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SIX NEW WORKS. NGLISH SURNAMES : an Essay on Family Nomenclature, Historical, Etymological,

and Humorous, enlarged with several New Chapters, comprising Observations on Scottish, Irish, and Norman Surnames, Christian Names, Inns, Signs, Rebuses, the Battle Abbey Roll, Latinized Surnames, &c.

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3d Edition, 2 vols. post 8vo. Woodcuts, 12s. cloth.

OPULAR RHYMES and NURSERY TALES; with Historical Elucidations: a Sequel to

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Hoko's DANCE of DEATH ; with an Historical and Literary Introduction by an

Antiquary. Square post 8vo. with 54 Engravings, being the most accurate copies ever executed of

these Gems of Art. 9s. cloth.

DELECTUS in ANGLO-SAXON, intended as a first-class book in the language.

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By the

EPRINTS of RARE TRACTS, illustrating the History of the Northern Counties of

England. By M. A. Richardson.

7 vols. post 8vo. boards, £7.7s. (only 100 printed).

HE HISTORY of ROMNEY MARSH in KENT. By W. Holloway, Esq. 8vo. with

Plates, 12s. 6d. cloth.



New Edition, reduced to 5s. roan.

ONSEILS A ma FILLE. Par J. N. Bouilly. Nouvelle Edition, revue avec soin par M. Chauvet. Dulau and Co. Soho Square; Longman and Co.; Whittaker and Co.; and Simpkin and Co. (601)

new AND INTEResting Works Fort Touri STS.

ELGIUM, the RHINE, ITALY, GREECE, and the MEDITERRANEAN. Illustrated in a Series of beautifully-executed Engravings, from Drawings on the spot by Thomas Allom, Esq., Colonel Cockburn, Major Irton, Messrs. Bartlett, Leitch, Wolfensberger; Major. General Sir Grenville T. Temple, Bart., and Lieut. Allen, of the Royal Engineers. With Historical, Classical, and Picturesque Descriptions, by the Rev. G. N. WRIGHT, M.A., and L. F. A. BuckINGHAM, Esq. A splendid Volume, containing Seventy-three Engravings, price 24s.

Woo: its LAKE and

MOUNTAIN SCENERY. Beautifully illustrated in Seventy Views, from Drawings on the spot by T. Allom, Esq.; with Historical and Topographical Descriptions, by T. Rose. One elegant vol. 4to. price £1. ls.

3. UMMER and WINTER in PARIS : illustrating the Manners and Customs of the Parisians. By M. Jules JANIN. Embellished with Thirty-six highly-finished Engravings, from Drawings by Eugene Lami. In a handsome 4to. volume, 21s. 4. the cheapest Edition of scott's BIBLE eVeR PUBLished. EW. T. SCOTT'S FAMILY BIBLE and COMMENTARY. In 3 handsome 4to. vols. £3. 3s. cloth; with 144 beautiful Engravings, £4.4s. *** Fisher's Edition of this standard and invaluable Commentary is printed from the last which the Author published in the vigour of life; it includes the Authorized Text of the Holy Scriptures, the Commentary, Notes, Marginal References, and Practical Observations, as the Author wrote them, without interpolation or omission; together with a copious Index, Tables of Proper Names, &c. May also be had in 5s. Parts.

5. Boo of FAMILY WORSHIP; containing Morning and Evening Family Prayers for a Year: with Additional Prayers for Special Occasions. By the Rev. J. MoRison, D.D. LL.D. In large type, suited to aged persons. Strongly recommended by many eminent Ministers. 1 vol. 4to, 21s, cloth; calf, 26s. London: Peter Jackson (late Fisher, Son, and Co.); and all Booksellers. (602)

