, Present And Second Viscount.

2*Hon. John-Henry-Thomas, Registrar of the Faculty Office, 4. 27 May
1814, m. 5 July 1838, Georgiana, youngest daughter of the late Charles
Tompson, Esq., of Witchingham Hall, Norfolk, and has issue:

1 Henry Charles, b. 12 July 1830. 2 Anna-Maria-Georgiana, b. 11 Sept. 1841. 3 Grnham-Edward-Henry, b. T Feb. 1843. 4 Frederick Henry, b. 3 March 1843, rf. 25 May 1840. 5 Mabel Georgiana, b. 13 Jan. 1847.

o A son,6. 19July 1830. 7 A son,6.27 June 1832. 8 A son, b. 12 April 1854.

3 Hon. Charlotte-Matilda, 4.30 Nor. 1815, m. 12 Feb. 1833, Richard San

derson, Esq., b. 1784, d. 29 Oct. 1857.

by 2nd marriage:

4 Hon. Frances-Diana, b. 17 Dec. 1829, a. 8 Aug. 1848, the Hon. Delaval

Astley.— See Baron Hastings. Creation.—1835.

Genealogy.—See Genealogical Volume. Motto.—Vqiit y parvenir: To attain the object. • Town Residence.—1, Bolton Row.


CARBERY, BARON. (evans-freke.)

George-patrick-percy Evans-freke, Baron Carbery of Carbery, Co. Cork, in the Peerage of Ireland, and an Irish Baronet j b. 1810, succeeded 12 May 1845, To. 5 Aug. 1852, Harriet-MariaCatherine, only daughter of Edmund-William Shuldham, Esq., Lieut.Gen. Hon. E. I. C.'s Service, of Dunmanway, Co. Cork,and has issue, Hon. Georgiana-Dorothea-Harriet, b. 3 Nov. 1853.

His Lordship's father, Percy Evans-Freke, Esq., was the 3rd son of Sir John Evans-Freke, Bart., 2nd son of the Hon John Evans, second son of the 1st Lord; he was 4. in April 1774, and d. 9 Sept. 1844, having m. 1797, Dorothea, daughter of the Rev. Christopher Harvey, D.D., of Kyle, Co. Wexford, by whom, who rf. 26 March 1835, he had issue:

1 John, 4. 19 Feb. 1799, rf. young.

2 Elizabeth, 4.15 Feb. 1800, rf. 21 Feb. 1813.

3 Dorothea, 4. 19 May 1802, rf. young.

4 Catherine-Charlotte, rf. 26 Jan. 1826.

5 George-patrick-percy, Present And Seventh Lord.

6 Hon. Lieut.-Col. Percy-Augustus, to whom and his surviving younger

brothers and sister the precedency of sons and daughter of a Baron was granted in 1845; he rf. unm. 15 Jan. 1847. 7*Hon. Major Fenton-John, Capt. 2nd Life Guards, and Aide-de-Camp to the Commander of the Forces in Ireland, m. 14 Oct. 1851, Lady Kathe^ rine-Felicia Pakenham, eldest daughter of Thomas, 2nd Earl of Longford, and has issue.

Georgian*-Louisa, b. 15 AugM852.

8 Hon. Jane-Grace, m. 25 July 1843. the Hon. and Rev. Charles-Brodrick

Bernard.—See Bandon.

9 Hon. William-Charles, »i. 23 April 1840, Lady Sophiat3rd daughter of

Philip. 5th Earl of Hnr bo rough, (and widow of Sir Thomas Whichcote, Bart.) who d. 23 Sept. 1851. 10 Anna-Maria, d. young. Johx, Sixth Lord, uncle of the present Peer, was A. 11 Nov. 1765, succeeded on the death of his cousin John, 5th Lord, 4 March 1807, and d. 12 May 1845, without issue by his marriage 2.) Jan. 1783, with Lady Catherine-Charlotte Gore, 3rd daughter of Arthur-Saunders. 2nd Earl of Arran, 6. Sept. 1766, d. 23 Feb. 1852.

Creations.—Baron 1715. Bart. 1768.
Genealogy.—See Genealogical Volume.
Motto.—Libert as; Liberty.

