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1, Broadway, New York.)

DAVID DAVIDSON, Agent, Aldine Chambers, 13, Paternoster Row,
Books Purchased for the Trade and Public Institutions,
BOOKS, MAPS, PERIODICALS, &c. can be imported—the single copy or quantities—from the United

States in from five to six weeks' time. America, if not in stock.

Those ordering will be pleased to say if to be obtained from

BOOKS are shipped direct, if required, from New York to Havre, Bremen, Leghorn, St. Petersburgh, &c. PACKAGES are made up weekly at this Agency for New York, Boston, and Philadelphia, by steamer and

sailing packet.

addressed. Advertisements inserted, &c. &c.

Works for review, for correspondents, for friends, can be inclosed, and forwarded as

Quantities of the following new and valuable AMERICAN Works have been recently received, and the Trade are respectfully informed that they are ready for sale:–

The AMERICAN NATIONAL PREACHER: Original Monthly Sermons. Wols. 1 to 22, 7s. 6d. each.


GOD in CHRIST : Three Discourses. By HoRAcr: Bush.NEli. 12mo. (pp. 356), 8s. cloth.

LIFE and ELOQUENCE of the Rev.

SYLVESTER LARNED; and a Selection of

Twenty-two of his best Sermons. 12mo. 7s. 6d.

PROVERBS for the PEOPLE: or, Illustrations of Practical Godliness drawn from the Book of Wisdom. By E. L. MAGooN. Chapters on Kindness—Sobriety—Integrity—Industry — Perseverance—Sincerity, &c. &c. 1 handsome vol. 12mo. 6s.

Mysteries of City Life.
6s. cloth.


TWENTY SERMONS. By the late Rev. JAMEs Richards, D.D. 1 thick vol. 12mo. 8s.

SERMONS on CHRISTIAN COMMUNION. Edited by T. R. Sulliv AN. 1 vol. 12mo. 7s.6d.

TWENTY-ONE SERMONS, delivered in Brown University. By FRANcis WAYLAND. 2d Edition, 12mo. 8s. 6d.

JA HR'S NEW MANUAL of HOMOEO. PATHIC MEDICINE. By Charles Julius HEMPEL, M.D.; aided by JAMEs M. QUIN, M.D. With a Practice by Dr. C. Hering; Revisions and Clinical Notes, by Dr. J. F. Gray; Contributions from Drs. A. Gerard Hull, G. W. Cook, B. F. Joslin, C. Hering, J. Jeanes, C. Neinhard, W. Williamson, and J. Kitchen. A new Work. 2 vols. 8vo. £3. 3s.

ENCHIRIDION MEDICUM ; or, the Practice of Medicine, the Result of Fifty Years' Experience. By C. W. HufelAND. 3d Edition, 1 thick vol. post 8vo. 12s.

AMERICAN ESSAYS and REVIEWS. By Edwin P. Whipplk. Containing, among others, Reviews of Macaulay, Talfourd, Sydney


Smith, Wordsworth, Byron, English Poets, &c.

&c. 2 vols. 12 no. 15s. NOTES of TRAVEL in CALIFORNIA ; comprising the prominent Geographical, Agricultural, Geological, and Mineralogical Features of the Country; &c. &c. 1 large 8vo. sewed, 4s. 6d.


By Elij Ah H. BURRIT. Thick 12mo, and Atlas, coloured Plates, 8s.

AMERICA and the AMERICAN PEOPLE. By Faed. Von RAUMER. Translated by W.M. W. TuRNER. 1 large 8vo. 14s.

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Dr. DUNGLISON’S THERAPEUTICS and MATERIA MEDICA. 3d edition, 2 vols. 8vo. woodcuts.

Dr. DUNGLISON'S HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY. Last edition, 2 vols. 8vo. many woodCuts.

Dr. DUNGLISON'S GREAT MEDICAL LEXICON. 7th edition, revised and enlarged, royal 8vo. over 800 large pages, double columns,

