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Illumin'd by the taper's dazzling beam, | And why that ardent gaze? Thou canst got Rivals departed day.

doubt me! [Exeunt BARBAROSSA and ALADIN. Oth. Ah, no!

I see thy sire in every lineSelim. Whāt anxious thought (breast? How did my prince escape the murd'rer's hand? Rolls in thine eye, and heaves thy lab'ring Selim. I wrench'd the dagger from him; and Why join'st thou not the loud excess of joy,

gave back That riots through the palace?

That death he meant to bring. The ruffian wore Oth. Dar'st thou tell me,

The tyrant's signet-Take this ring, he cried, On what dark errand thou art here?

The sole return my dying hand can make thee Selim. I dare.

For its accurs'd attempt: this pledge restor’d, Dost thou not perceive the savage lines of blood Will prove thee slain. Safe may'st thou see Deform my visage? Read'st not in mine eye

Algiers, Remorseless fury? I am Selim's murd'rer. Unknown to all. This said, th' assassin died. Oth. Selim's murd'rer!

Oth. But how to gain admittance, thus unSelim. Start not from me.

known ? My dagger thirsts not but for regal blood Selim. Disguis'd as Selim's murderer I come: Why this amazement ?

Th' accomplice of the deed : the ring restor’d, oth. Amazement! No-'tis well: 'tis as it Gain'd credence to my words. should be

Oth. Yet, ere thou cam’st, thy death was He was indeed a foe to Barbarossa.

rumour'd here. Selim. And therefore to Algiers. Was it not Selim. I spread the flatt'ring tale, and sent it so ?

hither; Why dost thou pause? What passion shakes That babbling rumour, like a lying dream, thy frame?

Might make belief more easy. Tell me, OthOth. Fate, do thy worst! I can no more

man, dissemble;

And yet I trémble to approach the theme Can I upmov'd behold the murd'ring ruffian, How fares my mother ? does she still retain Smear'd with my prince's blood ? Go, tell the Her native greatness? tyrant,

Oth. Still :-In vain the tyrant Othman defies his power; that, tired with life, Tempts her to marriage, though with impious He dares his bloody hand, and pleads to die. Of death or violation.

(threats Selim. What, didst thou love this Selim ? Selim. May kind Heaven Oth. All men lov'd him.

Strengthen her virtue, and by me reward it! He was of such unmix'd and blameless quality, When shall I see her, Othman? Tbat epvy, at his praise, stood mute, nor dar'd Oth. Yet, my prince, To sully his fair name! Remorseless tyrant! I tremble for thy presence. Selim. I do commend thy faith. And since Selim. Let not fear thou lov'st him,

Sully thy virtue: 'tis the lot of guilt [fear? I'll whisper to thee, that with honest guile To tremble. What hath innocence to do with I have deceiv'd this tyrant, Barbarossa :

Oth. Still my heart

(walls! Selim is yet alive.

Forebodes some dire event.-0 quit these Oth. Alive!

Selim. Not till a deed be done, which every Selim. Nay, more

Shall tremble when he hears.

Ityrant Selim is in Algiers.

Oth. What means my prince? Oth. Impossible !

Selim. To take just vengeance for a father's Selim. Nay, if thou doubt'st, I'll bring him blood, hither, straight.

A mother's sufferings, and a people's groans. Oth. Not for an empire !

Oth. Alas, my prince! thy single arm is Thou might'st as well bring the devoted lamb To combat multitudes.

[weak Into the tiger's den.

Selim. Therefore I come,

(shines, Selim. But I'll bring him

Clad in this murd’rer's guise.-Ere morning Hid in such deep disguise, as shall deride This, Othman !-this-shall drink the tyrant's Suspicion, though she wear the lynx's eyes.


(Shows a dagger. Not even thyself couldst know him.

Oth. Heaven shield thy life.-- Let caution Oth. Yes, sure : too sure, to hazard such an Thy zeal !

[rule awful trial.

Selim. Nay, think not that I come Selim. Yet seven revolving years, worn out Blindly impell’d by fury or despair : In tedious exile, may have wrought such change For I have seen our friends, and parted now Of voice and feature, in the state of youth,

From Sadi and Almanzor. As might elude thine eye.