Sett.—Castle Freke, Rosa Carbery, Co. Cork; and Lax ton Hall, Northanta.

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and are in remainder to the Peerage.

Cork, eldest son of the late Richard
Maunsell, Esq., by Lady Catherine
Hare.—Sre Li Stow El.

5 Thomas-\Villiams,Capt.74th Highlanders, m. 12 Aug. 1851, Helen-Elizabeth, 3rd daughter and co-heiress of the late Rev. David Stewart Moncrieffe, Rector of Loxton, Somerset, and has issue,

1 Stewart-Eyre, b. 24 May 1852. ■

2 Annie-Moncrieffe.o.31 May 1855.

3 Hardreas-Eyre-Grahani, b. 15 March 1857.

6 John-Freke, B.A., Barrister at-law, m. 37 May 1851, Julia-Bruce, 2nd daughter and coheiress of tbe late Rev. David-Stewart Moncrieffe, above, and has issue,

Isabel-Freke, b. 25 May 1852.

7 Caroline Louisa, d. 0 Feb. 1850; having m. 6 April 1811, the Hon. James Ogilvie Grant.—See Skafiklu.

8 Henry-Frederick, Captain West Cork Militia Artillery, m. 27 May 1851, Sarah-Anne, youngest daughter and coheiress of the late Rev. David Stewart Moncrieffe, above, and has issue,

I Carolinc-Suaan-Moncrieffe, 6. 4 May 1852. 2 Helen-Prede

rica, b. 30 Aug. 1854 . 3 Frederick-Maclean, 5. 0 Oct 1850.

9 Elizabeth, m. 17 Feb. 1857, Peter Hay, Esq., Governor of Spike Island.

3 Mary, d. 0 Feb. 1837; having m. 17 April 1781, the Rev. Jonathan Bruce, eldest son of the late George Bruce, Esq., by Mary Evans, her aunt; be d. 15 Feb. 1845.

3 Abigail, b 1708,rf 28Junel853; having m. 6 Julv 1700, the Rev. H illiam Stafford, LL.D., Rector of Garrycloyne, Co. Cork, great nephew of James, Ut Earl of Courtown, who was b. 1707, and d. 8 Sept. 1855.

4 Catherine, d. 14 Feb. 1848, having m. 1792, Thomas lAoyd, Esq., of Beechmount, Co. Limerick, who rf. 18 Dec. 1829.

[Descendants of the Rev. Thomas Waller
E ■ ana, 2nd son of the above Thomas.]


[I -situ of James-D'Arcy, eldest son, who left issue, ot the Rev. Tnomas Waller Evans.]

1 Thomas-D'Arcy Evans, Esq., of Knockadeirv House, Co. Limerick, b. 12 March 1808, m. 21 May, 1835, Thomasina-Eliza, youupest daughter and co-heir of John-BoIen Reeves, Esq., of Beltort, Co. Cork, and ban issue,

1 Thomas-D'Arcy, b. 19 Feb. 1836, rf.: 25 July 1855. 2 Eyre-George, b. 20 Feb. 1837. 3 Anna-Mana. 4

Thomasina-Mary. 5 Charlotte.

2 Jt»hn- D'Arcy, 6. 29 Sept. 1817. m. :>2 July 1857. Marion, daughter ot the late William Wallace, E,q., M.D.

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CARDIGAN, EARL OF. (brudenell.)

James-thomas Brudenell, Earl of Cardigan and Baron Brudenell of Stanton Wyvill, Co. Leicester, in the Peerage of England, and a Baronet, K.C.B., Member of the Legion of Honour, a MajorGeneral in the Army, and Inspector General of Cavalry; b. 16 Oct. 1797, succeeded 14 Aug. 1837, m. 19 June 1826, Elizabeth-JaneHenrietta, eldest daughter of Rear Admiral John-Richard-Delap Tollemache, by Lady Elizabeth Stratford,—see Aldborough, b. 8 Dec. 1797, whose marriage with Christian-Frederick-Charles-AlexanderJames Johnstone, Esq., was dissolved in 18iS. His Lordshi phas no issue.