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1. Bedfordshire. 27. Nottingham. 2. Berkshire. 28. Oxfordshire. 3. Buckingham. 29. Rutland. 4. Cambridge. 30. Shropshire. 5. Cheshire. 31. Somersetshire. 6. Cornwall. 32. Staffordshire. 7. Cumberland. 33. Suffolk. 8. Derbyshire. 34. Surry. 9. Devonshire. 35. Sussex. 10. Dorsetshire. 36. Warwickshire. ll. Durham. 37. Westmoreland. 12. Essex. 38. Wiltshire. 13. Gloucestershire. 39. Worcestershire. 14. Hampshire. 40. Yorkshire, N. 15. Herefordshire. 2s. 6d. 16. Hertfordshire. 41. Yorkshire, E. R. 17. Huntingdon. 42. W. R. 2s. 6d. 18. Kent. 43. — 19. Lancashire. 44. Yorkshire, 4 shts. 5s. 20. Leicester. 45. Wales, 2 shts. 2s. 6d. 21. Lincolnshire. 46. North Wales. 22. Middlesex. 47. South Wales. 23. Monmouthshire. 49. England, 2s. 6d. 24. Norfolk. 50. Scotland, 2s. 6d. 25. Northampton. 51. Ireland, 2s. 6d. 26. Northumberland.

*** Show Boards and Specimens may be had upon application. NEW RAILWAY MAP of GREAT BRITAIN. All the Railways completed or in progress are accurately laid down ; thus forming a valuable compendium of reference for the Tourist, as well as the travelling Man of Business. Coloured and mounted on linen, in cloth case, 2s. 6d. A NEW MAP of LONDON, a Complete Guide to the Perambulation of the Metropolis : shewing the River Thames and its Bridges; all the Omnibus Routes coloured; the Main Thoroughfares accurately laid down; and all the principal Streets, Squares, and Localities of note inserted. Mounted on linen, in case, ls. Published for the Proprietors by H. G. Collins, 22, Paternoster Row. (604)

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To BOOKSELLERS, &c.—To be disposed of, a very promising BUSINESS in a highly respectable neighbourhood three miles from London,-the proprietor being compelled to relinquish it through ill health. The purchase money about £200.— Address to X. X., Publishers' Circular Office, 169, Fleet Street. O PRINTERS, BOOKSELLERS, and

STATIONERS.—A compact, steady Trade, in the above branches, with a good Church of England connection, is FOR DISPOSAL. Coming in about £600. The Returns are highly satisfactory. — Apply to Mr. Gray, Valuer to the Trade, Croyden, Surrey. Li XCELLENT COUNTRY BUSINESS for

DISPOSAL-For Sale, in a superior neighbourhood, a thriving Bookselling, Stationery, and Printing Business. Returns large. Amount required, about £700 : may be paid in easy sums. This is an old established business, of the first respectability. — Address F. H., 14, Tavistock Street, Covent Garden. TO STATIONERS, BOOKSELLERS, and

Others.-In a most central and active part of the West-end. Mr. Page is instructed to sell the old-established and flourishing Business of a Stationer and Bookseller. The Shop is most attractive, and will at all times command an extensive trade. The Lease has nearly 20 years unexpired; and is valuable. The Returns are satisfactory. The Concern, in the hands of an enterprising person, cannot fail to realize a fortune. About £2200 required.— Apply to Mr. Page, Auctioneer and Valuer, 28, Moorgate Street, Bank.

WO PRINTERS and Others.-In a first-rate situation in the City. Mr. Page is instructed to sell a very desirable PRINTING BUSINESS. The Connexion is chiefly with commercial firms. The Returns are excellent; the Profits liberal. The Rent is more than cleared by letting. The Plant is very complete. About £1700 required.—Apply to Mr. Page, Auctioneer and Valuer, 28, Moorgate Street, Bank. \O STATIONERS, PRINTERS, and Others.--In Norfolk.-Mr. Page is directed by the Proprietor to sell the flourishing TRADE of a Printer, Bookseller, and Stationer, desirably situated as above. The House and Premises are most delightfully arranged, the returns are excellent, the expenses trivial, and the concern will be parted with without Premium ; rendering it for the moderate outlay of £550, one of the most desirable concerns in the country.—Apply to Mr. Page, Trade Valuer and Auctioneer, 28, Moorgate Street, Bank.

W ANTED, a Situation as ASSISTANT to

a Bookseller and Stationer, by a Young Man, who is well acquainted with the general routine of * Retail Trade, or as Publisher or Assistant in a Newspaper Office. Unexceptionable references will be given. The Country, or a limited engagement, * 9tjected to.—Address X. Y. Z.A., at the Office

WANTEP a CLERK, who writes a good

hand, and is capable of conducting Correspondence.—Apply to Mr. Churchill, Princes Street, Soho.