21s. The HOMOEOPATHIC EXAMINER. By Drs. GERARD Hull, and HEMPEL and GRAY. Vols. 1 and 2 complete in themselves, nicely halfbound, 36s. RUECKERT’S THERAPEUTICs; or, Successful Homoeopathic Cures. By C. J. HEMPEL. 8vo. 21s. HEMPEL’S HOMOEOPATHIC DOMESTIC PHYSICIAN. 3s. 6d. JAHR'S SHORT ELEMENTARY TREATISE upon HOMOEOPATHIA and its Practice. By BAYARD. 3s. RAW'S ORGANON of the SPECIFIC HEALING ART of HomoeoPATHY. By HEMPEl. 8s. HAH NEMANN'S MATERIA MEDICA PURA. Translated by HEMPEl. 4 vols. 8vo. 36s. STAPF'S ADDITIONS to the MATERIA MEDICA PURA. Translated by HEMPEl. 8vo. 9s. HAHNEMANN'S CHRONIC DISEASES. Translated by HEMPEl and HERING. 5 vols. 8vo. £2.2s. TRANSACTIONS of AMERICAN INSTITUTE of HOMOEOPATHY. 1846. 10s. HERING’S DOMESTIC HOMOEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN, from the German. By Willi AM sox. 14s. HEMPEL'S BOENNINGHAUSEN, for Homoeopathic Physicians at bedside of patients. 1847. 12s. AGASSIZ and GOULD'S PRINCIPLES of ZOOLOGY. 1 handsome vol. post 8vo. many cuts, 7s. 6d. BARNARD’S AMERICAN SCHOOL ARCHITECTURE. 2d Edition, 8vo. many Woodcuts, 12s. PROF. CHURCH'S INTEGRAL CALCULUS for the use of American Cadets. 8vo. Figures, 10s. 6d. GESENIUS’ HEBREW LEXICON. 3d Edition of the American Work by Dr. Robinson, much improved, 8vo. £1.11s. 6d. PROF. GRAY'S BOTANICAL TEXTBOOK. Used in Scotland in the Colleges. Many beautiful cuts, post 8vo. 12s. HAND BOOK of YOUNG ARTISTS and AMATEURS in OIL PAINTING. 12mo. 8s. PROF. HITCHCOCK'S ELEMENTS of GEOLOGY: 8th Edition, many Woodcuts, 12mo. 7s. 6d. MOR FITT on the MANUFACTURE and USE of PERFUMERY: with Recipes and Woodcuts. 12mo. 9s. 6d. TAYLOR'S DISTRIBUTION of COAL in the UNITED STATES and EUROPE : with Accounts of Working. 8vo. Maps, £1. 1s. THE AMERICAN JOURNAL of MEDICAL SCIENCES, No. 34, for April. Published Quarterly. Each Number, 7s.6d. ALDINE CHAMBERS,

CINE. Third Edition, 2 vols. royal 8vo.
their Homoeopathic Treatment. By HEMPEL.
2 vols. 18s.
TIONS on some of the CHIEF HOMOEOPA-
THIC REMEDIES. 2 vols. in 1, 15s. -
THIC MEDICINE. Translated by Okik and


PATHICALLY TREATED. 3s. | HAHNEMANN’S ORGANON of HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICINE. Third American edition. By HERING. 9s. BIBLIOTHECA SACRA and THEOLOGICAL REVIEW. Edited by Drs. Edwards, Robinson, and PARK. May 1849, No. 5, 6s. BIBLICAL REPOSITORY and CLASSICAL REVIEW. Many valuable papers. April No. now ready, 5s. METHODIST QUARTERLY REVIEW. This is a leading and valuable Review. April No. ready, 4s. HUNT'S MERCHANT'S MAGAZINE and Commercial Review. Monthly. 2s. 6d. per No. AMERICAN BANKER'S MAGAZINE: a Record of the Progress of American Banks. Monthly. 2s. 6d. per No. THE AMERICAN LITERARY WORLD : a Weekly Journal of Art, Literature, and News, for the Author, Critic, and Publisher. — Subscribers received.—Advertisements inserted.

GLIDDON'S ANCIENT EGYPT. Her Monuments, Hieroglyphics, &c. A fresh supply of 500 Copies of this has just been received. 2s.

TRANSACTIONS of the ETHNOLOGICAL SOCIETY. Wol. 2. For the Contents of this valuable Work, see an Advertisement in May 19 of “The Athenaeum.” 8vo. 16s. MI NER'S AMERICAN BEE - KEEPER'S MANUAL. A new and valuable Work. Many Woodcuts. 12mo. 6s. ELLETT'S WOMEN of the AMERICAN REVOLUTION. 2 vols. 16s. LONG FELLOW’S POEMS. Illustrated and bound same as Willis and Sigourney. 8vo. price (now) 24s. SIGOURNEY'S POEMS. Splendidly illus. trated from original American designs, and bound in red cloth, gilt. First Complete Edition. 8vo. p. 408, 24s. BEECHER'S BAPTISM : Its Modes and Imports. With Reviews of Dr. Carson's Opinions. 12mo, pp. 342, 7s. GILL’S APPLICATION of ANGULAR ANALYSIS to Solution of Indeterminate Problems of Second Degree.

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PRINo. of ZOOLOGY; touching the Structure, Development, Distribution, and Natural Arrangement of the Races of Animals, living and extinct : with numerous Illustrations. By Louis AGAssiz and AUGUSTUs A. Gould. Post 8vo. 7s.6d. cloth. “The design of this work is to furnish an epitome of the leading principles of the science of zoology as deduced from the present state of knowledge, so illustrated as to be intelligible to the beginning student. No similar treatise exists; and, indeed, some of the topics have not been touched upon before, unless in a strictly technical form, and in scattered articles.” Extract from the Preface.

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Amittitum Stitutific illusks,

Imported and for Sale by JOHN CHAPMAN, 142, Strand.