Robert, Sixth Earl, father of the present Earl, was 4. posthumous 25 April 1769, succeeded on the death of his uncle James, 5th Earl, 24 Feb. 1811, and rf. 14 Aug. 1837; having m. 8 March 1794, Penelope-Anne, 2nd daughter of the late George-John Cooke, Esq., of Harefield Park, Middlesex, by whom, who rf. 2 Feb. 1826, he had issue:

1 Lady Elizabeth-Anne, b. 6 March 1795, rf. 24 Nov. 1824; having m. 1st

20 Aug. 1816, the late Hon. John Perceval,see Ecmont; and 2ndly, 16 March 1824, the Hon. and Rev. William-John Brodrick.—See Midleton.

2 James, b. 13 Aug. 1796, rf. young.

3 James-thomas, Present And Seventh Earl.

4 Lady Harriet-Georgiana, b. 18 Dec. 1799, d. 25 Oct. 1836; Countess Howe.

5 Lady Charlotte-l'cnelope, A. 17 Feb. 1802, m. July 1820, Henry-Charles

Sturt, Esq., eldest son of the late Charles Sturt, Esq., by Lady Mary-Anne
Ashley-Cooper.—See Shaftesbury.

6 Lady Emma, b. 13 Sept. 1804, d. 2 December 1846; having an. 10 Oct.

1827, David Pennant, Jun., Esq., of Downing, Co. Flint; who was 4. 22 Jan. 1796, and rf. 15 Feb. 1835. (He m. 1st, 21 June 1822, Lady Caroline Spencer,—see Marlborough.)

7 Lady Mary, b. 4 July 1806, Countess of Chichester.

8 Lady Augusta, b. 26 Jan. 1808, d. 9 Jan. 1853; having m. 30 June 1827,

Henry-Bingham Baring, Esq., M.P., cousin to Lord Ashburton.

9 Lady Anne, 4. 29 June 1809, Countess of Lucan. 10 Lady Emily, b. 6 May 1811, rf. an infant.

The 1st Earl Of Ailesburv was the 4th son of George, 3rd Earl of Cardigan, and his son Charles, the present Marquis, is heir presumptive to this title.

Creations.—Baron 1627, Earl 1061. Baronet 1611.
Genealogy.—See Genealogical Volume.
Motto.— En grace aflie: On grace depend.
Town Residence.—36, Portman Square.
Seat.—Dean Park, Wandsford, Northamptonshire.


CAREW, BARON. (carew.) Robert-shapland Carew, Baron Carew of the County of Wexford, in the Peerage of Ireland ; also Baron Carew of Castle-Boro, Co. Wexford, in the Peerage of the United Kingdom; Lord-Lieutenant of the County of Wexford, and Colonel of the Wexford Militia, 6. 28 Jan. 1818, succeeded 2 Juno 185C, m. 16 July 1844, EmilyAnne, 2nd daughter of Sir Giorge-Richard Philips, Bart, by the Hon. Sarah Cavendish,—see Waterpark, b. 16 Nov. 1823.

His Lordship's father, Robert-shapland, First Lord, K.P., b.9 March 1787, d. 2 June, 1856; having m. 16 Nov. 1816, Jane-catherine, daughter of the late Anthony Cliffe, Esq., and by her, who is now the Dowager Lady Carew, had issue,

1 Robert-shapland, Present And Second Lord.

2 Hon. Anne-Dorothea, b. Dec. 1H22, m. 7 Oct. 1851, John-Daviet Gilbert,

Esj., of Trelissick, Cornwall, and East Bourne, Sussex, 6. in 1811, d. 16 April 1854.

3 Hon. Ellen-Jane, b. Dec. 1824, m. 21 July 1846, Charles-Glynn Prideaux

Brune, Esq., Jun., of Prideaux-Place, Cornwall. 4»Hon. Shapland-Francis, Lieut.-Col. Wexford Militia, 4. 19 Feb. 1827.

The first Lord was only son of Robert-Shapland Carew, Esq., of Castle-Boro, Co. Wexford, who rf. 25 March 1835; by his marriage with Elizabeth, daughter and heir of the Rev. Richard Pigott, D.D., by the Hon. Dorothea Crosbie, sister of the 1st Earl of Glandore,—extinct.

Creation Irish Peerage 1834; English 183*.

Genralofjr.—See Genealogical Volume.