W ANTED a SHOPMAN of some experirience in a large and genteel Bookselling and Stationery Establishment in the Country. — Apply by letter (post paid) to J. F. N. care of Messrs. Simpkin, Marshall, and Co. London.

WAYo: in a BOOKSELLER and STATIONER'S Shop, in one of the principal towns of Lancashire, a FEMALE ASSISTANT.Address to the Postmaster of Rochdale, stating age, expectations, reference, &c.

PPRENTICE.-Wanted a well educated and active Youth as In-door Apprentice to the BOOKBINDING and WORKING STATIONERY Businesses. He will be treated as one of the family. —Apply to D. Thomson, Stationer and Binder, 43, High Street, Exeter.

W ANTED by a Young Man, who has had

upwards of six years' experience, a situation as ASSISTANT to a Bookseller or Stationer. Good reference can be given.—Address, C. K. 26, Warren Street, Fitzroy Square.

O PRINTERS.—The Advertiser is desirous of a SITUATION in the Country. He is acquainted with each department of the Business, is a good workman, and has been accustomed to the management of a Country Office. References can be given as to respectability of character and knowledge of the business.-Address W. Sale, 457, West Strand, London. O PRINTERS and BOOKSELLERS.-A Young Man, who has been eight years in the above Trade, wishes for an ENGAGEMENT, either in London or the Country. He has been accustomed to the Jobbing department, but could assist in a Newspaper office if required. Could take the management of a small affair, and would not object to wait in a Shop.–Address A. B., Mr. Buck's, Bookseller, Boston.

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rences.—Address H. W., Messrs. Abel and Sons, |

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NCYCLOPAEDIA BRITAN NICA. — M. A. NATTALI begs to announce that he has purchased of the Proprietors the remaining Stock of this highly popular and useful ENCYCLOPAEDIA. The Trade can now be supplied at a reduced price. M. A. Nattali, 23, Bedford Street, Covent Garden.

ANTED TO PURCHASE, Pages 419 to 422 inclusive of Vol. 6, Supplement to the 4th, 5th, and 6th Editions of the ENcyclopaediA BRITANN1cA, or the Part containing the same. Edinburgh 1824. — Apply to Macmillan and Co. Cambridge.

BALDock’s List of old Books Fort JUNE–gratis.


BOOKS, in various languages, including many valuable Classics and Miscellaneous Articles, recently purchased from the Libraries of Stowe, Dr. Richardson, James Watt, and others, to be sold, for ready money, at very reasonable prices, by R. Baldock, No. 8, High Holborn, London.—May be had gratis on application, or by sending four postage stamps; and of any Bookseller.

O PRINTERS and BOOKSELLERS.– The Friends of a deaf and dumb Youth desire to place him as an in-door Apprentice to the above trade in London or the Country. A premium of £50 will be given.—Address J. F., at Mr. Joseph Thomas's Newspaper and Advertising Office, 1, Finch Lane, London.

O BOOKSELLERS and STATIONERS. —A Young Man, respectably connected, in his 23d year, is desirous of obtaining a SITUATION in the above business. the trade, experience would be more an object than immediate emolument. The most undeniable references can be given, and for further particulars apply A. Y. Z., Mr. E. Renals, Bookseller, Market Place, Nottingham.—P.S. A country town preferred. E-ENGAGEMENT.—A Young Man, aged 28, respectably connected, accustomed to have the entire management of a miscellaneous Bookselling and Stationery business in connexion with a Library, wishes for a SITUATION where he would be required to take the management, or an active part in the business.-Letters to be addressed

Books w A N TE

W. B., care of Mr. Foster, 161, Strand, London. Pu R c H As E.

*...* Letters to be addressed to Mr. S. Low, at the Office of the Publishers' Circular, stating lowest price, carriage free.

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*** All reports to this advertisement to be addressed to JoHN wriley, Aldine Chambers,
Paternoster Row.

