The Medical Times and Gazette, 1권

J. & A. Churchill, 1863

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217 페이지 - ... is the first duty of a hypothesis to be intelligible, and that a qua-qua-versal proposition of this kind, which may be read backwards, or forwards, or sideways, with exactly the same amount of signification, does not really exist, though it may seem to do so. At the present moment, therefore, the question of the relation of man to the lower animals resolves itself, in the end, into the larger question of the tenability, or untenability, of Mr. Darwin's views.
142 페이지 - Illustrations of dissections in a series of original coloured plates the size of life, representing the dissection of the human body.
119 페이지 - Smith for the able and efficient manner in which he has presided over the meetings of the Society for the past two years ; and to Dr. Tanner for his valuable and zealous services as Honorary Secretary from the commencement of the Society, four years ago, until the present time.
127 페이지 - Ligament is that portion of the aponeurosis of the external oblique muscle t which extends from the anterior ' superior spine of the ilium to the spine of the pubes.
216 페이지 - But if Man be separated by no greater structural barrier from the brutes than they are from one another — then it seems to follow that if any process of physical causation can be discovered by which the genera and families of ordinary animals have been produced, that process of causation is II amply sufficient to account for the origin of Man.
66 페이지 - ... till he reached the quarters of the Duke in the village of Waterloo. Here he was taken into the room where the gallant Alexander Gordon lay dying; and the Prince of Orange lay wounded. The Prince used to recount that not a word announced the entrance of the new patient, nor was he conscious of his presence till he heard him call out, in his usual tone, ' Hallo ! don't carry away that arm till I have taken off my ring ! ' Not a groan, not a sigh, not a remark had been extorted either by the wound...
217 페이지 - But, for all this, our acceptance of the Darwinian hypothesis must be provisional so long as one link in the chain of evidence is wanting; and so long as all the animals and plants certainly produced by selective breeding from a common stock are fertile, and their progeny are fertile with one another, that link will be wanting. For, so long, selective breeding will not be proved to be competent to do all that is required of it to produce natural species.
175 페이지 - The Negro exhibits permanently the imperfect brain, projecting lower jaw, and slender bent limbs of a Caucasian child some considerable time before the period of its birth. The aboriginal American represents the same child nearer birth. The Mongolian is an arrested infant newly born. And so forth.
162 페이지 - ... nearly as hard; to stand for hours with one's feet in the mud and with water dripping from the roof on one's head, in order to mark the position and guard against the loss of each single bone of a skeleton, and at length, after finding leisure, strength and courage for all these operations, to look forward, as the fruits of one's labour, to the publication of...
31 페이지 - ... of the trunk. He informs us that walking one day in the Hartz forest, he stumbled upon the blanched skull of a deer, picked up the partially dislocated bones, and contemplating them for a while, the truth flashed across his mind, and he exclaimed

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