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Dieu et mon droit. God and my right. The Queen.

Abstulit qui dedit. He who gave has taken away. Stafford.
A clean heart and a cheerful spirit. Portinan.
A cruce ulna. Salvation from the cross, e Mayo and 1 Downes.
A cuspide corona. From a lance to n crown, r Middleton.
A Deo et rege. From God and the King, e Chesterfield; e Stanhope ; and c Har-

Adversa virtute repello. By courage I repel adversity. Londcsborough.
vEquabiliter et diligenter. By equity and diligence. Redesdale; and Truro.
iEquain gervare meutem. To preserve an equal mind. Rivers.
^Equanimiter- Patiently. Sufficld.
A fin. To the end. e Airlie.
Agincourt. Wodehouse.
Algiers, v Exmouth.

Alte fert aquila. The eagle bears me on high. Monteagle.
A ma puissance. To my power, e Stamford.
Amo. I love, d Buccleuch.
Anchor, fast anchor. Gray.

Animo, non astutia. By courage, not crafc. m Huntly.

Antiquum obtinens. Possessing antiquity. Bagot.

Aperto vivere voto. To live with will unfettered, e Aylesford.

Appetitus rationi pareat. Let the appetite be obedient to reason, e Fitzwilliam.

Aquila non capiat muscas. An eagle does not catch flies. Graves.

At spes non fracta. But my hope is not broken, e Hopetoun.

Auctor pretiosa facil. The Founder makes it valuable, e Buckinghamshire.

Audacter et aperte. Boldly and openly. Campbell.

Au plaisir fort de Dieu. At the almighty disposal of God. c Mount Edgccumbc.
Auspice Christo. lWenlock.

Auspicium melioris svi. A pledge of better times, d St Albans.
Auxilium ab alto. Help from above, e Roscommon; and 1 Clonbrock.
Auxilium meum a Domino. My help is from the Lord. Mostyn.
Avancez. Advance, v Hill.

Avi numerantur avorum. I follow a long train of ancestors. Grantley.
Arise la fin. Consider the end. m Ailsa.

Arito riret honore. He flourishes in an honourable ancestry, m Bute; 1 Stuart

de Decies; and 1 WharnclifTe. Aymez loyault£. Love loyalty, m Winchester; and 1 Bolton.

Bear and forbear. Langford.
lie fast, e Mexborough.

Be just, and fear not. v Lifford. ,
Bella! horrida bella! Wars! horrid wars! Lisle.
Be mindful, e Cawdor.
Be traist. d Roxburgbe.

Candide et constanter. Candidly and constantly, e Coventry. Cassia tutissima virtus. Virtue is the safest defence, m Choluiondeley; and 1 Ddamere.

Cause caused it. Elphinstone.

Cavendo tutus. Secure in caution, d Devonshire ; e Burlington ; and 1 Waterpark.

Che sara, sara. What will be, will be. d Bedford.

Chio che Dio vuole, io voglio. What God wills, I will. Dormer.

Clarior a tencbris. More bright from obscurity, e Milltown.

Clementia et aniniis. By clemency and courage. Panmure.

Coelitus mihi vires. My strength is from Heaven, v Ranelagh.

Caelum non animum. You may change your climate, not your mind, e Waldegrave.

Corame je fus. As I was. Ward.

Comme je trouve. As I find, m Ormonde.

Commit thy work to God. e Caithness.

Consilio et prudentii. By counsel and prudence, e Clancarty.

Confido, conquiesco. I confide and acquiesce, e Dysart.

Compositum jus fasque animi. Law and equity, e Ellenborough.

Consequitur quodennque petit. He attains whatever he attempts, m Hcadfort.

Consilio et animis. By wisdom and courage, e Lauderdale.

Constants et virtute. With constancy and valour, e Amherst.

Cor nobyle, cor immobyle. Vivian.

Cor unum, via una. One heart, one way. m Exeter.

Courage sans peur. Courage without fear, v Gage.

Craignez houte. Fear disgrace, d Portland.

Crede Byron. Trust Byron. Byron.

Crom a boo. Crom (a castle formerly belonging to the Fitz-Gerald family) forever.

d Leinster; and 1 De Ros. Cruci dum spiro fido. Whilst I have breath, my faith is in the Cross, v Gnlway.

Data fata secutus. Following his declared fate. St. John.
Dat Dcus incrementnm. God gives the increase. Crofton.

De bon vouloir servir le roi. To serve the king with good will, e Tankervillc ; and e Grey.

Dccori Decus addit avito. e Mar.
Dccrevi. I have resolved, m Westmeath.
Deeds shaw. Ruthven.

Delectare in Domino. Delighting in God. Poltimore.
Denique Ccelnm. Heaven at last, c Li ven and Melville.

Deo adjuvantc, fortuna sequatur. God assisting, success must follow, v Exmonth.
Deo date. Give to God. Arumlell.

Deo ducc, fcrro comitante. God being my leader, my sword my companion, e Charleinont.

Deo fidclis et Regi. Faithful to God and the King. Dunsandle.

Deojuvante. God aiding, c Lauderdale.

Deo noil fortunn. From God, not fortune, e Dighy.