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tion. From commencement to 1847. General Catalogue of Books, Tracts, Memoirs, &c. on Zoology and Geology, by L. Agassiz, edited by Strickland. Description of New England, or the Observations and Discoveries of John Smith. London, 1616. Key to Language of America, by Roger Williams., 1643. Brief Description of Provinces of Carolina. , Lond. 1666. The Discoveries of John Lederer, &c. Lond. 1672. Account of Province of Carolina, ‘āī Wilson. Lond.1684. Carolina—the Present State of that Country, by F. A. Gent. Lond. 1682. Letter from William Penn. Lond. 1683. Father Hennepia, New Discoveries. Lond. 1698. Navigantium atque Itinerantium Bibliotheca. Lond.1744-8. Archdale–New Description of that Fertile and Pleasant Province of Carolina. Lond. 1707. John Lawson, New Voyage to Carolina. Lond. 1709. Richard Falconer, Voyages, Dangerous Adventures, &c. Lond. 1724. Letter from South Carolina, o a Gentleman. Lond. 1710. New Voyage to Georgia, by a YoungGentleman. Lond.1734. Extract from the Journals of Von Bech and Bolzius. London, 1784. - Daniel Coxe, Description of the Province of Carolina. London, 1741. The Present State of the Country and Inhabitants of Louisiana, by an Officer at New Orleans. Lond. 1744. Washington (G.), Journal of Proceedings to and from the French on the Ohio. London, 1754. Grace, History of his Life and Sufferings, &c. Reading, 1764

Memoirs of Lieut. Timberlake. Lond. 1765.
Historical Journal, &c. by Capt. John Knox. Lond...1769.
Peter Kalm's Travels into North America, translated from
Swedish, &c. - Lond. 1770.
Short Description of South Carolina and Charleston.
Rev. Dr. Jones's Journal of Two Visits to some Indians on
the West Side of the Ohio. Burlington, N.J. 1774.
Bartram's Travels through North and South Carolina, Geor-
gia, &c. Philadelphia, 1799.
Smythe's (J. F. D.) Tour in the United States, 2 vols. 1784.

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Translated Editions of all the Greek and Latin Poets, in a

number of 12mo. vols. Heylien's History of Swedes. Newton's Works, by Cecil, 6 vols. 8vo. Humboldt's Researches in America, 2 vols. 8vo. Haon Ken Cheeven, or the Fortunate Union ; to which is

added, a Chinese Tragedy. The Sorrows of Haon, a Chinese Tragedy, by Davis, 2 vols. Fry's Pantographia. Webster on Patent Cases not Patents. Faridon's (Anthony) Sermons, folio. Life of Right Hon. Sir John Holt. 1764. Political o of England, from John to Edward II.

edited !'. ... Wright, Esq. Camden Society. Frithiof's Saga, translated by S. F. Stockholm. 2 copies. Davy’s (Sir H.) Salmonia. Jacobi Bennouli Opera Omnia, 2 vols. 4to. Geneva, 1774. Walker's Rhyming Dictionary. Byron's Works, Murray's 17 vol. edit. Vol. 10. Morison's Chinese Grammar. Simphore, 1815.

Printed at 57, Skinner Street, Snow hill, in the City of London, by ELI Ezr. R CHATER Wilso N, of 6, Palmer Terrace, in the Parish of St. Mary, Islington; and published by SAM pson Low. of 14, Great James Street, in the Parish of St. Andrew, Holborn, at the Office, 169, Fleet Street, in the Parish of St. Dunstan in the West.—Friday, June 1, 1849. .

Having some knowledge of

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TO THE 14th OF JUNE .................. .... 205–209 | works LATELY PUBLISHED AND NEW Editions 215–218
Fortrel G. N. LITERATUrte . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . - - - - - 209 || Miscella NEOUS Advertisements. . . . . . . . . . . . 218–220
works Now First Adventised as Publish ED 210–212 Books WANted to Purchase . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 220
AMER1CAN LITERATURE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 213

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PUBLIshed FRom the 29th of MAY to the 14th of JUNE.

