The Shipley collection of scientific papers, 46권


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110 페이지 - ... Tooting," lately delivered before the Tooting and District Ratepayers' Association, observed : " It was probably in consequence of the grant to St. Peter by Sweyn that a church was erected here. At the time of the compilation of ' Domesday,' it appears that there was a church and four acres of meadow, but I have not been able to obtain any evidence that this church existed in the time of Edward the Confessor, or before the grant by Sweyn. When the land passed to the Church, as was the custom...
122 페이지 - C) have testes in some of their zocecia in the great majority of cases. There can be no doubt that the colony of L.
108 페이지 - There is in every stock or conn of Bryozoa a mass of indifferent cell material, which is derived directly from the indifferent cells of the larva or embryo, and whose function is to form the organs of the different individuals, including the polypides. This mass by constant growth and division affords the embryonic material for lateral branches.
107 페이지 - The following Publications of the Museum of Comparative Zoology are in preparation : — Keports on the Results of Dredging Operations in 1877, 1878, 1879, and 188(1, In charge of ALEXANDER AGASSIZ, by the US Coast Survey Steamer " Blake,
75 페이지 - Kraepelin ('87, pp. 155-159) has shown it to be in the highest degree probable that the...
100 페이지 - ... 56). My conclusion, then, is this : Gemmiparous tissue is a rapidly assimilating tissue, possessing large nuclei because actively assimilating, and staining deeply because full of food material.1 While for Nussbaum, as already quoted (page 71), " indifferent cells" are essential to the reproduction of individuals by non-sexual as well as by sexual methods, Seeliger ('90, p.
107 페이지 - Tentacles appear on the ridge of the lophophoric fold thus established, and like it are formed first at the sides of the polypide, then anteriorly and posteriorly (pages 22, 59). The posterior end of the lophophoric ridge is the last to be formed, and, in forming, it cuts off the anal part of the atrium from the intertentacular cavity (pages 23, 62).
107 페이지 - Gymnolpemata (pages 31, 63, 103). The atrial opening first arises at a late period by separation of the cells of the neck. The communication plate arises in Paludicella as a circular fold of the layers of the body wall, the mesodermal cells at the centre of which become cnticularized.
172 페이지 - One of these acquires a close relation to the potential alimentary canal of the ovicell-polypide. (iv) This potential alimentary canal grows round the ovum, losing its previous form, and becoming a compact multinucleated follicle surrounding the egg, which at first lies in an excentric cavity in the follicle. (v) The ovum segments1 and the blastomeres may, in early stages, be completely separated from one another. The relations of the segmenting egg to its follicle are similar to those described...
165 페이지 - ... 3. The process cannot well be interpreted as a form of alternation of generations. A large number, perhaps the great majority, of the secondary embryos are formed by the direct fission of pre-existing embryos, and are not budded off from a compact mass of cells as in Crisia. 4. Certain remarkable analogies may be detected between the development of the Cyclostomata and that of the Phylactolsemata. Further research will be necessary in order to show whether these resemblances are more than mere...

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