YDRAULICS and MECHANICS: a Descriptive and Historical Account of Hydraulic and other Machines for Raising Water, ancient and modern ; with Observations on various Subjects connected with the Mechanical Arts, including the progressive Development of the Steam Engine. By Thomas EwBANK. Illustrated by nearly 300 Engravings, 2d Edition, 8vo. 18s. cloth.

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John Chapman's List of American Works—continued.

EWTON'S PRINCIPIA. The Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy. By Sir JAMEs Newton. Translated by A. MoTTE. To which is added NEWTON'S SYSTEM of the WORLD, with Life by N. W. CHITTENDEN. Royal 8vo. (New York, 1848), £1.8s. bound. UTLINES of a NEW SYSTEM of PHYSIOGNOMY. Illustrated by numerous Engravings, indicating the Signs of the different Mental Faculties. By J. W. REDFIELD, M.D. 8vo. (New York, 1849), 2s. sewed. TA; of LOGARITEIMS of NUMBERS, and of Logarithmic Sines, Tangents, and Secants, to Seven Places of Decimals; together with other Tables of frequent use in the Study of Mathematics and in Practical Calculations. By A. D. STANLEY, A. M. Royal 8vo. 15s. bound.


STA. of COAL. The Geographical

and Geological Distribution of Fossil Fuel, or Mineral Combustibles, employed in the Arts and Manufactures; their Production, Consumption, Commercial Distribution, Prices, Duties, &c., including 400 Statistical Tables, and 1100 Analyses of Mineral Bituminous Substances. Illustrated with coloured Maps and Diagrams. By R. CowLING TAYLoR. Thick 8vo. £1. 1s. cloth.

ISTORY of ARCHITECTURE, from the Earliest Times; its Present Condition in Europe and the United States: with a Biography of Eminent Architects, and a Glossary of Architectural Terms. By L. C. TUTHILL. With numerous Illustrations, royal 8vo. £1.1s, cloth.


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*...* The CopyRight of the above Book has been secured for Great Britain. (589) NEW WORK BY H. W. LONGFELLOW. NEW Books NEARLY READ.Y. AVANAGH : a Tale of New England. A SECOND VISIT to the UNITED

7. K Square 16mo. fine paper, uniform with “Hyperion, and the Poems.”—Nearly ready. Liverpool : John Walker, Bold Street. London : D. Bogue; J. Johnstone; and other Booksellers. (590)

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STATES. By Sir Charles LYELL, F.R.S. | President of the Geological Society of London. 2 vols. post 8vo. [On June 2d.

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T. C. Newby, Mortimer Street, Cavendish Square. (593) In the press, to be published in July next, a New BloxAM's Gothic ARchitectuae. Edition, revised and much enlarged, of the RINCIPLES of GOTHIC ECCLESI

ISTORY of ENGLAND, from the First
Invasion of the Romans to the Reign of

- William and Mary, in the Year 1690. By the Rev.

Dr. LIN GARD. Handsomely printed in ten large
8vo. volumes, price Sir Pounds, cloth lettered, and
will be enriched with a Likeness of the Author, en-
graved in the best style, from a Portrait taken last
year by Mr. Skaife.
*...* A list of Subscribers will be inserted in the
first volume, and the name of each subscriber will be
printed in red at the back of the title in every volume
of his own copy, provided his name is received by
the Publisher on or before the 1st July.
* Prospectuses will be supplied to any of the
Trade who apply for them.

C. Dolman, 61, New Bond Street. (594)

BP. wilbenforce's sermons—FIFTH edition.

Soo. preached before the QUEEN.
By SAMUEL, Lord Bishop of Oxford ; Lord
High Almoner to the Queen; Chancellor of the Most
Noble Order of the Garter. 5th Edition, 12mo. 7s.
Rivingtons, St. Paul's Church Yard, and Waterloo
Of whom may be had, by the same Author,
The ROCKY ISLAND, and other Simili-
tudes. 18th Thousand, 2s. 6d. (595)

ROVERBIAL PHILOSOPHY : a Book of Thoughts and Arguments, originally treated. By MARTIN F. Tupper, D.C.L. F.R.S. &c. of Christ Church, Oxford. Ninth Edition, fcp. 8vo. with Portrait, 7s. cloth.

J. Hatchard and Son, 187, Piccadilly. (596)

ICTURES from the NORTH, in Pen and Pencil: sketched during a Summer Ramble in Germany, Russia, Sweden, and Denmark. By Geo. FRANcklin ATKINson, Esq. Bengal Engineers, 1 vol. demy 8vo. with 32 characteristic Illustrations, 12s. “This is the lively, chatty, good-natured production of a Young Indian officer—it has no pretension but that which it fairly fulfils. Mr. Atkinson's sketches, in themselves characteristic, have been very cleverly transferred to wood.”—ExAMINER. "We have hitherto spoken of Mr. Atkinson’s ‘Pen;’ his Pictures from the North are also illustrated by the 'Poncil,' and very well illustrated too. His sketches not only, realize the description to the eye, but often convey a marked expression of costume, and even of character.

John Ollivier, 59, Pall Mall. (597)

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