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Selim. Unhappy mother!

[Runs to embrace her. Well, haughty fair!

Bar. Tear them asunder. and more Hath reason yet subdu'd thee ?-Wilt thou hear

[Guurds separate them. The voice of love?

Zaph. Barb'rous, barb'rous ruftians! Zaph. Why dost thou vainly urge me?


[They offer to seize him. Thou know'st my fix'd resolve.

Selim. Off, ye vile slaves! I am your Bar. Can aught but frenzy

king !-Retire,

[traitorRush on perdition ?

And tremble at my frowns! That is the Zaph. Therefore shall no power

That is the murd'rer--tyrant ravisher! Seize E'er make me thine!

And do your country right!

[him, Bar. Nay, sport not with my rage :

Bar. Ah, coward dogs! Know, that thy final hour of choice is come! Start ye at words ?-or seize him, or, by hell, Zaph. I have no choice. Think'st thou I This dagger sends you all

— [They seize him. e'er will wed

Selim. Dost thou revive, unhappy queen! The murderer of my lord ?

Now arm my soul with patience! Bar. Take heed, rash queen!

Zaph. My dear son! Tell me thy last resolve.

Do I then live, once more to see my Selim! Zaph. Then hear me, Heaven! (cence! But Oh-to see thee thus!Hear, all ye powers, that watch o'er inno.

Selim. Canst thou behold Angels of light! And thou, dear honour'd Her speechless agonies, and not relent? shade

Zaph. O mercy, mercy ! Of my departed lord ! attend, while here

Selim. Lo, Barbarossa! thou at length hast I ratify with vows my last resolve:

conquer'd! If e'er I wed this tyrant murderer,

Behold a hapless prince, o'erwhelm'd with If I pollute me with this horrid union,

woes, osmos [Kneels. May ye, the ministers of Heaven, depart, Prostrate before thy feet !-not for myself Nor shed your influence on the guilty scene! I plead. Yes, plunge the dagger in my May horror blacken all our days and nights!

breast !

[phira! May discord light the nuptial torch! and, Tear, tear me piecemeal! But, O, spare Zarising

[howl Yet-yet relent! force not her matron honour ! From hell, may swarming fiends in triumph Reproach not Heaven. Around th' accursed bed!

Bar. Have I then bent thy pride ? Bur. Begone, remorse! Guards, do your office : drag her to the altar- Lie there, thou slave ! lie, till Zaphira's cries

Why, this is conquest even beyond my hope Heed not her tears or cries. What! dare ye Arouse thee from thy posture !

doubt? (Guards go to seize ZAPHIRA. Selim. Dost thou insult my griefs ?-unmanly Zaph. () spare me! Heaven protect me! ()

wretch ! burde my son,

(mother: Curse on the fear, that could betray my limbs, Wert thon but here, to save thy helpless

(Rising What shall I do? Undone, undone, Zaphira! My coward limbs, to this dishonest posture; Enter Selim.

Long have I scorn'd, I now defy, thy power!

Bar. I'll put thy boasted virtue to the trial.Selim. Who calld on Achmet?–Did not Slaves, bear him to the rack. Require me here?

[Barbarossa Zaph. O spare my son! Bar. Officious slave, retire !

Sure filial virtue never was a crime ! I call'd thee not.

Save but my son !- I yield me to thy wish! Zaph. O kind and gen'rous stranger, lend What do I say?-The marriage vow-0 horthy aid !

This hour shall make me thine!- [ror! O rescue me from these impending horrors ! Selim. What! doom thyself Heaven will reward thy pity!

The guilty partner of a murd'rer's bed, Selim. Pity her woes, O mighty Barbarossa! Whose hands yet reek with thy dear husband's Bar. Rouse not my vengeance, slave!

blood! Selim. O hear me, hear me! [Kneels. To be the mother of destructive tyrants Bar. Curse on thy forward zeal!

The curses of mankind! By Heaven, I swear, Selim. Yet, yet, have mercy.

The guilty hour, that gives thee to the arms [Lays hold of Barbarossa's garment. Of that detested murderer, shall end Bar. Presuming slave, begone!

This hated life!

[Strikes Selim. Bar. Or yield thee, or he dies ! Selim. Nay then, die, tyrant!

Zaph. The conflict's past. I will resume my [Rises and aims to stab BARBAROSSA,

greatness; who wrests his dagger from him. We'll bravely die, as we have liv'd,—with Bur. Ah, traitor! have I caught thee?

honour !