Deo, patriae, amicis. To God, my country, and my friends, d Buckingham; and 1 Colchester.

Deo, regi, patrisc. To God, my king, and my country. Feversham.

Deum cole, regem serva. Worship God, and serve the king, c Enniskillen.

Deus mihi providebit. God will provide for me. Keane.

Dens major columna. God is the best support. Henniker.

Dicu avec nous. God with us. c Berkeley.

Dieu ayde. God assists, v Montmorres; and v Frankfort de Montmorencv.

Dieu defend 1c droit. God defends the right, c Spencer; and 1 Churchill."

Dieu pour la tranche, qui contre. God for the stroke; who shall resist: or, God for the Trench, who is against us. e Clancarty.

Disponendo me, non mutando me. By displacing, not by changing me. d Manchester.

Dominus providebit. The Lord will provide, e Glasgow.
Dread God. e Southesk.

Droit et avant. Right and forward, v Sydney.
Droit et loyal. Just and loyal. Huntingficld.
Dulcc periculum. 1. Macaulay.
Dum spiro spero. While I breathe I hope, v Dillon.

En bon espoir. In good hope. Willoughby de Eresby.
Endure fort, e Crawford.
En grace affie. On grace depend, e Cardigan.

En la rose je flcuric. I flourish in the rose, d Richmond.

En suivant la verite. In following truth, e Portsmouth.

Esperancc en Dieu. Hope in God. d Northumberland ; and e Beverley.

Essayez. Try. e Zetland.

Esse, quim videri. To be, rather than seem to be. e Winterton; and 1 Lurgan. Esto quod esse videris. Be what you appear. Sondes.

Et dectis et pretium recti. The ornament and reward of virtue, d Grafton; and 1 Southampton.

Et nos quoque tela sparsimus. And we too have scattered arrows, m Hastings.
Et vitam impendere vero. Keep the truth at the hazard of life. Holland.
Escitari non hebescere. To be spirited, not inactive. Walsingham.
Ex fide fortis. Strong through faith, c Beauchamp.

Faire mon devoir. To do my duty, e Roden.

Faire sans dire. Deeds without words, e Ilchester.

Fatnam extendere factis. To extend fame by deeds, v Galway.

Fama semper vivit. Reputation lives for ever. Ravensworth.

Fare, fac. Speak and act. Fairfax.

Faugh a Bollagh. v Gough.

Fax mentis incendium gloria;. The torch of the mind is the flame of glory, e

Fear God in life. Somerville.
Fear to transgress, e Clonmcll.

Firmior quo paratior. I am strong by being always prepared, e Selkirk.
Festina lente. Quick without impetuosity, e Fingall; and Onslow. lDunsnny;

Louth; and Plunkett.
Fide et amore. By faith and love, m Hertford.
Fide et fiducia. By faith and fortitude, e Rosebery.
Fide et fortitudine. By faith and fortitude, e Essex.

Fidei coticula crux. The cross is the test of faith, e Jersey; and e Clarendon.

Fideli certa merces. A certain reward to the faithful, e Morley.

Fidelity est de Dieu. Truth is of God. v Powerscourt.

Fides probata coronat. Tried faith triumphs. Polwarth.

Fidus et audax. Faithful and courageous, v Lismore.

Fiel pero desdichado. Faithful but unfortunate, d of Marlborough.

Fight, e Rosslyn; and 1 Sinclair.

Finem respice. Look to the end. e Darnley.

Firm, e Stair.

Flecti, non frangi. To be bent, not broken, v Palmerston.
Follow me. m Breadalbane.

Forte et fidele. Strong and faithful. Talbot de Malahide.
Fortcm posce animiim. Wish for a strong'mind. Saye and Sele.
Forte scutum salus durum. A strong shield is a leader's safeguard. e Fortescue.
Fortes fortuna juvat. Fortune assists the brave. Bloomfield.
Forti et fideli nihil difficile. To courage and constancy nothing is difficult. Mus-

Fortis cadcre, cedere non potest. The brave man may fall, but cannot yield, m

Drogheda; and e Charleville.
Fortiter et fideliter. Boldly and faithfully. Oranmore.
Fortiter, fideliter, feliciter. Boldly, faithfully, successfully, v. Monck.
Fortiter gerit crucem. He bravely supports the cross, e Donoughmore.
Fortuna sequatnr. Let fortune follow, e Aberdeen.
Forward, m Queensberry; and e Castle-Stewart.
Foy est tout. Faith is everything, e De Grey; and e Ripon.
Foy pour devoir. Faith for duty, d Somerset.

Frangas, non flectes. You may break, you shall not bend me. d Sutherland; and

e Granville.
Frappe fort. Strike hard. Wodehouse.
Fuimus. We were, m Ailesbury; and e Elgin.
Furth fortune, and fill the fetters, d Atholl; and e Dunmore.

Gang warily, e Perth.

Gardez bien. Take care, e Eglinton.

Gardez la foy. Keep the faith, e Poulett; and 1 Kensington.
Gaudet tentaraine virtus. Virtue rejoices in trial, e Dartmouth.
Gloria virtutis umbra. Glory is the shadow of virtue, e Longford.
God be my guide, e Gleugall.
God send grace, e Erne.

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