India tracts by mr. Holwell and friends


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262 페이지 - Determined now to give every thing up, I called to them, and begged, as the last instance of their regard, they would remove the pressure upon me, and permit me to retire out of the window, to die in quiet. They gave way, and with much difficulty I forced a passage into the centre of the prison, where the...
262 페이지 - Eyre, came staggering over the dead to me, and, with his usual coolness and good nature, asked me how I did ; but fell and expired before I had time to make him a reply. I laid myself down on some of the dead behind me, on the platform ; and, recommending myself to heaven, had the comfort of thinking my sufferings could have no long duration.
264 페이지 - ... to support, but the props and pressure equally sustaining me all around. The two latter I frequently dislodged, by shifting my hold on the bars, and driving my knuckles into their ribs ; but my friend above stuck fast, and as he held by two bars, was immovable.
264 페이지 - ... from the other, and frequently, when I was forced by the load upon my head and shoulders, to hold my face down, I was obliged, near as I was to the window, instantly to raise it again to avoid suffocation.
268 페이지 - June, in the morning, and foon loaded with fetters, and flowed all four in afeapoy'a tent, about four feet long, three wide, and about three high ; fo that we were half in, half out: All night it rained feverely. Difmal as this was, it appeared a paradife compared with our lodging the preceding night. Here I became covered from head to foot with large painful boils, the firft fymptom of my recovery ; for until thefe appeared, my fever did not leave me.
265 페이지 - Gary, and who had behaved with much bravery during the siege (his wife, a fine woman, though country born, would not quit him, but accompanied him into the prison, and was one who survived). This poor wretch had been long raving for water and air; I told him I was determined to give up life, and recommended his gaining my station. On my quitting it he made a fruitless attempt to get my place; but the Dutch surgeon who sat on my shoulder supplanted him.
266 페이지 - Walcot undertook the search, and by my shirt discovered me under the dead upon the platform. They took me from thence, and imagining I had some signs of life, brought me towards the window I had first possession of.
259 페이지 - ... thought of to give more room and air. To obtain the former, it was moved to put off their clothes : this was approved as a happy motion, and in a few minutes, I believe every man was stripped (myself, Mr.
66 페이지 - Cawn, informing him, he was ready to fend him " the feals and all the enfigns of dignity, and to order the Nobut to be " ftruck up in his name ; provided he would agree to take the whole " charge of government upon him, to difcharge all the arrears due to. " the troops, to pay the ufual revenues to the King, to fave his life and " honour, and give him an allowance fufficient for his maintenance.
258 페이지 - ... eighteen feet, in a close sultry night, in Bengal, shut up to the eastward and southward (the only quarters from whence air could reach us) by dead walls, and by a wall and door to the north, open only to the westward by two windows, strongly barred with iron, from which we could receive scarce any the least circulation of fresh air.

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