[Embracing. Perfidious wretch, who art thou?-Bring the Selim. Now, tyrant, pour thy fiercest fury

rack: Let that extort the secrets of his heart. Now see, despairing guilt ! that virtue still Selim. Thy impious threats are lost! I know, Shall conquer, though in ruin. that death

Bar. Drag them hence : And torments are my doom. Yet, ere I die, Her to the altar : -Selim to his fate. I'll strike thy soul with horror. Off, vile habit! Zaph. O Selim! O my son Thy doom is If thou dar'st,

'Would it were mine!

[death! Now view meHear me, tyrant !-while, Selim. 'Would I could give it thee! with voice

Is there no means to save her? Lend, ye More terrible than thunder, I proclaim, Ye ministers of death, in pity lend (guards, That he, who aim'd the dagger at thy heart, Your swords, or some kind weapon of destrucIs, Selim!

tion! Zaph. O Heaven! my son! my son ! Sure the most mournful boon, that ever son



Ask'd for the best of mothers!

Irene. Yet hear me ! Ere my tortur'd soul One last embrace !

Rush on some deed of horror! Farewell! Farewell, for ever!

Bar. Convey the frantic idiot from my preZaph. One moment yet! Pity a mother's O Selim!

(pangs! See that she do no violence on herself. Selim. O my mother!

Irene. O Selim !-generous youth !-how [Exeunt SELIM, ZAPHIRA, and Guards. have my fears

Betray'd thee to destruction!

Inhuman father! Generous, injur'd prince!

Methinks, I see thee stretch'd upon the rack, SCENE I.-The Palace.

Hear thy expiring groans. O horror ! horror Enter BARBAROSSA, ALADIN, and Guards. What shall I do to save him? Vain, alas !

Vain are my tears and prayers. At least, I'll Bar. Is the watch doubled? Are the gates

die, Against surprise ? [securd Death shall unite us yet!

[Erit. Aladin. They are, and mock th' attempt Bar. O torment! torment! Of force or treachery.

Even in the midst of power ! the vilest slave Bar. This whisper'd rumour

More happy far than I! The very child, Of dark conspiracy,

Whom my love cherish'd from her infant years,
Seems but a false alarm. Our spies, sent out, Conspires to blast my peace !
Affirm, that sleep
Has wrapp'd the city,

Aladin, But while Selim lives,
Destruction lurks within the palace walls. Now, Aladin,
Bar. Right, Aladin. His hour of fate ap-

Hast thou seen Othman?

He will not, sure, conspire against my peace ? How goes the night?

Aludin. He's fled, my lord. I dread some Aladin. The second watch is near.

lurking ruin. Bar. 'Tis well. Whene'er it rings, the trai- The sentinel on watch says, that he pass’d tor dies.

The gate, since midnight, with an unknown Yet first the rack shall rend

friend : Each secret from his heart.

And, as they pass'd, Othman in whisper said, Haste, seek out Othman:

Now farewell, bloody tyrant! Go, tell him, that destruction and the sword Bar. Şlave, thou liest. Hang o'er young Selim's head, if swift com

He did not dare to say it; or, if he did, pliance

Why dost thou wound my ear Plead not his pardon. (Exit ALADIN. By the foul repetition?

What's to be done? Some mischief lurks un, Enter IRENE.

Aladin, Prevent it thenIrene. O night of horror !-Hear me, ho

Bar. By Selim's instant death nour'd father!

Aladin. Ay, doubtless. If e'er Irene's peace was dear to thee,

Bur. Is the rack prepar'd? Now hear me !"

Aladin. "Tis ready. Bar. Impious ! dar'st thou disobey ?

[chains. Did not my sacred will ordain thee hence ?

Along the ground he lies, o'erwhelm'd with Get thee to rest; for death is stirring here.

The ministers of death stand round; and wait Irene. O fatal words! By every sacred tie,

Thy last command. Recall the dire decree.

Bar. Once more I'll try to bend [him;

His stubborn soul. Conduct me forthwith to Bar. What wouldst thou say? Whom plead for?

And if he now refuse my proffer'd kindness, Irene. For a brave unhappy prince,

Destruction swallows him!

[Exeunt. Sentenc'd to die. Bar. And justly! But this hour

SCENE II.-A Prison in the Palace. The traitor half fulfill'd thy dream, and aim'd

Selim in chains, Executioners, $c, and the His dagger at my heart.

rack. Irene. Might pity plead ! Bar. What! plead for treachery?

Selim. I pray you,

friends, Irene. Yet pity might bestow a milder name. When I am dead, let not indignity Wouldst thou not love the child, whose forti. Insult these poor remains; see them interr'd Should hazard life for thee?

(tude Close to my father's tomb! I ask no more. Bar. Damn'd was his purpose; and accurs'd Offi. They shall.

art thou, Whose perfidy would save the dark assassin,

Enter BARBAROSSA. Who sought thy father's life! Hence, from my sight.