ACCOUNT of an Expedition to the Interior of New Holland. 2d edit. 12mo. pp. 248, sewed, 2s. 6d........ [2097

ALISON §§§ Europe, from the CommenceInent of the French Revolution to the Restoration of the Bourbons in 1815. By Archibald Alison, LL.D. New Edition, with Portraits. Vol. 3, 8vo. pp. 634, cloth, 15s. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ... 2098 ARCHBOLD (J. F.)—The Acts relating to the Removal of the Poor; with Notes and the Cases up to the Present Time. By John F. Archbold. 6th edit. 12mo, pp. 50, sewed, 2s. 6d. .................................. ... [2099 – The whole of the New Practice of Poor Law Removals and Appeals; with a Practical Introduction and Notes : together with the Acts relating to the Removal of the Poor. 12mo. pp. 98, boards, 4s. ...... - - - - - - - - - - - - [2100 — The Acts relating to the Payment of Parochial Debts, the Audit of Accounts, the §oalit; of Paupers upon Unions, and the Education of the Infant Poor; with Practical Notes and Index; together with the Poor Removal Acts and the New Practice. 12mo. o 2101 ew Forms in Architecture for Iron, Slate, Slab, Hollow Brick Pottery, Fire and Rot Proof Timber, and other Superior and Chronomical Materials for which the Established Forms of the Building Arts are Wasteful and Inconvenient. 8vo. pp. 60, sd. 2s. . . . . . - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - . . . . . [2102 ARDELEY PETITION for Alteration in the Poor Law; or, a Plan for Every Parish Managing its own Poor, Police, Registration, &c. by Means of Westry Committees; being a Letter to M. T. Baines, Esq. from the Chairman of the Ardeley Vestry. 8vo, pp. 32, sewed, 1s...... [2103

| ARNOLD (T. K.)—A First Classical Atlas; intended as a

Companion to the Historiae Antiquae Epitome. Edited by the Rev. Thomas Kerchever Arnold. 8vo. 15 maps, coloured in outline, cloth, 7s.6d................... [2104 Wide Adv. 605.) ARNOLD (T. K.) — A Practical Introduction to Greek Prose Composition. By the Rev. Thomas Kerchever Arnold. 7th edit. Part 1, 8vo. pp. 224, cloth, 6s. 6d.[2105 ARWINE (K.)—Cyclopaedia of Moral and Religious Anecdotes: a Collection of nearly Three Thousand Facts, Incidents, Narratives, Examples and Testimonials; em. bracing the best of the kind in most former Collections, and some Hundreds in addition, Original and Selected. The whole arranged and classified on a New Plan, with copious Tool and Scriptural Indices. By the Rev. K. Arvine, A.M. Roy. 8vo. (New York), pp. 904, 15s.[2106 ATLAS (THE) of PROPHECY; being the Prophecies of Daniel and St. John. 4to, pp. 236, half-bound, 18s. [2107 (Wide Adv. 615.)

ATTEMPT to prove the Calculations of the Rev. Robert Fleming incorrect, and to show the Termination of the 2300 Days in combination with the other Prophetic Numbers “at the time appointed the End shall be:” Has this End nuw arrived? By an Enquirer. 8vo. pp. 100, sewed, 2s. 6d. ................... - - - - - - - - - - - - - ... .[2108

AUGUSTINE (S.)—Homilies of the Gospel according to St. John and his First Epistle. By S. Augustine. Translated, with Notes and Indices. In 2 vols. Vol. 2, 8vo. pp. 700, cloth, 16s.............. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - (2109 o of the Fathers, Vol. 29.) BALMEY.—An English Translation of Balmey's celebrated Work, “Protestantism and Catholicism compared in their Effects upon European Civilization;” with the addition of a complete Index. 8vo. pp. 452, cl. 9s. [2110

BARNES (A.)—Notes, Critical, Explanatory, and Practical, on the Book of the Prophet Isaiah. By the Rev. Albert Barnes. Carefully revised by the Rev. John Cumming. New edit. 3 vols. square, pp. 1212, cloth, 7s.6d..... (2111

BARR (E.)-Elevations, Sections, and Details of Strixton Church, Northamptonshire. By Edward Barr, Esq. Folio, pp. 8, 12 plates, sewed, 10s. 6d............... [2112 BARROW (J.)—Eighteen Sermons on various subjects, selected from the Works of the Rev. Isaac Barrow, D.D. 8vo. pp. 380, cloth, 4s. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [2113

BARTER (W. B.)—A Solemn Warning against that Doctrine of Special Grace which causes ijivisions in the Church and prepares the way for Infidelity. By the Rev. William Brudenell Barter. 8vo. pp. 34, sd. 152114

