A Comprehensive Commentary on the Qurán: Comprising Sale's Translation and Preliminary Discourse, with Additional Notes and Emendations; Together with a Complete Index to the Text, Preliminary Discourse, and Notes, 4권

K. Paul, Trench, Trübner & Company, limited, 1896

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109 페이지 - And the companions of the right hand (how happy shall the companions of the right hand be!) shall have their abode among...
294 페이지 - This chapter is held in particular veneration by the Mohammedans, and declared, by a tradition of their prophet, to be equal in value to a third part of the whole Koran. It is said to have been revealed in answer to the Koreish, who asked Mohammed concerning the distinguishing attributes of the God he invited them to worship.
111 페이지 - Verily we have created the damsels of paradise by a peculiar creation: and we have made them virgins, beloved by their husbands, of equal age with them; for the delight of the companions of the right hand.
119 페이지 - Know that this present life is only a toy and a vain amusement : and worldly pomp, and the affectation of glory among you, and the multiplying of riches and children, are as the plants nourished by the rain, the springing up whereof delighteth the husbandmen ; afterwards they wither, so that thou seest the same turned yellow, and at length they become dry stubble.
24 페이지 - If it were not that mankind would have become one sect of infidels, verily we had given unto those who believe not in the Merciful, roofs of silver to their houses, and stairs of silver, by which they might ascend thereto, and doors of silver to their houses, and couches of silver for them to lean on...
129 페이지 - Whatever is in heaven and earth celebrateth the praise of God : and he is the mighty, the wise. It was he who caused those who believed not, of the people who receive the scripture, to depart from their habitations at the first emigration.
55 페이지 - GOD knoweth your busy employment in the world, and the place of your abode hereafter. The true believers say, Hath not a Sura been revealed commanding war against the infidels ? But when a Sura without any ambiguity is revealed, and war is mentioned therein, thou mayest see those in whose hearts is an infirmity look towards thee with the look of one whom death overshadoweth.
71 페이지 - O true believers, carefully avoid entertaining a suspicion of another : for some suspicions are a crime. Inquire not too curiously into other men's failings : neither let the one of you speak ill of another in his absence.
280 페이지 - ... every one of which carried three stones, one in each foot, and one in its bill; and these stones they threw down upon the heads of Abraha's men, certainly killing every one they struck.
149 페이지 - These are the men who say to the inhabitants of Medina, Do not bestow anything on the refugees who are with the apostle of God, that they may be obliged to separate from him. Whereas unto God belong the stores of heaven and earth: but the hypocrites do not understand.

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