Bar. So-raise him from the ground. Irene. Oh, never, till thy mercy spare my

(They ruise him. Selim!

Perfidious boy! behold the just rewards Bar. Thy Selim ? Thine?

Of guilt and treachery! Didst thou not give Irene. Thou know'st-by gratitude

Thy forfeit life, whene'er I should behold He's mine. Had not his gen'rous hand re- Selim's detested face? deem'd me,

Selim. Then take it, tyrant. What then had been Irene? Oh!

Bar. Didst thou not aim a dagger at my Who sav'd me from dishonour?

heart? Bar. By the powers

Selim. I did.
Of great revenge, thy fond entreaties seal Bar. Yet Heaven defeated thy intent;
His instant death.-In him, I'll punish thee. And sav'd me from the dagger.

Selim, "Tis not ours


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To question Heaven. Th’intent and not the Selim. Now, bloody tyrant! Now, thy hour deed

is come!

(walls, Is in our power; and therefore who dares Vengeance at length hath pierc'd these guilty Does greatly.

And walks her deadly round ! Bar. Yet bethink thee, stubborn boy,

Irene. Whom dost thou mean? my father! What horrors now surround thee

(Clash of swords. Selim. Think'st thou, tyrant,

Hark! 'twas the clash of swords ! Heaven I came so ill prepar'd ' Thy rage is weak,

save my father! Thy torments powerless o'er the steady miod : O cruel, cruel Selim!

(Exit. He, who can bravely dare, can bravely suffer. Selim. Curse on this servile chain, that Bar. Yet lo, I come, by pity led, to spare

binds me fast thee.

In powerless ignominy; while my sword Relent, and save Zaphira !-For the bell Should hunt its prey, and cleave the tyrant Even now expects the sentinel, to toll

down! The signal of thy death.

Oth. [Without.) Where is the prince? Selim. Let guilt like thine

Selim. Here, Othman, bound to earth! Tremble at death: I scorn its darkest frown. Set me but frue!-O cursed, cursed chain ! Hence, tyrant, por profane my dying hour !

Bar. Then take thy wish. (Bell tolls. Enter OTHMAN and Party, who free SELIM. There goes the fatal knell.

Oth. O my brave prince !-Heaven favours Thy fate is seal’d. Not all thy mother's tears, our design.

[Embraces him. Nor prayers, nor eloquence of grief, shall save Take that: I need not bid thee use it nobly. thee

(Giving him a sword. From instant death.


Selim. Now, Barbarossa, let my arm meet Selim. Come on, then. [They bind him.

thine. Begin the work of death-whai ! bound with 'Tis all I ask of Heaven !

[Exit. cords,

Oth. Guard ye the prince- [Part go out. Like a vile criminal !-O valiant friends, Pursue his steps. Now this way let us turn, When will ye give me vengeance !

And seek the tyrant.

(Exeunt. Enter IRENE.

SCENE III.-A Court in the Palace.
Irene. Stop, 0, stop !

Hold your accursed hands !-On me, on me,
Pour all your torments.—How shall I ap- Shall close my life in glory.

Bar. Empire is lost, and life: yet brave reproach thee!

(venge Selim. These are thy father's gifts !-Yet

Enter OTHMAN. thou art guiltless : Then let me take thee to my heart, thou best,

Have I found thee, Most amiable of women !

Dissembling traitor ? Die ! Irene. Rather curse me,

[They fight ; BARBAROSSA falls. As the betrayer of thy virtue !

Enter SELIM and SADI.
Selim. Ah!
Irene. 'Twas 1,--my fears, my frantic fears

Selim. The foe gives way: sure this way betray'd'thee!

went the storm. Thus, falling at thy feet, may I but hope

Where is the tiger fled ? What do I see For pardon ere I die!

Sadi. Algiers is free! Selim. Hence to thy father!

Oth. This sabre did the deed! Irene. Never, ( never !-crawling in the

Selim. I envy thee the blow! Yet valour dust, I'll clasp thy feet,

and bathe them with my tears! To wound the fallen. Bat if life remain, Tread me to earth! I never will complain ;

I will speak daggers to his guilty soulBut my last breath shall bless thee!

Hoa! Barbarossa! Tyrant, murderer! Selim. Lov'd Irene !

"Tis Selim, Selim calls thee. What hath my fury done?

Bar. Off, ye fiends! Irene. Canst thou, then,

Torment me not! ( Selim, art thou there! Forgive and pity mé ?

Swallow me, earth! Selim. I do, I do.

[They embrace. Oh, that I ne'er had wrong'd thee ! Offi. No more.-Prepare the rack.

Selim. Dost thou then Irene. Here will I cling. No power on earth Repent thee of thy crimes ! He does, he does ! shall part us,

He grasps my hand-see, the repentant tear Till I have sav'd my Selim!