Oth. Say-what hope? Oth. No time can blot

My soul is all attentionThe mem'ry of his sweet majestic mien,

Selim. Mark me, then ; The lustre of his eye! besides, he wears

A chosen band of citizens this night A mark indelible, a beauteous scar,

Will storm the palace: while the glutted troops Made on his forehead by a furious pard, Lie drench'd in surfeit, the confed'rate city, Which, rushing on his mother, Selim slew. Bold through despair, have sworn to break Selim. A scar?

their chain

[gain'd Oth. Ay, on his forehead.

By one wide slaughter. I, niean time, have Selim. What, like this! (Lifting his turban. The palace, and will wait th' appointed hour, Oth. Whom do I see ?-am I awake?-my To guard Zaphira from the tyrant's rage, prince !

[Kneels. Amid the deathful uproar. My honour'd, honour'd king!

Oth. Heaven protect theeSelim. Rise faithful Othman :

'Tis dreadful-what's the hour? Thus let me thank thy truth! [Embraces him.

Selim. I left our friends Oth. O happy hour!

In secret council. Ere the dead of night, Selim. Why dost thou tremble thus ? Why Brave Sadi will report their last resolves.grasp my hand ?

Now lead me to the queen.

Oth. Brave prince, beware! [thee. In vows of endless truth! It must not be! Her joy's or fear's excess, would sure betray This is my destin'd goal! The mansion drear, Thou shalt not see her, till the tyrant perish! Where grief and anguish dwell! where bitter Selim. I must.-I feel some secret impulse

tears, urge me.

(view, And sighs, and lamentations, choke the voice, Who knows that 'tis not the last parting inter- And quench the flame of love! We ever shall obtain ?

Irene. Yet, virtuous prince, Oth. Then, on thy life,

Thongh love be silent, gratitude may speak. Do not reveal thyself.- Assume the name Hear, then, her voice, which warns thee from Of Selim's friend ; sent to confirm her virtue,

these walls. And warn her that he lives.

Mine be the grateful task, to tell the queen Selim. It sball be so : I yield me to thy will. Her Selim lives. Ruin and death enclose thee. Oth. Thou greatly daring youth! May angels O, speed thee hence, while yet destruction watch,

sleeps! And guard thy upright purpose ! That Algiers Selim. Would it were possible! May reap the blessings of a virtuous reign, Irene. What can prevent it? And all thy godlike father shine in thee! Selim. Justice! Fate, and justice! Selim. Oh, thou hast rous'd a thought, on A murder'd father's wrongs! which revenge

(here, Irene. Justice, said'st thou ? Mounts with redoubled fire !-Yes, bere, even That word hath struck me, like a peal of thunBeneath this very roof, my honour'd father


[love, Shed round his blessings, till accursed Thine eye, which wont to melt with gentle treach'ry

Now glares with terror! Thy approach by Stole on his peaceful hour! 0, blessed shade! night

(meanour, [Kneels. Thy dark disguise, thy looks and fierce deIf yet thou hover'st o'er thy once lov'd clime, Yes, all conspire to tell me, I am lost! Now aid me to redress thy bleeding wrongs ! Ah! prince, take heed! I have a father too! Infuse thy mighty spirit in my breast,

Think, Selim, what Irene must endure, Thy firm and dauntless fortitude, uuaw'd Should she be guilty of a father's blood. By peril, pain, or death! that, undismay'd, Selim, Come on, then. Lead me to him. I may pursue the just intent, and dare

Glut thine eye
Or bravely to revenge, or bravely die. [Exeunt. With Selim's blood

Irene. Was e'er distress like mine!

0, Selim, can I see my father perish!
Quit, ( quit these walls !

(means, SCENE I.-The Palace.

Heaven will ordain some gentler, happier

To heal thy woes! Thy dark attempt is big Enter IRENE.

With horror and destruction! Generous prince!

Resign thy dreadful purpose, and depart! Irene. Can air-drawn visions mock the wak- Selim. May not I see Zaphira, ere I go? ing eye?

Thy gentle pity will not, sure, deny us It was his image!

The mournful pleasure of a parting tear? This way, sure, he mov'd.

Irene. Go, then, and give her peace. But But, oh, how chang'd! He wears no gentle

fly these walls

(pair smiles,

(he : As soon as morning shines. Else, though desBut terror in his frown. He comes.—'Tis Drive me to madness; yet-to save a father! For Othman points him thither, and departs. Disguis'd, he seeks the queen: secure, perhaps,

0, Selim ! spare my tongue the horrid sen

tence ! And heedless of the ruin that surrounds him.

