Amending California Indians Jurisdictional Act: Hearings Before the Committee on Indian Affairs, United States Senate, Seventy-seventh Congress, First Session on S. 710 and S. 1112, Bills to Amend the Act Entitled "An Act Authorizing the Attorney General of the State of California to Bring Suit in the Court of Claims on Behalf of the Indians of California", Approved May 18, 1928 (45 Stat. L. 602) and S. 1366, a Bill Relating to the Filing in the Court of Claims of the Amended Petition in the Case Pending in Such Court Entitled "The Indians of California Against the United States", June 17 and 18, 1941

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1941 - 107페이지

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2 페이지 - And finally, the sacredness of this obligation shall never be lost sight of by the said government when providing for the removal...
97 페이지 - If in any case, civil or criminal, a state or federal court were arbitrarily to refuse to hear a party by counsel, employed by and appearing for him, it reasonably may not be doubted that such a refusal would be a denial of a hearing, and, therefore, of due process in the constitutional sense.
17 페이지 - Resolved by the Senate and Assembly of the State of California, jointly. That the Legislature of the State of California...
8 페이지 - Senate be hereby directed to prepare and transmit copies of this resolution to the President of the United States, the Vice President of the United States...
13 페이지 - that it shall be the duty of the Commissioners herein provided for to ascertain and report to the Secretary of the Interior the tenure by which the Mission lands are held ; and those held by civilized Indians, and those who are engaged in agriculture or labor of any kind ; also, those which are occupied and cultivated by pueblo or rancheros Indians.
19 페이지 - Any payment which may have been made by the United States or moneys heretofore or hereafter expended to date of award for the benefit of the Indians of California, made under specific appropriations for the support, education, health, and civilization of Indians in California, including purchases of land, shall not be pleaded as an estoppel but may be pleaded by way of set-off.
64 페이지 - ... it is important, in approaching a solution of the question stated, to have in mind the circumstances in which the reservation was created — the power of Congress in the premises, the location and character of the islands, the situation and needs of the Indians and the object to be attained.
51 페이지 - SEC. 2. That all claims of whatsoever nature the Indians of California as defined in section 1 of this Act may have against the United States by reason of lands taken from them in the State of California by the United States without compensation...
25 페이지 - Now, therefore, be it Resolved by the Senate and the Assembly of the State of California, jointly, That the...
40 페이지 - Sec. 6. The amount of any judgment shall be placed in the Treasury of the United States to the credit of the Indians of California and shall draw interest at the rate of 4 per centum per annum and shall be thereafter subject [fol.

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