Starts from his eye! Dost thou indeed repent? [Shout ; clashing of swords. Why then I do forgive thee: from my soul Aladin. [Without.) Arm, arm ! _Preach'ry I freely do forgive thee !and murder?

Bar. Gen'rous Selim!

[her! Selim. Of, slaves !—Or I will turn my Too good-I have a daughter-Oh! protect chains to arms, Let not my crimes

[Dies. And dash you piece-meal !

Oth. There fled the guilty soul !

Selim. Hasi to the city-stop the rage of Enter ALADIN.

slaughter. Aladin. Where is the king ?

Tell my brave people, that Algiers is free;

And tyranny no more. (Exeunt Guards.
The foe pours in. The palace gates are burst:
The sentinels are murder'd! Save the king;

They seek him through the palace !
Offi. Death and ruin !

Zaph. What mean these borrors? whereFollow me, slaves, and save him.

soe'er I turp (Exeunt ALADIN, OFFICER, and Guards. My trembling steps, I find some dying wretch,


the power

Weltering in gore! And dost thou live, my Selim. Where is Irene?
Selim ?

Oth, Zamor, our trusty friend, at my comSelim. Lo, there the tyrant lies!

mand, Zaph. O righteous Heaven!

Convey'd the weeping fair one to her chamber. Selim. Behold thy valiant friends,

Selim. Thanks to thy generous care. Whose faith and courage have o'erwhelm'd Zuph. Her virtues might atone [hers:

For all her father's guilt! Thy throne be Of Barbarossa..

She merits all thy love. Zaph. Just are thy ways, O Heaven! Vain Selim. Then haste, and find her. O'er her terrors, hence !

father's crimes, Once more Zaphira's bless'd!

Pity shall draw her veil; nay, half absolve Selim. O happy hour! happy, beyond

them, Even hope! Look down, bless'd shade, When she beholds the virtues of his child. From the bright realms of bliss ! Behold thy Now let us thank th' eternal Power: conqueen

vinc'd, Unspotted, unseduc'd, unmov'd in virtue. That Heaven but tries our virtue by affliction ; Behold the tyrant prostrate at thy feet! That oft the cloud, which wraps the present And to the memory of thy bleeding wrongs,

hour, Accept this sacrifice.

Serves but to brighten all our future days! Zaph. My generous Selim!


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THE musical merits of this Burletta have always been acknowledged: it is now seldom performed, but it is well entitled to preference., In 1789, it was produced at the Royalty Theatre, under the management of Mr. John Palmer, and met with great success.

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SCENE.-View of a Village, with a Bridge. On one side, near the front, a Cottage; on the

other, at the foot of the Bridge, an Alehouse. The Curtain rises and discovers two Light Horse

men, supposed to be on their march, sitting at an Alehouse door ; with their arms against the wall, their horses at some distance. The SERGEANT then passes with his party over the bridge, drums, and fifes playing ; and afterwards the COUNTRYMAN, his WIFE, and his


and WIFE. Serg. All gallant lads, who know no fears,

To the drum-head repair,
To serve the king for volunteers;

Speak you, my boys, that dare.
Come, who'll be a grenadier ?

The listing money down
Is three guineas and a crown,

To be spent in punch or beer.
Coun. Adds flesh, I'll go with him.

Oh, no,
Wife. Dear Joe!
Coun. Adds flesh, I'll go with him.
Moth. Oh, no!
Coun. Adds flesh, but I will;

So hold your tongues still:
Nor mother, nor wife,
Tho'f they strive for their life,
Shall baulk't, an' my fancy be so.

Serg. Come, beat away a royal march,

Rub, rub, rub a dub;
Rub, rub, rub a dub
Of no poltroons I come in search,

Who cowardly sneak

When the tongues of war speak; But of noble souls, who death dare

stand, Against the foes of old England. Coun. I'll be a soldier, so that's flat. Moth. You wont, you wont. Coun. I'll be dead, an' I don't. What would the teasing toads be

at? Moth. You graceless rogue,

Is your heart a stone? Wife. I'm flesh of your flesh,

And bone of your bone. Coun. Zounds, let me alone. Serg. Drums, strike up a flourish, and fol

low me now All honest hearts and clever : Free quarters and beer at the sign

of the Plough:
Huzza! king George for ever.
Some of the party go into the Alehouse

with the Light Horsemen.
Coun. Hip, Measter Sergeant.
Wife. Go, yourself destroy.
Serg. What says my cock?

Coun. Mayhop, I wants employ.
A lad about my soize, though, would na' do.

Serg. Ay, for a colonel.
Coun. And a coptain too!

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