BASKET of FRAGMENTS: Notes from Sermons preached by the late Rev. Thomas Jones. 7th edit. 12mo. pp. 598, cloth, 6s. 6d. ..... - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [2115 BENTZ (L.) AND A. J. CHRETIEN DE ROWILLE.Elements of Agriculture; for the use of Primary and Secondary Schools. By L. Bentz, and A. J. Chretien de Roville. 12mo. pp. 92, sewed, ls. 6d............... [2116

BICKMORE (W. E.)—A Course of Historical and Chronological Instructions adapted to the Universal History in the Familiar Library; and containing a System of Com- || binations to facilitate the Study of Chronology. By W. E. Bickmore. Part 1, 3d edit. pp. 120, cloth, 3s.6d. ; Part 2, 3d edit., Questions, pp. 168, cloth, 3s.6d......... (2117 BILLINGS (R. W.)—The Infinity of Geometric Design exemplified. By Robert William Billings. 4to. pp. 16, 39 plates, cloth, 25s........... - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [2118 BINNEY (T,)—Four Discourses: The Ultimate Design of the Christian Ministry; The Christian Ministry not a Priesthood; The Closet and the Church; The Service of Song in the House of the Lord. FCp. 8vo. pp. 230, cloth, 4s. 6d... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [2119


BOODLE (G.) — Ways of Overcoming Temptation; with a Form of Self-Examination and Prayers. By the Rev. o Boodle, M.A. New edit. 18mo. pp. 72, sewed,

4d. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... [2] BOUILLY (J. N.)—Conseils à ma Fille. By J. N. Bouilly. New Edition, revised by M. Chauvet. 12mo. pp. 330, roan, reduced to 5s. ........ ......................[2121

(Wide Adv. 601.) BOWYER (T,)—Tables of Simple Interest at 3, 4,4}, and 5 per Cent. from 1 to 365 Days in Daily Progression, and from 1 to 12 Months. By Thomas Bowyer. New edit. square. pp. 330, bound, 3s.6d. .................. ... [2122 BRADLEY (C.)—Practical Sermons for every Sunday and rincipal Holy Day in the Year. By the Rev. Charles }. 3d edit: 3 vols. 8vo. pp. 866, cloth, 21s...[2123 BRADY (J. H.)—Plain Instructions to Executors and Administrators; showing their Duties and Responsibilities: with Abstracts of the Legacy Acts, and a Fictitious Will. Comprising every description of Legacy, with the Forms filled up for every Bequest. By John H. Brady. 12th edition, 8vo. }. 212, cloth, 8s..................... [2124 BRANDON.—The Open Timber Roofs of the Middle Ages, illustrated by Perspective and Working Drawings of some of the best varieties of Church. Roofs; with descriptive Letterpress. By Raphael and J. Arthur Brandon. 4to. cloth, 63. 3s [21:25 (Vide Adv. 552.

BREWIS (W.)—A, Brief Essay on the Style of the Pulpit. o the Rev. William Brewis. 18mo. (York), pp. * sd. - - - - - - - - - 2126

BritANNIA and hular and Holyhead Railway. By a Resident .34, sewed, 1s. ............. K (T.)—Remarks on the vi y set forth in the Court of Arches by the Learned Civilians who appeared in behalf of the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Exeter in the case of Gorham versus the Bishop of Exeter. By the Rev. Thomas Brock sewed, 3d.............. - - - - - - - - - - BROCK (T.)—Sanctification of the Sp

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unto oś: the Scriptural Evidence of a Justified State, and Test of assured Hope. 2d Edition, revised and improved by the

Rev. Thomas Brock, M.A. 12mo. pp. 178, cloth, * 6d. 2129 BROWN (MISS).-Historical Recreations; or, Historical and Biographical Anecdotes in the form of Enigmas; written to test the Historical Knowledge, and to promote the Instruction and Amusement of her own Pupils and

Young Persons in general. By Miss Brown. Square, & 174, cloth, 2s. 6d. ; with Key, 3s. ............. ..[2130 BRYSON (A.)—An Account of the Origin, Spread, and