Motto.—Nil admirari: Be astonished at nothing.

Tote* Residence.—?&, Belgrare Square.

Seal.—Castle Boro, Co. Wexford; and WooJstown, Co. Waterford.


CARINGTON, BARON. (carinoton.) Robkbt-john Carington, Baron Carington of Upton, Co. Nottingham, in the Peerage of Great Britain; and Baron Carington of Bulcot Lodge, in the Irish Peerage; Lord Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum of Buckinghamshire, and Colonel of the Royal Bucks King's Own Militia, F.R.S.; b. 16 Jan. 1796, succeeded 18 Sept. 1838; took the surname of Carington, by Royal licence, 26 Aug. 1839, m. 1st, 17 June 1822, the Hon. Elizabeth-Katharine Forester, 2nd daughter of Cecil-Weld, 1st Lord Forester, who d. 23 July 1832; and 2ndly,2 Aug. 1840, theHon.Charlotte-Augusta-Annabella DrunimondWilloughby, 3rd daughter of Lord Willoughby d'Eresby. His Lordship has issue,

by 1st marriage:

1 Hon. Mary-Isabella, 4. 8 April 1824, d. 23 April 1840.

2 Hon. Cecile-Katherine-Mary, b. 12 Sept. 1829, Lady Colville.

3 Robert, b. 26 May 1831, J. 26 Jan. 1832.

by 2nd marriage:

4 Hon. Augusta-Clementina, b. 10 June 1841.
5*Hon. Charles-Robert, 4. 16 May 1843.

6 Hon. Peregrine, b. 28 July 1845.

7 Hon. Eva, 4. 12 May 1847.

8 A son, b. 17 Dec. 1802.

- His Lordship's father, Robert Smith, First Lord, was 4. 2 Feb. 1752, and d. 18 Sept. 1838 ; having m. 1st, 6 July 1780, Ann, eldest daughter of Lewyn-Boldero Barnard, Esq., of Cave Castle, Yorks., who d. 9 Feb. 1827; and 2ndly, 19 Jan. 1836, Charlotte, 3rd daughter of the late John Hudson, Esq., and widow, 3 Nov. 1830, of the Rev. Walter Trevelyan, 2nd son of the late Sir John Trevelyau, Bart.; she d. 22 April 1849. His Lordship had issue only by the first marriage:

1 Hon. Harriet, d. 27 April 1856; having m. 28 June 1819, Lieut.-Col.

John-Frederick Crewe, of Loake's Hill, Bucks., nephew of the 1st Lord
Crewe, who d. 10 Nov. 1840.

2 Hon. Charlotte-Eliza, d. 22 March 1811; late Lady Gardner.

3 Hon. Eleanor-Sarah, d. Nov. 1816.

4 Hon. Catherine-Lucy, d. 1 Oct. 1843, late Countess Stanhope.

5 Hon. Jane-Amelia, d. 7 Oct. 1837.

6 Hon. Hester-Frances, d. 5 March 1854; having m. 30 Sept. 1813, the

Right Hon. Sir HcnryWatkin Williams-Wynn, K.C.B., G.C.H., who was b. 16 March 1783, and d. 28 March 1856.

7 Hon. Ann, d. 11 May 1808.

8 Hon. Louisa-Mary, d. 6 April 1830.

9 Hon. Georgiana.

10 Robert-john, Present And Second Lord.

11 Hon. Emily, 4. 16 April 1797, widow of Lord Granville Someriet.Set


('ri alionj, — B.iron of Ireland 17BS, of Great Britain 1797.
Genealogy.—See Genealogical Volume.
Motto—Regi semper fidelis: Always faithful to the King.
Town Residence.—a, Whitehall Yard.

Seats—Wycombe Abbey and Gayhurst, Buckinghamshire.


CARLISLE, EARL OF. (howard.)

Grorce-william-frederick Howard, Earl of Carlisle, Viscount Howard of Morpeth, Co. Northumberland, and Baron Dacre of Gillesland, Co. Cumberland, in the Peerage of England; K.G., Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Lord Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum of the East Riding of Yorkshire, P.C. for Great Britain and Ireland; b. 18 April 1802, succeeded 7 Oct. 1848.

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