Fly! ere destruction seize thee. (Exit IRENE, O, generous Selim! can I see thee thus; Selim. Death and ruin ! And not forewarn such virtue of its fate!

Must I then fly? what! coward-like, betray Forbid it, gratitude !

My father, mother, friends! Vain terrors, Enter SELIM.


Danger looks big to fear's deluded eye: Selim. Be still, ye sighs !

But courage, on the heights and steeps of fate, Ye struggling tears of filial love, be still. Dares snatch her glorious purpose from the Down, down, fond heart !

edge Irene. Why, stranger, dost thou wander Of peril ; and, while sick’ning caution shrinks, here?

Or, self-betray'd, falls headlong down the Selim. Oh, ruin !

[Shunning her.

steep, Irene. Bless'd is Irene! Bless’d, if Selim Calm resolution, unappall’d, can walk lives!

The giddy brink, secure. Now to the queen. Selim. Am I betray'd !

How shall I dare to meet her, thus unknown! Irene. Betray'd to whom? To her

How stifle the warm transports of my heart, Whose grateful heart would rush on death to That pants at her approach!. save thee!

Who waits Zaphira ? Selim. It was my hope

(youth, That time had veil'd all semblance of my

Enter a Female Slave.
And thrown the mask of manbrood o'er my
Am I then known?

(visage. Slave. Whence this intrusion, stranger, at Irene. To none, but love and me

an hour To me, who late beheld thee at Oran;

Destin'd to rest ?
Who saw thee here, beset with unseen peril, Selim. I come, to seek the queen,
And flew to save the guardian of my honour. On matter of such import, as may claim
Selim. Thou sum of every worth! Thou Her speedy audience.
heaven of sweetness!

Slave. Thy request is vain.

(tale How could I pour forth all my soul before thee, Even now the queen hath heard the mournful

Of her son's death, and drown'd in grief she | Shoot life into the cold and silent tomb,
Thou canst not see her.

[lies. ¡ Or bid the ruthless grave give up its dead ? Selim. Tell the queen, I come

Selim. O, powerful nature! thou wilt sure On message from her dear, departed son;

betray me!

[Aside. And bring his last request.

Thy Selim lives : for since his rumour'd death, Slare. I'll haste to tell her.

[Exit. I saw him at Oran. Selim. O, ill-dissembling heart! my every Zaph. O, generous youth, who art thou ?limb


From what clime Trembles with grateful terror! Would to Comes such exalted virtue, as dares give I had not come! Some look, or starting tear, A pause to grief like mine Will sure betray me. Honest guile assist Selim. A friendless youth, self-banish'd with My falt'ring tongue !

thy son;

Long his companion in distress and danger :
One who rever'd thy worth in prosp'rous

days, Zaph. Where is this pious stranger?

And more reveres thy virtue in distress. Say, generous youth, whose pity leads thee Zaph. O, gentle stranger !—Mock not my thus

But tell me truly,--does my Selim live? (woes, To seek the weeping mansions of distress ! Selim. He does, by Heaven! Didst thou behold in death my hapless son? Zaph. O generous Heaven! thou at length Didst thou receive my Selim's parting breath ? o'erpay'st Did he remember me?

My bitterest pangs, if my dear Selim lives! Selim. Most honour'd queen!

And does he still remember Thy son,-forgive these gushing tears that flow His father's wrongs, and mine. To see distress like thine !

Selim. He bade me tell thee, Zapk. I thank thy pity!

That in his heart indelibly are stamp'd "Tis generous thus to feel for others' woe!

His father's wrongs, and thine: that he but What of my son ? Say, didst thou see him die ?

waits Selim. By Barbarossa's dread command i Till awful justice may unsheath her sword, come,

And lust and murder tremble at her frown! To tell thee, that these eyes alone beheld That, till the arrival of that happy hour, Thy son expire.

Deep in his soul the hidden fire shall glow, Zaph. Relentless fate !-that I should be And his breast labour with the great revenge! denied

Zaph. Eternal blessings crown my virtuous The mournful privilege to see him die !

son ! To clasp him in the agony of death,

Selim. Much honour'd queen, farewell. And catch his parting soul? Oh, tell me all,

Zaph. Not yet,-not yet-indulge a mother's All that he said and look'd ? Deep in my heart In thee, the kind companion of his griefs,

love! That I may treasure every parting word, Each dying whisper of my dear, dear son !

