The Supplement to the Penny Cyclopædia of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge: v. 1-2, 2권

C. Knight, 1846

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127 페이지 - That no person who shall hereafter come to the possession of this Crown shall go out of the dominions of England, Scotland or Ireland without consent of Parliament.
161 페이지 - So that, upon the whole, the only adequate definition of felony seems to be that which is' before laid down, viz., an offence which occasions a total forfeiture of either lands or goods, or both, at the common law, and to which capital or other punishment may be superadded, according to the degree of guilt.
180 페이지 - Not guilty" on Behalf of such Person ; and the Plea so entered shall have the same Force and Effect as if such Person had actually pleaded the same.
247 페이지 - Proofs and Illustrations of the Attributes of GOD, from the Facts and Laws of the Physical Universe : being the Foundation of Natural and Revealed Religion.
251 페이지 - He was educated at the high school and university of his native city ; and afterwards he became one of the attorneys in the Scottish Court of Exchequer.
173 페이지 - enacted, that every Jesuit, and every member of any other religious order, community, or society of the Church of Rome, bound by monastic or religious vows...
175 페이지 - Life or any Term not less than Seven Years, or to Imprisonment for any Term not exceeding Three Years, with or without Hard Labour.
238 페이지 - Couthon then interrogated those who were chained, but the abuse he received, and the confused sounds of cries, vociferations, and clanking of chains in the filthy and damp cells, made him recoil from Pinel's proposition. " You may do what you will with them," said he, " but I fear you will become their victim.
197 페이지 - That in an action for a Libel contained in any public Newspaper or other periodical Publication it shall be competent to the Defendant to plead that such Libel was inserted in such Newspaper or other periodical Publication...
240 페이지 - A stout iron ring was riveted round his neck, from which a short chain passed to a ring, made to slide upwards or downwards on an upright massive iron bar, more than six feet high, inserted into the wall ; round his body, a strong iron bar, about two inches wide, was riveted ; on each side the bar was a circular projection, which being fashioned to, and enclosing each of his arms, pinioned them close to his sides...

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