Greenhouse: Planning for Climate Change

GI Pearman
Csiro Publishing, 1988. 1. 1. - 752페이지
It is important for the reader to understand clearly the objectives of these papers. They are not an attempt to provide accurate predictions of what is going to happen in Australia over the next few decades. Rather they represent sensitivity studies, designed to illustrate to what extent we as a nation are dependent on the climate and likely to be affected by climatic change, and attempts to develop the techniques for such sensitivity analyses. For this, the climate scenario (reproduced in the Appendix to this volume), was a key.

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Climatic change and its impact on nature conservation in Australia
Possible effects of climatic change on wildlife in Western Australia
Potential impacts of climate change on Australias flora and fauna
The consequences of climatic change for seventy percent of Australia
Australian bushfire danger under changing climatic regimes
The potential impact of climate changes on Australian ski fields
Australian region tropical cyclones and the greenhouse effect
The likely impact of climate change on southwest Victorian estuaries

The expected sealevel rise from climatic warming in the Antarctic
Interactions with vegetation
Coastal impacts
Areas of Australias coast prone to sealevel inundation
Regional impacts of rising sea levels in coastal Australia
A tentative but tantalizing link between sealevel rise and coastal recession in New South Wales Australia
Sealevel variability and its impact within the greenhouse scenario
Changes in saltmarsh vegetation as an early indicator of sealevel rise
Designing for coastal structures in a greenhouse age
lessons from the holocene
The effects of a rapid shortterm sealevel rise on the Great Barrier Reef
post greenhouse
Possible impact of the greenhouse effect on commercial prawn populations in the Gulf of Carpentaria
Hydrology and water resources
Sediment delivery and stream behaviour with a note on wind erosion
Groundwater and salinity response to climate change
Possible impact of the greenhouse effect on salinity in Victoria Australia
possible changes to flooding regimes
The impact of the greenhouse effect on catchment hydrology and storageyield relationships in both winter and summer rainfall zones
The water resource implications of a drying climate in southwest Western Australia
Potential impact of greenhouse effect on the water resources of the River Murray
Potential impacts of the greenhouse effect on irrigation in northern Victoria
a case study of the Severn Valley
Planning for climatic changes in the Sydney Water Board
Natural environment
Past environmental analogues
The effect of climatic change on the productivity of Australian agroecosystems
Direct effects of higher carbon dioxide concentrations on vegetation
Influence of elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide on the productivity of Australian forestry plantations
Climatic change and Pinus radiata plantations in Australia
The effect of climate change on crop and pastoral production in Queensland
impact on the New Zealand growing season and implications for temperate Australia
Impacts on society
impact on international reinsurance
Insurance and the greenhouse effect
The energy policy implications of climate change
The greenhouse effect and electricity generation in New South Wales
Climatic influences on mosquitoborne diseases in Australia
Implications of climatic change for water planning in Victoria
potential for decisionmaking in Redcliffe Queensland
an environmental response
Planning systems and the greenhouse effect
Policy and legal implications of the greenhouse effect
the sciencepolicy debate
international and national policy approaches

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