Methinks I see my Selim stand before me. Selim. Let not my words offend-What if Depart not yet. A thousand fond requests he said,

Crowd on my mind. Wishes, and prayers, Go, tell my hapless mother, that her tears

and tears, Have stream'd too long : then bid her weep Are all I have to give. O, bear him these ! no more:

Selim. Take comfort, then; for know, thy Bid her forget the husband and the son,

son, o'erjoy'd In Barbarossa's arms!

To rescue thee, would bleed at every vein !Zaph, 0, basely false !

Bid her, he said, yet hope we may be bless'd! Thou art some creeping slave to Barbarossa,

Bid her remember that the ways of Heaven, Sent to surprise my unsuspecting heart!

Though dark, are just : that oft some guardVile slave, begone !-My son betray me thus !

ian power Could he have e'er conceiv'd so base a purpose, Attends, unseen, to save the innocent ! My griefs for him should end in great dis But if high Heaven decrees our fall !-Oh bid dain !

[vile? Firmly to wait the stroke, prepar'd alike (her But he was brave, and scorn'd a thought so

To live or die! and then he wept, as I do. Wretched Zaphira! How art thou become Zaph. O, righteous Heaven ! The sport of slaves !

Protect his tender years !

[tress! Selim. Yet hope for peace, unhappy queen! Be thou his guide through dangers and disThy woes

Soften the rigours of his cruel exile, May yet have end.

And lead him to his throne !

[Exit. Zaph. Why weep'st thou, crocodile?

Selim. Now, swelling heart, Thy treacherous tears are vain.

Indulge the luxury of grief! flow, tears ! Selim. My tears are honest.

And rain down transport in the shape of sorI am not what thou think'st.

row ! Zaph. What art thou then ?

Yes, I have sooth'd her woes; have found Selim. Oh, my full heart!—I am—thy friend, And, to have given this respite to her pangs,

her noble : and Selim's. I came not to insult, but heal thy woes- O'erpays all pain and peril!--Powerful virtue! Now check thy heart's wild tumult, while I How infinite thy joys, when even thy griefs tell thee

Are pleasing !--Thou, superior to the frowns Perhaps thy son yet lives.

Of fate, canst pour thy sunshine o'er the soul Zaph. Lives! O, gracious Heaven!

And brighten woe to rapture !
Do I not dream! say, stranger,—didst thou

Enter OTHMAN and SADI.
Perhaps my Selim lives ?-What do I ask ? Honour'd friends!
Wild, wild, and fruitless hope !-What mortal | How goes the night?

Sadi, "Tis well nigh midnight.
Can e'er re-animate his mangled corse,

Oth. What! in tears, my prince ?

tell me,

here a prey

Selim. But tears of joy, for I have seen | But love shall yield to justice!

Sadi. Gallant prince,
And pour'd the balm of peace into her breast: Bravely resolv'd!
Think not these tears unnerve me, valiant Selim. But is the city quiet?
friends ;

Sadi. All, all, is húsh’d. Throughout the They have but harmoniz'd my soul; and wak'd

empty streets, All that is man within me, to disdain

Nor voice nor sound; as if th' inhabitants, Peril, or death-What tidings from the city ? Like the presaging herds, that seek the covert Sudi. All, all, is ready. Our confed’rate Ere the loud thunder rolls, had inly felt friends

And shunn'd th' impending uproar. Burn with impatience, till the hour arrive. Oth. There is a solemn horror in the night, Selim. What is the signal of th' appointed


(nature: hour?

That pleases me; a general pause through Sadi. The midnight watch gives signal of The winds are hush'dour meeting :

Sadi. And as I pass'd the beach, And when the second watch of night is rung, The lazy billow scarce could lash the shore: The work of death begins.

No star peeps through the firmament of Selim. Speed, speed, ye minutes !

heaven, Now let the rising whirlwind shake Algiers, Selim. And lo! where eastward, o'er the And justice guide the storm! Scarce two

sullen wave, hours hence

The waning moon, depriv'd of half her orb, Sadi. Scarce more than one.

Rises in blood : her beam, well nigh extinct, Selim. Oh, as ye love my life,

Faintly contends with darkness- [Bell tolis. Let your zeal hasten on the great event: Hark—what meant The tyrant's daughter found, and knew me That tolling bell ? And half suspects the cause.

