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MNGLISH GRAMMAR SIMPLIFIED. Leicester and Bristol. 8d.

The attention of Teachers and Heads of Schools is invited to this work.

plies—“A Simplified English Grammar.”

M ESSRS. COCKSPS NEW MUSICAL PUBLICATIONS, to be had of all Booksellers.

... WARREN’s CHANTER's HAND GUIDE, with Ten Popular Chants, with the Morning and * Evening Services pointed for Chanting, 2d.; postage \! free, 4d. “So simple and clear a work we have never seen towards perfecting psalmody. All the clergy will hail it as a book towards rendering the singing in our churches and chapels - complete in every particular.”

* COCKS'S CATALOGUE of ANCIENT and * MODERN MUSIC, to be had gratis and postage ** free, at the Royal Music Saloon, 6, New Burlington Street. N.B. Cocks's Musical Almanack for 1849, ls.; postage free, 1s. 6d.

COCKS’S New CATALOGUE of FOREIGN ! MUSIC, selected by Mr. Robert Cocks during his tour through Germany, France, &c. Gratis and postage free. Apply to the Royal Music Saloon, 6, | New Burlington Street, London. N.B. Cocks's Musical Almanack for 1849, ls.

# COCKS'S CATALOGUEof New FOREIGN "MUSIC, Vocal and Instrumental, including their * extensive purchases from the catalogues of Messrs. Monro and May, Messrs. Willis, &c., as also a great to variety of Classical Music published by Messrs. R. * Cocks and Co. during the last few weeks, being Part 7 of their Catalogues, gratis and postage free.

COCKS'S EDITIONS of HANDEL’S MESSIAH (from Mozart's score), Israel in Egypt, * Acis and Galatea, the Te Deum, the four Coronation * Anthems, and Judas Maccabeus, Haydn's Creation, elegant large folio editions, arranged by John Bishop, each 12s. and 15s. ; the Seasons, by Clementi, 21s. ; Beethoven's Mount of Olives, and Rossini's Stabat Mater, by Warren, each 12s.; and Warren's Chanter's Hand Guide, 2d. COCKS'S EDITIONS of SPOHR'S SCHOOL, 31s. 6d. ; ditto Campagnoli's, translated by John Bishop, 26s. ; Rode, Baillot, and Kreutzer's ditto, 10s. 6d. ; Baillot's ditto for Violoncello, 12s. ; Paganini's ditto, 12s. ; Otto's Work on the Violin, 3s.; Dubourg's ditto, 5s. ; Corelli's 12 Solos, 10s. 6d.; ditto, Trios, 24s. All the Quartetts, Quintetts, and Trios, by Beethoven, Haydn, and Mozart.

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By HARRIET SMITH, Private Teacher in

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London: Houlston and Co.; Whittaker and Co.; Simpkin and Co. Dublin: Robertson. Binns and Goodwin.


STRONOMY.—The Heads of Establishments for Education, and Teachers in Families, are invited to inspect the ASTRORAMA : A most ingenious invention, admired by all interested in the study of Astronomy, for its attractive simplicity, and for the extraordinary manner in which it simplifies and facilitates the first steps, which have hitherto been so difficult to young people by the ordinary Celestial Globe, and which will lead no doubt hundreds to the study of this glorious and sublime science, too often, neglected by many otherwise educated people. The Astrorama, opening like an umbrella, and readily adjusted to the hour, forms a perfect representation of the actual sky, every important fixed star glimmering in its blue concave, and readily indicating its exact, position. A little Sketch, accompanying and explaining it, comprises a deal of information with which every well-educated person should be acquainted; but the limits of an advertisement do not admit of the many testimonies offered in its favour. It may be seen at the following places, where orders will be received :—W. B. Gardiner, Princes Street, Cavendish Square; Bowdery and Kirby, 190, Oxford Street; Izzard, 46, Brook Street; Law, 131, Publishers' Circular Office, 169, and Bell, 186, Fleet Street; Smith and Son, 172, and Warty, 31, Strand; Wylde, 454, West Strand ; and Calder, Bathurst Street, Hyde Park Gardens; the Polytechnic; and Soho Bazaar. (176)

How To stop, AND when to stop.

UNCTUATION REDUCED to a SYSTEM. By William DAY. 5th Edition, 1s. 6d.

“Acute in parts, and useful for more advanced students; that is, for such as have acquired the principles of English grammar. Some popular writers whom we could name would do well to spend a week over this volume. In this age the most useful things are often the last to be learned.”


“The success of this little book is well deserved. It fairly fulfils, within a small space, the promise of its title; and thus supplies what has long been wanted—a concise and clear exposition of the part borne by punctuation in the art of composition.”—GloBE.

