Secretary's Report, 3호


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79 페이지 - In the same year that he became agent of the land office, he was admitted to the bar and engaged in the practice of law. He engaged in practice in partnership with MH Maynard.
33 페이지 - I am a fellow of the American Institute of Architects, a member of the Archeological Institute of America.
189 페이지 - I was so fortunate as to be appointed just in time to take part in the celebration of the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the...
121 페이지 - ... the town of Uva, about one hundred miles northwest of Cheyenne. He served a year or more in the Wyoming Legislature, about 1884. " I have nothing new to tell you. I am in the same business, as some of my classmates know to their cost. The only office that I have held since my last Report, is that of member of the Constitutional Convention to frame a constitution for the proposed State of Wyoming. I am a member of the Board of Live Stock Commissioners of the Territory. We have had rain continuously...
165 페이지 - ... 26, 1855. Was in the Class of 1877, and in our Class in the Freshman year. He is married. ARTHUR EBEN PERRY. Born at New Bedford, Mass., March 3, 1857. He left our Class in the Junior year at the time of the Christmas vacation. He studied law in an office in New Bedford, passed the year of 1878-79 at the Boston University Law School, and was admitted to the Bristol County Bar in 1879. " Up to the present time single blessedness has prevented any practical discussion by me of the question : Is...
218 페이지 - It was voted that the Secretary be instructed to send a copy of the Class Report, soon to be issued, to every member of the Class whose address he knows.
126 페이지 - Harvard ; member of the Boston Society for Medical Improvement, the Boston Society for Medical Observation, and the Union Boat Club.
60 페이지 - EDWARD BROWN HUNT. Born at South Sudbury, Mass., February 19, 1855. He taught for three years at the Eaglenest School, at Newburyport, Mass., then for a year had a private pupil at Williamsport, Penn., and the next year acted as secretary to a gentleman in Washington. In 1883 he became connected with the Boston Public Library, where he remains. " I suspect that the record of an ass in a treadmill would be rather sorry reading, and as I have been walking in a treadmill for the last nine years, my...
55 페이지 - In May, 1889, I was appointed Inspector of Milk and Vinegar for the city of Boston, a position which I still hold. My practice outside of my official duties is wholly in the line of sanitary science and chemistry, the latter chiefly medical and medico-legal. " My address is Harvard Medical School, Boston.
102 페이지 - Am a member of the Harvard Club of New York, the University Club, and the Bar Association.

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