Pecline of the Epidemic Fevers of Sierra Leone; with Observations on Sir William Pym's Review of the “Rert on the Climate and Diseases of the African Station.” y Alexander Bryson, M.D. 12mo. pp. 184, cl. 4s. [2131

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COLONIAL INQUIRY. — Speech of the Hon. Francis Scott, M.P. on moving the Appointment of a Select Committee, April 16, 1849. §§§ 24, sewed, 6d. . . . . [2146 CONFESSIONS of a HYPOCHONDRIAC; or, the Adventures of a Hyp. in search of Health. By M.R.C.S. Post o 312, 10s. 6d.......... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (2147 COOPER (C. C.)—identities of Light and Heat, of Caloric and Electricity. By C. o Cooper. 8vo. (Philadelphia), P; 96, sewed, 3s.6d. .............. . ... ... [2148 COPE (W. H.)—A Collection of Anthems § Eminent English Composers. Edited by the Rev. W. H. Cope. 4to. # 112, boards, 9s. .....: '........:----------so COTTER (J. R.)—Popular and Practical Treatises and Discourses for the Times. By the Rev. J. Rogerson Cotter. 12mo, pp. 428, cloth, 6s...................: [2150 Cótfitt MANúAi of i)i&Nity and PRECEijëNCE: containing a Series Ordinum, Table of Precedence, and Chapter on Armorial Incidents, Honorary Styles, and Chivalrous Insignia. 12mo. pp. 80, sewed, 2s. 6d...[2151 CRAY FORD ; or, the Force of Influence. 2 vols. past 8vo. pp. 444, cloth, 15s.... - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 215.2 CRICKETER'S (THE) M By “Bat.” §: pp. 48, cloth, 1s...... .....[2153 CRISP *}oamination of the - Examiners of the Royal College of Physicians of London, and of the Medical and Surgical Corporate Bodies of the United Kingdom; with an Analysis of the Evidence given before the Select Committee of the House of Commons, and Suggestions for an Improved System of Medical Government. By Edwards Crisp, M.D. É'...}} 58, sd, 1s.[2154 CRUSIUS (G. Ch.)—Complete Greek and English Lexicon of the Poems of Homer and the Homerida. Translated from the German of G. Ch. Crusius by Henry Smith. 1 vol. 8vo. pp. 558, bound, 18s...................... . (215.5 DALZEL's Analecta Graeca Minora; or, Select Passages from Greek Authors, adapted for the use of the Junior Classes in Schools. A New Edition, with English Notes. § the Rev. J. T. White, A.M. 1 vol. post 8vo. bound. DARLEY (G.)—A both Plane and Spherical. With Popular Treatises on Logarithms, and the Application of Algebra to Geometry. By George Darley. 3d edition, 12mo. pp. 124, cloth, 3s 6d. ....................................[2157 DěčAïogū: THE), the fielief, and the Lord's of Versified. FCp. 8vo. pp. 24, sewed, 1s............. (215s DENNY (E.)—A Sketch of Prophecy. By Sir Edward §§§ 18mo. (Bath), pp. 40, cloth, 1s.......... . . [2159 DEWDROP (THE): a Monthly Magazine for the Young. Vol. 1, 18mo. pp. 240, cloth, 1s..................... [2160 DIXON W.H.) :synodus Eboracensis; or, a short Account of the Convocation of the Province of York, with to the recent Charge of Archdeacon Wilberforce. By W. H. Dixon. 8vo. pp. 16, sewed, 9d. ............ [216i DOUGLAS (CAPT.)— Captain Douglas: the Defence conducted by Samuel Warren, Esq., F.R.S. Barrister-at-Law. 8vo. pp. so, sd. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 2re: DOWNING (A.J.)—Fruit and Fruit Trees of Åities: By A. J. Downing. Post 8vo. (New York), pp. 60s, cloth, 9s. ; letterpress, 14s................. ..[216? (Wide Adv. 588.)

DRAPER (J. W.)—A Text-Book of Chemistry, for the use of Schools and o ; with nearly off...; By J. W. Draper, M.D. 6th edit. 12mo, pp. 41s, bound,

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4d. DUNBAR (SIR.W.) versus pH. SKINNER.-Report of the

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- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - *...............[2156 New System of Popular, Trigonometry,

eedings of the Court-Martial on

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