“The heads of schools and private teachers would do well to introduce Mr. Day's work into their classes. They owe much to his efforts for smoothing this hitherto abstruse part of grammatical study.”—LYNN Advertiser.

HE PRINCIPLES and PRACTICE of SURVEYING. By Charles Bourns, M.I.C.E. 3d Edition, demy 8vo. with Plans and Diagrams, 15s.

“This is a truly useful book; in the second part of it we have good and sound practical instruction on Engineering and other .# * * * We have no hesitation in saying that this work will be a complete guide in the hands of the student.”—THE BUILDER.

“On Engineering Surveying there is much valuable information, which subject has hitherto been strangely neglected.”—DUBLIN Eve NING PAcket.

John Ollivier, 59, Pall Mall. (177)

A R S H A LL'S INDEX READ YRECKONER, for the Calculation of Wages, &c. from One quarter of a Day to Thirty Days (advancing by Quarters), at Rates from One Shilling to Five Shillings: especially adapted to the use of Railway Contractors, and any other parties employing a number of hands, and who require expedition and correctness in calculating Datal and other Labour. Post 8vo. 2s. 6d. cloth.

Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans. (178)

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TEILL’S PICTORIAL SPELLINGBOOK; or, a Series of Easy and Progressive Lessons on Facts and Objects. Embellished with 130 graphic and pleasing Illustrations, calculated to excite in the minds of the young a desire to learn to read sconer than by the usual methods. 1s. 6d. cloth. Five editions of five thousand have been rapidly disposed of, and the sixth edition, revised and corrected, with many valuable additions and improvements, both as regards the letterpress and illustrations, is now before the Public. The patronage already given will, the Publisher doubts not, be extended to the present edition, as he is confident it far surpasses any Spelling-Book hitherto published.

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Sook BOOKS, published by JOHN and
with Continuation to the Present Period, and Ex-
amining Questions. By E. Coxe. 14th Edition,
12mo, 4s. 6d. roan.
By E. Coxe. 2d Edition, 12mo. 3s.6d. roan.
By E. Coxe. 3d Edition, 12mo. 3s.6d. roan.
4th Edition, 12mo. 4s. roan.
By W. BIRKIN. 12mo. 2s. 6d. roan.
Edition, 12mo. 1s. 3d. sheep.
containing the Fundamental Rules with application
to Mercantile, Cotton Spinning, and Mechanical
Calculations. 4th Edition, 12mo. 3s. 6d. roan.
KEY to Ditto. 12mo. 4s. roan.
Edited by W. BIRKIN. 12mo. 2s. sheep.
KEY to Ditto. 12mo. 3s. sheep.
TIC. By W. BIRKIN. 12mo. 4d. sewed.

THE RATIONAL ENGLISH EXPOSITOR and GUIDE to PRONUNCIATION. By w. BIRKIN. 4th Edition, revised, 12mo, 1s. 6d. roan.

ENFIELD'S SPEAKER. Improved Edition, 12mo. 3s. 6d. roan. John and Charles Mozley, Derby; and 6, Pater

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noster Row, London. (186)

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RADUS ad PARNASSUM. A New Edition, very carefully revised and corrected, with the Addition of many New Words, and with the o Meanings introduced. Royal 12mo. 7s.6d. ound.

London: Published by the Company of Stationers,

at their Hall, Stationers' Court. (191) MEON'S WORKS, &c., for SALE.

I S A Copy of the shove Work, 21 vols. 8vo. new, for £5. KNIGHT'S PICTORIAL ENGLAND. 8 vols. royal 8vo. handsomely bound in half morocco, extra, for £5.5s. KNIGHT'S PICTORIAL SHAKESPERE. 7 vols. royal 8vo. handsomely bound in half-coloured calf, for £3.8s. SCOTT'S COMMENTARY. strong calf, new, 47. 10s. HENRY'S COMMENTARY, with Preface by Bickersteth. 6 vols. 4to. cloth, new, 362. 18s. PERKINS’ (WM.) WORKS. 3 vols. folio, calf, #1. 16s.-1612. LOCKE'S (JOHN) WORKS. 3 vols. folio, calf, 18s.-1714. BEAUTIES of ENGLAND, WALES, and SCOT. LAND. 31 vols. 8vo. half-bound, with above 800 fine Engravings, Original Subscriber's Impressions, for £5. Apply to Thomas Laurence, Bookseller, Bedford. (192)

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NO PRHNTERS, BOOKSELLERS, and STATIONERS.—To be Disposed of, by Valuation, with immediate Possession, an excellent Business, which has been carried on for upwards of 15 years, in the centre of a thriving market town in the West Riding of Yorkshire. The Stock of Stationery is not very extensive, but of the most useful description; and the Printing Office is replete with every requisite for carrying on a very considerable trade. The Stock, including the Printing Office, will probably not exceed £500.-For particulars, apply to Mr. R. Tune, Park Street, Selby; or to Mr. George Brooke, Gazette Office, Doncaster.