[here, Oth. It sounds the midnight watch. Oth. Too daring prince,

Sadi. This was the signal- [minutes Retire with us! her fears will sure betray thee! Come, Othman, we are callid: the passing Selim. What! leave my helpless mother Chide our delay: brave Othman, let us hence.

Selim. One last embrace !-nor doubt, but To cruelty and lust-I'll perish first:

crown'd with glory

(berThis very night the tyrant threatens violence : We soon shall meet again. But, oh! rememI'll watch his steps: I'll haunt him through Amid the tumult's rage, remember mercy! the palace :

Stain not a righteous cause with guiltless And, should he meditate a deed so vile,

blood! I'll hover o'er him, like an unseen pestilence, Warn our brave friends, that we unsheath And blast him in his guilt!

the sword, Sazi. Intrepid prince!

Not to destroy, but save! nor let blind zeal, Worthy of empire!-Yet accept my life, Or wanton cruelty, e'er turn its edge My worthless life: do thou retire with Oth- On age or innocence! or bid us strike I will protect Zaphira.

(man; Where the most pitying angel in the skies, Selim. Think'st thou, Sadi,

That now looks on us from his bless'd abode That, when the trying hour of peril comes, Would wish that we should spare. Selim will shrink into a common man !

Oth. So may we prosper, Worthless were he to rule, who dares not As mercy shall direct us! claim

Selim. Farewell, friends!
Pre-eminence in danger. Urge no more: Sadi. Intrepid prince, farewell!
Here shall my station be; and, if I fall,

[Exeunt Othman and SadI. 0, friends, let me have vengeance !-Tell me Selim. Now sleep and silence Where is the tyrant?

(now, Brood o'er the city. The devoted sentinel Oth. Revelling at the banquet.

Now takes his lonely stand, and idly dreams Selim. 'Tis good. Now tell me how our Of that to-morrow he shall never see, powers are destin'd ?

In this dread interval, O busy thought, Sadi. Near every port, a secret band is From outward things descend into thyself! posted :

Search deep my heart! bring with thee awful By these, the watchful sentinels must perish:


[hour The rest is easy; for the glutted troops And firm resolve! that, in th' approaching Lie drown'd in sleep.

Of blood and horror, I may stand unmov'd; Almanzor, with his friends, will circle round Nor fear to strike where justice calls, por dare The avenues of the palace. Othman and I To strike where she forbids !

[Exit. Will join our brave confederates (all sworn To conquer or to die,) and burst the gates

Of this foul den. Then, tremble, Barbarossa!
Selim. Oh, how the approach of this great

SCENE 1.-An Apartment in the Palace. hour


Fires all my soul! but, valiant friends, I charge
Reserve the murd'rer to my just revenge ;

Irene. But didst thou tell him, Aladin, my My poignard claims his blood.

Brook no delay ?

[fears Oih. Forgive me, prince ! [Irene- Aladin. I did. Forgive my doubts !--Think-should the fair Irene. Why comes he not?

[more Selim. Thy doubts are vain. I would not Oh, what a dreadful dream!-"Twas surely spare the tyrant,

[feet; | Than troubled fancy: never was my soul Though the sweet maid lay weeping at my Shook with such hideous phantoms!-Still he Nay, should he fall by any hand but mine,

lingers ! By Heaven I'd think my honour'd father's Return, return; and tell him, that his daughter blood

[strong! | Dies, till she warn him of his threat'ning ruin, Scarce half reveng'd! My love, indeed, is Aladin. Behold, he comes. [Exit ALADIN. him not,

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Enter BARBAROSSA and Guards. My visions are, as ever prophet utter'd,

When Heaven inspires his tongue! Bar. Thou bane of all my joys!

Bar. Ne'er did the moon-struck madman Some gloomy planet, surely, rul’d thy birth!

rave with dreams Even now thy ill-tim'd fear suspends the ban- More wild than thine !–Get thee to rest; And damps the festal hour.

[quet, Call Achmet hither. Irene. Forgive my fear!

Irene. Thus prostrate on my knees :- see Bar. What fear, what phantom hath pos. sess'd thy brain ?

Selim is dead :-indeed the rumour s false, Irene. Ob, guard thee from the terrors of There is no danger near :-or, if there be, this night;

Achmet is innocent! For terrors lurk unseen.

Bar. Off, frantic wretch ! Bar. What terror? speak.

