Despatches of the British generals during the campaign on the Sutlej; with copies of the treaty of peace, &c


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12 페이지 - ... out of the village of Ferozeshah and their encampment ; then, changing front to its left, on its centre, our force continued to sweep the camp, bearing down all opposition, and dislodged the enemy from their whole position. The line then halted, as if on a day of manoeuvre, receiving its two leaders, as they rode along its front, with a gratifying cheer, and displaying the captured standards of the Khalsa army. 'We had taken upwards of seventy-three pieces of cannon, and were masters of the whole...
54 페이지 - Sir Henry Hardinge, GCB, one of Her Britannic Majesty's most Honourable Privy Council, Governor-General, appointed by the Honourable Company to direct and control all their affairs in the East Indies, and by Maharaja Gulab Singh in person.
23 페이지 - I was compelled to halt the line, though under fire, for a few moments, until I ascertained that by bringing up my right and carrying the village of Aliwal, I could with great effect precipitate myself upon his left and centre.
54 페이지 - Maharajah of Lahore, on the left or British bank of the river Sutlej, were confiscated and annexed to the British provinces; and, since that time, hostile operations have been prosecuted by the two Governments, the one against the other, which have resulted in the occupation of Lahore by the British troops: And whereas it has been determined that, upon certain conditions, peace shall be re-established between the two Governments, the following treaty of peace between the...
11 페이지 - The junction was soon effected, and thus was accomplished one of the great objects of all our harassing marches and privations, in the relief of this division of our army from the blockade of the numerous forces by which it was surrounded.
39 페이지 - AD, and by the unprovoked invasion of the British provinces, shall have been exacted. These objects will include full indemnity for all expenses incurred during the war, and such arrangements for the future Government of the Lahore territories as will give perfect security to the British Government against similar acts of perfidy and aggression. Military operations against the Government and army of the Lahore State have not been undertaken by the Government of India from any desire of territorial...
59 페이지 - Singh engages never to take, or retain in his service any British subject, nor the subject of any European or American State, without the consent of the British Government.
58 페이지 - Maharaja and the inhabitants of the city of Lahore, during the reorganization of the Sikh army, in accordance with the provisions of article 6 of the treaty of Lahore. That force to be withdrawn at any convenient time before the...
12 페이지 - ... thirst, yet animated by an indomitable spirit. In this state of things the long night wore away. Near the middle of it, one of their heavy guns, was advanced and played with deadly effect upon our troops.
23 페이지 - Hicks, made a rapid and noble charge, carried the village and two guns of largo calibre. The line I ordered to advance — her Majesty's 31st Foot, and the Native Regiments contending for the front, and the battle became general. The enemy had a numerous body of Cavalry on the heights to his left, and I ordered Brigadier Cureton to bring up the right brigade of Cavalry, who, in the most gallant manner, dashed in among them, and drove them back upon their Infantry.

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