O be Disposed of in London for £200, a small Theological BUSINESS; containing about 2500 Volumes in English Theology. It has been established between seven and eight years, and possesses one of the most respectable connections in London, and is capable of being greatly enlarged.— Address X. Y., at Mr. Lee's, Bookseller, 444, West

W. WILL AN having disposed of his • business to Mr. Isaac Nevatt, requests that all accounts, not yet sent in, may be rendered in the course of February. 16, New Street, Lancaster, Jan. 26th, 1849.

WANo. a PUBLISHER for a wellestablished Weekly Periodical. Unexceptionable references will be required.—Apply at No. 11, Bouverie Street, Fleet Street.

TATIONERS, BOOKSELLERS, and PRINTERS, requiring ASSISTANTS, may inspect a List of many well-qualified Persons, free of charge, by applying at Mr. Page's Offices, 28, Moorgate Street, Bank.


To be Disposed of, a Business, in the above branches, in a large commercial town. Possession may be had immediately under unusually favourable circumstances. The Stock can be reduced to about £200. For a Young Man desirous of commencing business, such an opportunity is seldom to be met with.-Apply A. Z., care of Mr. Townsend, Market Rasen, Lincolnshire.

WO PRINTERS and Others. — A valuable West End Connection.—Mr. Page is instructed to Sell a most eligible Printing Business. The Trade is confined to a few first-class houses; and the concern is easily conducted. The plant is in excellent condition, and altogether presents an opportunity rarely to be met with. About £600 required.—Apply to Mr. Page, Auctioneer and Valuer, 28, Moorgate Street, Bank.

O BOOKSELLERS and Others.-In a firstrate Situation at the West End.—Mr. PAGE is directed to Sell a very Old-established Bookseller's and Publisher's Business undeniably situate as above. The Premises are commanding, the Stock modern and well selected, and a desirable Business to many persons with £1500,—Apply to Mr. Page, Auctioneer and Valuer, 28, Moorgate Street, Bank.

Strand. O PRINTERS.—To be Sold, a very Oldestablished JOBBING CONCERN in the City of London, now doing a lucrative business, and producing about £400 a year income, but in the hands of two business men might be greatly and profitably increased, there being Plant and Machinery sufficient to carry on a Business double or treble its present extent.—Apply, by letter only, to S. R., care of Mr. Day, 2, Alfred Willas, Upper Holloway.

ARTNERSHIP or Otherwise.—A Printer at the West End, whose business has increased, rendering more capital necessary, wishes for a Partner, who could take the Reading Department and Books, and occasionally work at Case. The Premises are exceedingly spacious and convenient, and capable of extending the business to great advantage.—Apply at 170, Bishopsgate Street Without, from 10 to 4 o'clock.

O BOOKSELLERS, STATIONERS, and Others.-In a most eligible Situation, about Four Miles from the City.—Mr. PAGE is directed to Sell a very old-established Bookselling and Stationery Trade, together with an extensive Public Library, advantageously situate as above. The returns have been upwards of £2000, are now respectable, and can be much extended. About £600 required.— Apply to Mr. Page, Auctioneer and Valuer, 28, Moorgate Street, Bank.

URNOVER APPRENTICE to PRINTING.—Wants a SITUATION (in London would be preferred,) a Youth who has served nearly half his time to a Bookseller and Printer in the Country. His object in leaving his present master is to obtain a good knowledge of printing. He leaves with the consent of his master, who will give him an excellent character.—Apply to H. J. A., Post Office, Newbury, Berks. To MASTER PRINTERS and BOOKBINDERS.—A respectable married Man, who is well acquainted with forwarding, is a good compositor, and can work at press, wishes for a permanent situation in the country. References given.— Address, W. M. W., Publishers' Circular Office, 169, Fleet Street.

O BOOKSELLERS.—As ASSISTANT, or any other capacity, he could make himself generally useful, a young man, aged 22, or to take the management of a small shop. Has had eight years' experience, with good references.—Address to N. O., 1, Harcourt Street, Bryanstone Square.

TO PRINTERS.—A respectable Young Man,

who can work well at Press and Case, wishes for a SITUATION. Unexceptionable references can be given.—Apply by letter, post paid, to R. O., Post Office, Ipswich, Suffolk.

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