(soul Hence-to thy chamber, on thy duty hence! Say, what thou dread'st, and why! I have a Irene. Cruel fate!

(father! To meet the blackest dangers undismay'd. What have I done ?-Heaven shield my dearest Irene. Let not my father check, with stern Heaven shield the innocent-undone Irene ! rebuke,

Whate'er the event, thy doom is misery. The warning voice of nature. For even now,

(Exit Irene. Retir'd to rest, soon as I clos'd mine eyes, Bar. Her words are wrapt in darkness.A horrid vision rose-Methought I saw


(speed, Young Selim rising from the silent tomb: Forthwith send Achmet hither -Then, with Mangled and bloody was his corse: his hair Double the sentinels.

(Exit ALADIN. Clotted with gore; his glaring eyes on fire! Infernal guilt! Dreadful he shook a dagger in his hand. How dost thou rise in every hideous shape By some mysterious power he rose in air; Of rage and doubt, suspicion and despair When, lo! at his command, this yawning roof To rend my soul! Was cleft in twain, and gave the phantom entrance !

Enter Selim and two Guards. Swift he descended with terrific brow, Rush'd on my guardless father at the banquet; Hear me, and tremble! Art thou what thou

Come hither, slave!

(seem'st? And plung'd his furious dagger in thy breast!

Selim. "Ha! Bar. Wouldst thou appal me by a brainsick vision ?

Bar. Dost thou pause ?-By hell, the slave's

confounded! Get thee to rest.

Selim. That Barbarossa should suspect my Irene. Yet hear me, dearest father!

truth! Bar. Provoke me not.

Bar. Take heed ! for by the hov'ring powers Irene. What shall I say, to move him?

of vengeance, Merciful Heaven, instruct me what to do!

If I do find thee treach'rous, I'll doom thee Enter ALADIN.

To death and torment, such as human thought

Ne'er yet conceiv'd! Thou com'st beneath the Bar. What mean thy looks ?-Why dost guise thou gaze so wildly?

Of Selim's murderer.--Now tell me :is not Aladin. I hasted to inform thee, that even | That Selim yet alive? now,

[lah, Selim. Selim alive! Rounding the watch, I met the brave Abdal- Bar. Perdition on thee? dost thou echo me ? Breathless with tidings of a rumour dark, Answer me quick, or die! [Draws his dagger. That young Selim is yet alive

Selim. Yes, freely strikeBar. May plagues consume the tongue Already hast thou given the fatal wound, That broach d the falsehood !—'Tis not pos- And pierc'd my heart with thy unkind susWhat did he tell thee further? (sible

picion; Aladin. More he said not;

Oh, could my dagger find a tongue, to tell Save only, that the spreading rumour wak'd How deep it drank his blood !-hut since thy A spirit of revolt.

doubt Irene. (), gracious father!

Thus wrongs my zeal,-behold my breast Bar. The rumour's false—And yet, your

strike herecoward fears

For bold is innocence. Infect me!-- What !-shall I be terrified

Bar. I scorn the task, [Puts up his dagger. By midnight visions ?-I'll not believe it. Time shall decide thy doom :-Guards, mark Aladin. But this gathering rumour

me well. Think but on that, my lord.

See that ye watch the motions of this slave: Bar. Infernal darkness

[Aladin, And if he meditates t'escape your eye, Swallow the slave that rais'd it!-Hark thee, Let your good sabres cleave him to the chine. Find out this stranger, Achmet; and forthwith Selinn. I yield me to thy will, and when Let him be brought before me.

thou know'st (Exeunt two Guards. That Selim lives, or see'st his hated face, Irene, O my father!

Then wreak thy vengeance on me. I do conjure thee, as thou lov'st thy life, Bar. Bear him hence.Retire, and trust thee to thy faithful guards-Yet, on your lives, await me within call. See not this Achmet.

I will have deeper inquisition made. Bar. Not see him?

(Exeunt SELIM and Guards. If he prove false,-if hated Selim live, Call Zaphira.

(Exit a Slave. I'll heap such vengeance on him

If Selim lives—then, what is Barbarossa ? Irene. Mercy! mercy!

My throne's a bubble, that but floats in air, Bar. Mercy to whom?

Till marriage rites declare Zaphira mine. Irene. To me and to thyself:

I will not brook delay. By love and ven. To him-to all.—Thou think'st I rave; yet true This hour decides her fate : [geance,

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