The Public General Acts

Proprietors of the Law Journal Reports, 1884

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1 페이지 - Ireland in Parliament assembled, towards raising the necessary supplies to defray Your Majesty's public expenses, and making an addition to the public revenue, have freely and voluntarily resolved to give and grant unto Your Majesty the several duties herein-after mentioned...
84 페이지 - ... of any fee, at any time between the hours of ten of the clock in the forenoon and four of the clock in the afternoon...
15 페이지 - Realm ; yet nevertheless it being requisite, for the retaining all the before-mentioned Forces in their Duty, that an exact Discipline be observed, and that Soldiers who shall mutiny or stir up Sedition, or shall desert...
378 페이지 - An Act to confirm a Provisional Order made by the Education Department under ' The Elementary Education Act, 1870,' to enable the School Board for London to put in force ' The Lands Clauses Consolidation Act, 1845,' and the Acts amending the same.
354 페이지 - ... lands on the one part, and the promoters of the undertaking on the other part, and if such apportionment be not so settled by agreement between the parties such apportionment shall be settled by two justices ; and after such apportionment the lessee of such lands shall, as to all future accruing rent, be liable only to so...
324 페이지 - That if any Person shall unlawfully take, or cause to be taken, any unmarried Girl, being under the Age of Sixteen Years, out of the Possession and against the Will of her Father or Mother, or of any other Person having the lawful Care or Charge of her, every such Offender shall be guilty of a Misdemeanor...
380 페이지 - An Act to confirm certain Orders of the Local Government Board under the provisions of the Divided Parishes and Poor Law Amendment Act, 1876...
254 페이지 - ... indictment as hereinafter mentioned, be liable either to pay a penalty not exceeding twenty pounds, or to be imprisoned for a term not exceeding three months, with or without hard labour.
19 페이지 - Parliament, and if those moneys are insufficient, shall be charged on and paid out of the Consolidated Fund of the United Kingdom or the growing produce thereof.
322 페이지 - Magistrate may also sentence him to be sent, at the expiration of his period of imprisonment, to a Certified Reformatory School, and to be there detained for a period of not less than two years and not more than five years.

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