Abstracts of the Papers Communicated to the Royal Society of London, 6권

Richard Taylor, 1854

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219 페이지 - ... conclude, that, except during muscular action, this orifice is always closed, and that the tympanum forms a cavity distinct and isolated from the outer air. The muscles which open the Eustachian tube in man are the tensor and levator palati, and it is by their action, during the process of deglutition, that the tubes are ordinarily opened. That the act of swallowing is the means whereby the Eustachian tubes are opened, is shown by some experiments, of which the following may be cited : — If...
65 페이지 - Smaller quadrupeds are usually, also, more prolific than larger ones. The actual presence, therefore, of small species of animals in countries where...
244 페이지 - On the Anatomy of Salpa and Pyrosoma' the phenomena, &c., have received the most ingenious and elaborate elucidation, and have given rise to a process of reasoning the results of which can scarcely yet be anticipated, but must bear, in a very important degree, upon some of the most abstruse points of what may be called transcendental physiology.
373 페이지 - Thermo-Electricity, and Electric Telegraphy. Being a Condensed Resume of the Theory and Application of Electrical Science, including its latest Practical Developments, particularly as relating to Aerial and Submarine Telegraphy. By HENRY M. NOAD, Ph.D., Lecturer on Chemistry at St. George's Hospital. Post 8vo, 400 Illustrations, I2^. 6d. cloth. " We can recommend Dr. Noad's book for clear style, great range of subject, a good index, and a plethora of woodcuts.
276 페이지 - The first 1000 fathoms in 0 27 15 1000 to 2000 fathoms in 0 39 40 2000 to 3000 fathoms in 0 48 10 3000 to 4000 fathoms in...
140 페이지 - This is not the case when the reflection of an object is seen in a mirror; for then, not only are the projections separately reflected, but they are also transposed from one eye to the other, and therefore the conversion of relief does not take place. The pseudoscope being directed to an object, and adjusted so that the object shall appear of its proper size and at its usual distance, the distances of all other objects are inverted ; all nearer objects appear more distant, and all more distant objects...
255 페이지 - On the PELOROSAURUS ; an undescribed gigantic terrestrial reptile, whose remains are associated with those of the Iguanodon and other Saurians, in the Strata of Tilgate Forest.
323 페이지 - ... the terms which involve lower powers of a certain quantity m, which denotes the ratio of the sun's mean motion to that of the moon, than the fourth ; a demonstration of this most important proposition has been given by Sir John Lubbock in the Philosophical Magazine for the present year.
197 페이지 - The posterior surface marked the distance to which the incident rays were able to penetrate before they were absorbed. This distance was at first considerable, greater than the diameter of the vessel, but it decreased with great rapidity as the refrangibility of the incident rays increased, so that from a little beyond the extreme violet to the end, the blue space was reduced to an excessively thin stratum adjacent to the surface by which the incident rays entered. It appears, therefore, that this...
308 페이지 - ... continually increasing intensity. The leaves, which at first were of a pale-green, assume a deeper and deeper tint, and for a time become almost black ; their petals are long and upright, and their surface wide and shining. In short, when vegetation has arrived at its proper period the crop is found...

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